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Why would PEPE ever moon?? We have other shitcoins like DOGE and SHIB - one of which Elon backs.

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Elon knows about Pepe and has tweet about it before. All it takes is for him to post a random Pepe meme once during peak bullrun fever and Pepe will blast past Pluto.

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Why would he post about Pepe when he stands to gain from DOGE?

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He has the most to gain from Doge, yes, but what I'm saying is that he's pretty well versed in meme culture and he literally posts however and whenever he feels like it. It'll take some luck for him to post about Pepe again but don't lose faith bro.

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imagine investing your own money into a literal shitcoin on the off chance a fat, autistic man will make a twitter post about it, do you ever truly look at yourself bro?

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Elon isn't the only reason. It's also a popular memecoin that hasn't been exposed to a prior bullrun yet and it has many other potential hype catalysts that can mega pump it (ie: a Coinbase listing). Nobody has ever made it off of investing 4 figures into exclusively blue chips. I have a solid chunk of bitcoin too if you're tempted to slander me but go ahead.

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clown world

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election next year, pepe is "culture war" symbol

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Fine will lead the memecoin run. It’s a well know meme that’s trending outside and inside the crypto space.

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SHIB is a joke, DOGE and PEPE will inevitably do war and both will pump in the process.

Mark my words. Mark my digits.

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Ok maybe just my words then

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Checked. Neither are going to do well

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You know most tokens don't need elon's approval to pump right? I mean for fucks sake most of the shitcoins used in biz aren't even known by elon. Do you think he knows about HUSBANT or the x3? of course not. The tokens first get big and then he tweets about them. If you expect to get in only when he tells you to, you're going to miss out BIG TIME

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bigger multiplier
better memes
well known
clown world

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The ticker is chopper.

Bought Pepe April 18th. “HuR duR shill”

Bought bitcoin in May. Suck my dick faggots.

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Invest in memes that are culturally relevant, buy $chopper

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Telegram is thetickerischopper

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Lol at these curryhandlers

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PEPE's mcap is 10 times less than SHIB. You must be braindead to not understand why people are bullish on PEPE

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It is so obvious to me that PEPE will pump big time next cycle. Anons in this thread have already pointed to it. I have around 15B and I’m accumulating more. Pepe will mint millionaires.

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How much pepe to make it?
And 10m usd?

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What on earth are you asking with that 10m question?

Sui: 500M
Make it: 5B

I’m trying to get to 20B which I’ll sell when it’s worth $1-2M