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Thats 1 trillion more than the last ATH. I would guess 80K.

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chat gtp plus told me btc will hit 240k next year

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USD has inflated over 15% since ATH. So 110k at next ATH would be comparable to 90-95k in the previous cycle.

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that's a good estimate. i'm expecting around $120k with a max at $150k

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401k's alone have $6 trillion and total retirement assets in the USA is like $34 trillion. ETF's are a mechanism to allow people with money in retirement accounts to invest in Bitcoin. They can't sell these assets for tax reasons but they can invest them in listed stocks. Basically an investment firm buys BTC position and sells shares in that position via the ETF. That's why it is a big deal - money that could not buy btc is now able to do so. These are moron sheep, mind you, so they will be told by their "investment advisors" to put 10% in BTC and bam, $600 billion in liquidity hits BTC.

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If that inflation number is right 110k top would be complete garbage.

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$100k bitcoin means about $2 trillion market cap. In the past couple of months alone bitcoin has gained about $210 billion in its market cap, and that's just on the etf hype.

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Kek, boomers seething at BTC online is going to be fucking hilarious to see.

>Somebody ethereumed all my uniswap on aave!! Call Jeff Zuckerbuck.

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we could have been there if it wasn't for musk

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this is unironically why ETF's are good. boomers and other 401k tards have no business in the wild west that is crypto trading. being able to safely by custodial BTC without actually touching any of the machinery is a net positive for everyone.