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This is where I will consider buying some BTC. You retards fomoing in at $35k make me lol.

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Ho capo

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Based. Buying now is basically suicide. Ill pick up some xrp at 0.05$

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Guess what retard, we're no longer in a bear market. Only a catastrophic event can make us flash crash down to that level and you best be watching the chart 24/7 because in that case it will literally be down there for seconds.

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> no longer in a bear market
Think again sweetie

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Tell us how you know any better than anyone else what happens next, or shut the fuck up you larping faggot bore

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>another retarded $10k bobo

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You think this is it? you think your folio is going straight up for ever right? Think again gaywad. you will all crash and burn. ive been reading this board for the past few weeks and you all make me laugh. THIS is where i am taking profits. THIS is where I am 80% in cash. I will slurp all of your bags when you sell them to me at a 90% loss.

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y do u need to post about it? just shut up and let ppl buy hi. annoying white horse.

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is it you putting more lines on a chart?

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No u

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imagine opening the chart every single day, spending hours talking about crypto with /biz/ and twitter frens, only to remain sidelined as the market enters a new cycle. the normie entering after two years of paying no attention will end up making more money than you

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Yep, this is a troll posting. Dude is fully invested in crypto.

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Buy orders at 12k to be on the safe side

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>crypto TA

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Cash is king!

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peak il capo dellusion

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I have 50% of my portfolio in hodl bags and 50% i’m longing / shorting so that I don’t miss out on either price action.
Does that make me a retard?

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You don’t know anything more than the rest of us do.

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Listen here newfags. my last buy was xrp at .30$ a year ago. ive since made 200%+ on that investment. you retards buying this bull trap is peak /biz delusion.you will all crawl in the mud of bobo blood before you realise what the fuck happened. I cant wait. Ill be buying your bags

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Have sex.

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this is just the bear version of what you complained about

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Not enough. I think a retest and double bottom at $150 is in order.

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this same retarded bobo is gunna fomo after he see’s it get closer to $40k

just like he’ll100% fomo into 4chan
just like he’ll 100% fomo into chainlink


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i do, with my profits

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No you won't. If it dumps down to there you'll make a lower prediction and keep doing so until it pumps again and you miss out and make these delusional posts

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Yes I do. Mother of all bear flags

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No, you're the retard for multiple reasons.
> bitstamp for pricing (wow)
> resistance broken for TWO MONTHS on your own chart and you didn't buy (means you don't believe your own bullshit)
> your r/r at that entry is trash
> using 2 points of contact as your thesis

you're a larping faggot. your TA sucks. stop trying to give financial advice, you're shit at it.
t. actual trader. pic rel

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>he bought a yid-shitcoin with 100billion supply
anon i ...

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It's like in 2019 when it pumped a little and then dumped to $3k

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I wonder what made it crash? Hmm...

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I made 200% on kuji in the last 10 days, lmao. Your strategy is "hold and hope"... soon it will be cope and rope.

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Roger that commander, see you at 100k within the next 12 months

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I imagined you typing this with tears in your eyes, stuttering

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>This is where I will consider buying some BTC.
If you were as galaxy-brained as you talk, you'd have yeeted your cash in when the opportunity knocked. While you keep larping, we're stacking mad gains not only in BTC but also riding high on ETH, LINK, QANX, RIO, and HILO.

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Cringe bro

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I will never sell my bags at any price so you will not be buying any of them.

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Lol yeah didn't fall for it

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i like the theme

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Enjoy your profit

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Crypto is on-and-off correlated with stocks, gold, inversely DXY. Because some of the same market forces that affect crypto affect the others e.g. interest rates.
Stocks have been doing quite well recently, whatever marketforces there is at play that drive the price of NASDAQ and co. higher, is also at play in driving crypto higher.

It stands to reason that it's unlikely that the market forces should continue to be in effect and drive stocks higher and then having crypto undergo a massive crash simultaneously.
It's much more likely that crypto will continue to follow the broader financial market and perform similar to other tech/risk assets.

Doing TA on BTC/USD to predict trend reversals seems kind of retarded, you either anticipate a decoupling from the broader market based on nothing or you think BTC/USD is the chart to predict the trend reversal in the stock market at large - why not use S&P500 chart instead for these macro predictions? why Bitcoin?

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No selling at this point. In fact, I'm considering increasing my bags to make it big when the bull run is confirmed. Planning to add more DUA and waiting for the listing on Coinstore exchange today. This is just my clue to you.

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>buying BTC in 2023
>even thinking about BTC in 2023

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my average on LINK was 6$. I sold my last 20% at 15$ yesterday. keep stacking my bags simp. thanks for playing.
The SPX did exactly what BTC is currently doing. It retraced in to the 78.6% and made a lower high. Its already retracing. To look at this chart and think its bullish is insane. Once the lower TL brakes its game over and slurping time. Protect your gains anon. get tf out

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using fib extensions from top to bottom on every cycle there is diminishing return. 2018 top we hit the 0.786 fib extension. 2021 top we hit the 0.618.
2025 top we hit the 0.5? that would mean we top at 70k.

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You have 2,5 years lmao

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gee thanks internet stranger for helping me with financial advice for free. if only the world over could be so sefless like you.

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>He didn't consider buying at 16k.

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I was here at 16k telling you tards to buy when the monthly MACD crossed to the upside. guess what you all laughed and called me retarded hahahah. you really need to pay more attention anon

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go kill yourself!!!

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Op is a giant FAGGOT!!!