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>if he held onto to his fb shares until today they would have been worth $100 billion
>he sold for $1.2 billion
>if he held his palantir shares until today they would worth $8 billion
>he sold for $2.4 billion
Is he retarded?

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no he is a billionaire

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>take profit in billions
I can't even force myself to sell my shitty $5K profit out of fear of mission out on bigger gains.

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I think he probably gives a lot less of a shit than you do OP

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Sounds like he took profits and became a billionaire.
What are your profits from the last bullrun? Or did you hold your link down all the way to $5-6? Guess who's the retarded one ?

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What are you going do with 100 Billion dollars that you couldn't do with 1 billion?

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>fund a space exploration company
>buy a sports team
>buy a film studio or game studio
>literally impact global politics

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>extra retarded
>somewhat cool but can do with 3 billy also
>literally only retarded billionaires go into cesspool politics when you can just kickback and enjoy life to the fullest

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Build a colony around Uranus

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I like how you put exploring outer space and owning a sports team like they're both equally amazing. Thanks for the laugh, buddy.

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That can be done for $35 and a bag of crank

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With a 100 billion you can play god like Bill Gates and George Soros.