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All of them would be seething permabears except Kramer who would make it from some obscure shitcoin

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The real 1000x

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They're all jews except for Kramer who wished he was a jew

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>it's another episode of /tv/ being unable to distinguish between characters and actors playing them

Elaine and George aren't jews

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They're funny and they're jews lol

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irl theyre all heebs

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I have heard of this show. I was unaware that anyone actually watched it. What's it about? Jews in a city being friends with each other while navigating the intricacies of doing sex to other people AND holding down a career? Filmed in an obvious studio and set to a laugh track just in case the dribbling midwits can't tell what's a joke and what isn't?

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>it's another episode of /tv/ being unable to distinguish between characters and actors playing them

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>George is actively a shitcoin trader and would try to sell you shit like $HUSBANT by passing it off as a good business oportunity
You know he would

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Kramer would hold LINK.

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You're describing Friends. Seinfeld characters are literally 2 incels, a slut and one overy neurotic greedy jew and the show is as close to mocking jews and treating women like objects as you'll ever get on TV. That's why it's so funny that polcels seethe about it when it's literally peddling their narrative

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Goyims watched Friends.
Jews watched Seinfeld.

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you're right, because he's disgusting and bald

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yids are yids bro
sometimes they even forget their larp haha

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XRP is Kramer. George is Cardano. Seinfeld is Bitcoin. Elaine is Shib.

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Oh and Newman is BSV.

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>George is Cardano

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Newman is BSV because its scammy. George is Cardano because midwits think its a genius thing and it fails.

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Um sweetie, cardano won

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You see this right here? Its a fucking falcon. Just marinade on that one for a little while. Falconry, the sport of kings. Kings do this shit. Im a king, and youre nothing.
I took a selfie with Elon Musk. Have you ever taken selfies with Elon Musk? No, because youre a pissant. Im not. Im very important. Im the leader of IOHK? Oh, youve never heard of that? What a loser. Everyone knows who I am. I made Ethereum. Its shit though, but thats not my fault. Go fuck yourself if you think it is, but buy Cardano, you shitstain.
In the social hierarchy it goes Elon Musk, King Charles Hoskinson Leader of IOKH and founder of Cardano, then the rest. You will all collectively lick my feet while I watch Elon Musk fuck my wife. Im into that shit, because cuckoldry is the thinking mans fetish. Im super smart.
Buy Cardano, you stupid fuck. Fuck you.

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the man is everywhere, what to do against the schizophrenia

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George is half, his father is italian and his mother is a jew (which makes him full jew by their talmudic bullshit laws)

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Elaine has to be one of the sexiest characters on television - I would constantly get raging hard ons for her every time I watched an episode.
Jerry also pulled some great eye candy on the regular. Comfy tv.

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Yes sir

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theres an entire episode revolving around elaine being an agnostic jew all the jewish men are lusting for