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Exactly as expected

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been hearing this for 3 years in a row. supreme bobo cope

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How will we know whether it will be a deflationary bust or inflationary?

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$100k at the halving + ETF approvals, then crash down to $10k by 2025 and bull run cancelled

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if it happens soon, I'd say they made a colossal mistake because most people are poor and would welcome a crash. Things should be propped up until retail has some money and assets flowing again, that way the rugpull is worth it.

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nothing's gonna happen. there's always some new obscure hebrew magic they can pull out of their grimoire

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that was the melt up? nigga my coin went up 3% and im still down 18x

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Is this the new Capo Cope?

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A melt up in assets but the cash needs to go somewhere. Maybe bonds momentarily but the US Treasury needs to print an ungodly amount of money so anyone holding bonds is a sucker. The money will flow into hard assets. Bitcoin going to a $40 trillion market cap, as it's hands down the hardest and safest hard asset. This won't be a deflationary event but an inflationary. Similar to 2008 but multiples worse.

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this is the only real explanation

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Are there any signals to look out for that would be able to let us know what decision to make?

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Just buy BTC

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The signals are already occurring, especially in the bond market. Remember that US treasuries have always been seen as the benchmark collateral, but they aren't behaving that way, and it's due to the debt/spending. If things weren't so manipulated, yields would shoot past 5%, which would crush the financial system. You have two choices, you put your faith in that Powell/Yellen can somehow avert a crisis in the short term or you buy hard assets.

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the USD is going to fail, and the government knows it already. The move is to introduce a new digital dollar - it will be used for UBI payments. People will be told it's a digital version of USD, but in reality it won't be. It will have domestic and other capital controls. It will be pegged 1:1 to USD, think of like a Foodstamps benefit card. When the issue stimulus as economy dumps, it will be in this format. Then they'll migrate domestic usd-denominated debt and assets into it and quietly let USD itself hyperinflate. While this is happening smart people will rush into BTC.

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I think Raoul Pal and the bitmex nigger are right this time around. It's a liquidity cycle and the recession is cancelled. More printing coming.

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The Roaring 20's

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>it's a bearish bullrun

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no hikes, no selling
also the guys who decide this shit just borrowed 2 trillion in a couple of months

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>arab who fudded Bitcoin and told Lebanese people to keep their money in the banks right before they went bankrupt says something

idiots actually listen to him?

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Bobo will awake from the slumber

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Been playing this scenario for the last couple of years, it's coming true, but keep it to yourself op, most of the people here don't deserve to know, they would have known if they did proper research, especially those that lived at least one bullrun and still learned nothing.

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What does this mean in english?

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it's more a question of what asset you're going to flee into when 'papa bear' arrives. If you say housing or land or fiat I've got news for you: that's all going to burn.

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Over the half the country is already on govt assistance. I suspect the reason Solana is mooning is because they're gonna use that giant heap of shit blockchain

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Two more weeks until the entire world collapses

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Even all these "Great Minds" missed the generational bottom. It's funny seeing how similar their cope is to the bobochuds stinking up our board

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watch em require hand chips for the new dollar/UBI

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They dont want you to stack $Goyim
Web: goyim.army

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very easy keep track of the feds reverse repo facility
the massive drawdown of this warehoused cashpile is the only thing keeping the treasury market afloat, at its current pace of decline we empty it out somewhere in january altho there will probably be consequences before then
when this happens the bond markets blow up overnight sending premiums into the stratosphere which will impact the calculations on every single corporate balance sheet and credit card rate
which is in turn not sustainable for the government and swift results in the next qe which will be the biggest in history
at this point japanification of the us bond market is unavoidable, this means the fed buys almost all bonds with printed money
and after that sustained high but not hyper inflation

anyone arguing against the inflationary outcome is saying that in the future the government will budget without a deficit lol
which means they would need to slash the bureaucracy, welfare and the mic at the same time as a crippling greater depression hits, thats political suicide they will print it really is the least bad option
and yes in that scenario its all in on crypto, the good ones at least

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Just put all your money into money market funds. It's literally fool proof and there is no downside to the steady gains you get from it each month.

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Hell yeah, we need a BTFP for the whole financial system. EZ. (CBDC)

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Xlm. Pic related.

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I doubt Fiat is crashing this quickly, rather institutions holding your Fiat will.

Your best bet IS Fiat for when you cash out, your job is finding a safe place where to store it without it being stolen on a liquidation event.

Credit unions? Bonds? These are my best bets, everything else is crashing, yes included real estate

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something tells me trying to hold fiat value is not possible, credit event says number will go down.
what might be important is to have no debts that can force you on the back foot

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>arab who fudded Bitcoin and told Lebanese people to keep their money in the banks right before they went bankrupt says something


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>kike makes token called goyim
>kike shills token on 4 chan pretending he isn't a kike
>kike rugpulls token

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Why in the fuck would you hold fiat when it's obvious that the government is going to print money like never before

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>there is no downside
There is. Like a stablecoin it can depeg

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I've said it before and I say it again, no one believed the 10 year could go above 5%; the market would crash long before that and the FED would pivot.
Now here we are.. and the economy is doing alright considering the circumstances. You don't see massive lay-offs (fuck your anecdotes, the unemployment claims is low), companies are clearly not struggling enough to bother cutting costs. Yeah shit has gotten more expensive, but wages have risen also, the consumer (which is not your average Joe, but is the average top 10%) is not hurting either.

If the stock market and house prices where 30% bellow it current levels, everyone on this board would see how a massive buying opportunity this is, everyone would be bullish as hell because things really ain't that bad.

Don't fall for the doomsayer, they are nearly always wrong..

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>bullrun canceled after making a new ATH
That's not how it works you fucking retards, if it went to 100k by march 2024 and then dumped for 9 months that WOULD BE the bullrun.

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current positive market action is a giant bullflag and the economy is about to explode. expect war, false flag, or cyberattack (or several of those at once) in the coming weeks.

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The rugpull already happened under the guise of C19 lockdowns, where there was the biggest upwards transfer of wealth in human history.
Now we're just watching a car crash in slow motion.

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In this case you only have to watch when the fed starts to actually cut rates and that's when you cash out. It's really that easy

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been standing in traffic for 3 years in a row, still not dead

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>imaginary tokens are the hardest and safest asset

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> Maybe bonds momentarily but the US Treasury needs to print an ungodly amount of money so anyone holding bonds is a sucker

This is going to happen 100%. The reason I know I because I was getting solicited by my bank to put my money into bonds and they spamming me with promos and crap to to try and get me into bonds.

I always do opposite of what my bank try and get me to do, just like how my bank tried to get me to take out a variable interest rate when interest rates were at all time lows and I told the kike I wanted a fixed rate for 25 years

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It's not going to be BTC, it's going to XRP.
That's the next best thing.

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Which should I put more in? XRP or XLM?

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Zoomer here. Should I just have 5-10k in savings in the bank and then any other money earned just put into crypto?. I have a good chunk of money in index funds, real estate stocks, and Lockheed Martin, and I have a similar amount invested in Link, BTC, SOL, and PEPE.

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>In this case you only have to watch when the fed starts to actually cut rates and that's when you cash out. It's really that easy
If the Fed cuts rates, then new bonds issued will be at lower than current market rates, so bond values will increase.

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>Says to not be fragile
>Is extremely fragile

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You should put 8k into CS skins and then only have 2k left in your account for emergencies

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Because there's going to be a deflationary window in which everything crashes

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I bet it'll be next to impossible to buy anything. All financial systems will be "down" or something

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>the jews are behind the antisemitism business
Maybe their IQ really is that high

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including the dollar?
thats the actual gamble

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If everything crashes nothing does

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which is still good since MMF typically holds treasuries and bonds and treasuries are the same thing

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Exactly it's the gamble that the dollar will at least be the last buoyant thing left in the flood, and as i said, where you store it will be the difference between losing everything or holding onto something when the waters retreat
Anon... I don't think it works like that

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>muh dollar will pump
hilarious cope

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>Oh no, this food I'm growing is now only worth pennies on the dollar!
>Oh no, these resources I'm extracting are now only worth pennies on the dollar!
>Oh no, these houses I'm building are now only worth pennies on the dollar!
>Oh no, this labor I'm performing is now only worth pennies on the dollar!
Nigger just trade pennies. If everything crashes, nothing does. If there's something that isn't crashing then just put all your money in that and get ready to rule the wasteland.

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The issue is if you have debt, which all businesses do, it becomes impossible to pay back if there's massive deflation. If you're making pennies but you owe dollars, it's a problem.

That's one reason the governments around the world target constant low level inflation of the money supply. It prevents a meltdown of bankruptcies killing the host.

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In that scenario the only thing that likely will appreciate in value is the dollar, but at the same time the risk of keeping those dollars will be extreme, yes everything will go back being worth jack shit, but if you preserve the value, especially after the bearish golden bull run that will precede, you'll become a lord among the unwashed masses

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Skill issue. I'm debt free and I long for the day when I can laugh at all the peasants who aren't. If you know which way the wind is blowing then get yourself out of harm's way and get ready to move forwards. The only people who lose are the ones who thought everything would stay at stable predictable growth forever (i.e. morons).

So like I said, wasteland warlord time.

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What happens when the companies that make your food cant afford to pay their debts and go bankrupt.

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>You don't see massive lay-offs (fuck your anecdotes, the unemployment claims is low),
Everyone has already exhausted their ui

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I play Payday 2 IRL on supermarkets.

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Did someone hit Nassim with a brick made out of horseapple?

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Guess what is going to happen anon.
It's going to get really bad in the following years.

My advice is go all in on bitcoin (you should have been since last year) or get shitcoins if you're poor, sell when halving retards get dumped on cash out even if you have to pay taxes, put your money into bonds or credit unions and pray.

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If everyone holds debts but is also indebted to others by even more, then the UN should declare a worldwide debt jubilee. Literally everyone would win?

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People were posting "melt up imminent" in the middle of fucking 2022 when the market had yet to bottom. Bears and bulls are both retarded.

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Whoa, cool it with the anti-semitism.

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All money is imaginary retard

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did you see the issue with Clearing House ACH in early Nov? strange that it got little press. sounded like a massive problem or a test run.

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every bubble in history. everyone ignores the signs.

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Didn't that happen in 2008?

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It'll happen on repeat once or twice every decade until the tiny hat tribe have all of the money instead of just most of it.

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I didn't actually. It's strange how many tech issues and hacks and whatnot financial infrastructure is experiencing.
Makes me think of that "cyber-pandemic" the WEF has been "warning" about.

So, hold USD under your mattress?

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>So, hold USD under your mattress
Some yes, but other options are large brokerage companies accounts, credit unions, and US bonds.
Other than us bonds the rest are hit or miss.

That way you're sure that if the system doesn't collapse earlier than expected, your dollar isn't wiped out yet

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he's an arab so he automatically hates jews and wants their schemes to fail, he's too biased to be a good source of information

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14 more days

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If you listen to that faggot on Twitter, NGMI.

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i thought that was strange too. same with the bank of japan hack. almost no mention of it in the press, any press, even dedicated financial press.

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Gee, it's almost like our media is completely captured and only distributes "information" that is beneficial to ((them))

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Exactly. It's priced in.

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They will always choose inflation as normie trash notices nominal theft far easier than real terms theft

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>No you don't understand if we don't constantly steal from you plants will stop growing and the sun with stop shining!
Deflation wouldn't shutter productive business, tho their debt would go to zero, deflation WOULD heem the financialized fake and gay economy which is the real reason deflation will never be allowed to happen. Oligarchs need nominal gains to secure risk-free returns, and nominal gains can always be guaranteed through further debasement.

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Best and only answer.

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>It's priced in.
People thinking this is what's priced in, which is why you never have a clue what will happen, despite pretending you do

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>the USD is going to fail, and the government knows it already.
its literally failing right now in slow motion, all the interest rate hikes and printing is just kicking the can further down the road, but the road is getting narrower and full of holes.

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>but the road is getting narrower and full of holes.
Not really, the only check on reckless debasement that's ever worked for a world power is peasant revolt/secessio plebis but look itt at all the slavemind normie trash that's carrying water for the parasitic oligarchs, even after the largest parasitic wealth transfer of human history.

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The problem is society is purposely divided to be too complex to break down into a patrician/pleb distinction. At best there are multiple bodies of plebs with conflicting interests. What do you think intersectionalism is about? It’s the perfect divide and conquer technique.

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Would you say 2 more weeks is a reasonable time line for this collapse?

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They get bought by a new owner and business goes on as usual

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Today there is goyim vs. everyone else.