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>be me, 22 year old zoomer, 6ft 2 and 8-ish in looks
>match with current gf on tinder a year ago.
>hook up and eventually start dating
>first serious relationship
>go out with her to clubs and other events with her friends
>witness the true nature of women firsthand
>hear stories about the shit some of her friends do
>ie. recently went to a rave with some of her buddies
>one of her friends brought her bf who drove us there
>shes clearly interested in me, bf is less attractive looks-wise, and shorter
>would not stop trying to talk to me, didn't push it too far cause my gf was with me the whole time but you get the idea
>after event we're waiting on the curb for him to drive the car over
>she starts making fun of his height, calling him a short king
>then talks about the time she went out with a 6ft 5 guy and how amazing it was
>gf is standing right next to me
>I'm completely appalled, feel bad for the guy. He seemed like such a genuine person too.

Many such examples, has happened quite enough times that my gf is somewhat paranoid I will leave her for a new bitch.
Even though I dislike how much incel posting there is on this board, I gotta say there is definitely some truth to it. If any of y'all get yourself a girlfriend, please don't end up like this guy.

>your gf is exactly the same

I just want to share my experience and have no one else to talk to about this

>biz and finance
How can I profit from this?

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>How can I profit from this?
Dump your GF for associating with cunts. Birds of the same feather flock together. I genuinely feel bad for my friends when they get rejected for being short. Fuck women honestly.

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just don't laugh at that shit so they feel like a stupid whore and just kind of look at them like there's something wrong with them

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How tall was the other guy?

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Maybe like 5'9 or 5'10, not short but I was a good deal taller.

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every single day i thank god for not making me an american

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27 years old here, figured it out at the same age. am same pretty much the same as OP, although in my area, ayran kings like myself are hard to come by so i'm closer to a 9-10, relatively in this place. in the beginning, since i grew up an autist without any sex until 17, i enjoyed the attention, but it burdens you. but then, you realize these bitches are mostly hollow NPCs, just seeking validation by having a cute chad take 'em home. I then felt a little used, but my dick was wet so i really did not give a shit, i was using them after all. I was pretty deep into Evola at the time and then read Eros and the Mysteries of Love. I then started looking at all the money i was spending on going out with these thots. I thought of how much i wouldve had, I didnt do the math on paper, but remember estimating it must've been aroung $10K through out college. that was a month before I started stacking LINK in April-May 2019. im a subscriber to Sam Hyde's gumroad, and a few years back, a little after the time i was pimpin', he put out a hyde wars on women stories, had a small monologue in the beginning about sex and relationships and how dangerous they can be to men. reaffirmed my beliefs. I leave you with this OP. have your fun, but never forget:::::


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>match with current gf on tinder
Anon, I...

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They really are NPCs, it's like they all belong to a hivemind.
>popular = cool

Sounds like me, I'm a fucking turbo autist and had girls into me in HS but was too much of a pussy to do anything until college. Lost my virginity at a party because a girl's gay friend came up to me and blatantly told me she was into me lmfao.

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yeah yeah yeah I know

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I do not let my cum near crazy bitches

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similar story bro, extremely similar, literally these hoes will use social pressure in Machiavellian ways. I never saw it, even when i began to study power. i only realized it gradually. I will give you another gem. some anon like 3 years ago hear said someone in a thrift store handed him a book that changed his life. i read it, its decent. "THE PROFFESIONAL BACHELOR, HOW TO EXPLOIT HER INNER PSYCHO" forgot who the author is. 15 on amazon

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sounds interesting, I'll give that a read.

I've read a bunch of redpill shit which helps me rationalize it but seeing it over and over first hand is something else man.

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Every guy gets disgusted by their women when they see what she is like with their friends. I’m sorry you were so old when it happened to you the first time. Suddenly gay dudes make sense

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most woman you can meet when you are out clubbing are the trashiest of the trash. sadly.

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Women are trash, nothing new. Especially around their friends when they feel they don't have to disguise themselves as being a good person. Always been looking for the taller guy, the richer guy, the higher testosterone guy etc etc.

Reality will strike when they hit 35 and realize that their options have been DRASTICALLY reduced. Then the panic sets in. Profit from this however you wish.

Women dominate the early-game, Men dominate the late-game.

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>Women dominate the early-game, Men dominate the late-game.
because there are so much weak coomers. it didn't have to be this way.

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i refuse to be a side character in anyone's personal novela.
faggots are women with penis'
putting on the normie mask is necessary for survival in todays age anon. we will soon take it back.