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Is 1,500 Chainlink enough to make it

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By the time LINK is $81,000, bread will cost $500 a loaf. Is 243,000 loaves of bread enough for you?

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>Is 1,500 Chainlink enough to make it

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So you need 1k link to make 70k a year from your staking rewards - Yeah it's enough but it'd be better if you had more while they were still affordable

cue the eth guy who refused to buy eth at anything over $10

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>what is mcap
>what is treasury
link cant reach that price, unless there's unironically a price feed glitch that outputs the wrong price on oracle-powered exchanges

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You could build a cool little bread house with that

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I hope you do more research than this guy OP
Specifically into staking locking up the available supply of link

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I have 3k so my breadhouse will be buttered to protect from weather damage

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>staking locking up
45M Link lock up VS the quadrillions of Link still on the treasury wallets ready to dump
do the math anon you are being dumped on so roasties can travel the world for "web3 hackathons"

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>the quadrillions of Link
absolute state of FUD

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butter might be too expensive for all that bread by that time but you could settle for some synthetic margarine! :D

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>45m currently locked up
>not mentioning the increase in v.02 (Not to mention the amount that will be locked up come version 1.0)
>quadrillions of link on the market

you must be shitposting

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>quadrillions of Link
Back in my day, the fud was well thought out and good

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>version 1.0
lol lmao even