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100k is a lot of fucking money

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It is.
Only absolute retards disagree

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not really

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That's 200 whores. Not that much.

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FYI, ask the doctors to go back into the coma, you are not ready for 2023

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>a down payment on a very very modest house is a lot of money
Do poorfags really?

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A shitty major league baseball player makes that in one game

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Unfortunately, it's not
>Verification not required

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1M is not a lot of money.

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100k liquid is a lot

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what the fuck does 100k buy

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Pretty much anything consumer related. No it won't get you a house, but pretty much anything else. Hell it is even a great house downpayment.

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It is until you got it then it feels like poverty.
You start to breathe a bit around 500k, 1M is the moment it starts to feel ok, 5M is when it starts to feel great, 10M it feels even fantastic.
Past that it's just a number on a screen like a video game.

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Yes it is

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How old (potent) are you?

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100% this. Having 100k generating 5% yearly returns average is 5k, piss poor. 500k gets you 25k, not much but you can breathe if you move out of JewSA most expensive cities. 1M gets you 50k and it's starting to be something, 5M generates 250k and beyond 500K/year it's just one more car, one more hooker, one more stock

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Im mid 30s 100k would literally not only fix my life, fix my leaking basement, fix my car, fix my teeth, fix my cats health and give a small amount to my elderly widowed mother.
Instead I got less than 500 to my name, sick as a dog and facing existential dread daily.
50k is a lot.

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My crypto portfolio has risen over $100k in the past week and I feel nothing.

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If 100k is a lot then what would 10k be? I've heard that getting your first 10k is the hardest thing

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Someone screencap this genius. Not even being sarcastic.

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6 million is not that many

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100K is nothing. 10 million is nothing these days since the pandemic and massive inflation. 100 million is the bare minimum to make it

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>great house downpayment

$100k down payment (not even including the $10k+ in closing costs) on a $400k cuckshack results in a $2.5k/m mortgage payment.

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I live off of $800 a month living on my own acreage and tending beehives

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anyone who says 100k isn't a lot of money I dare you to set 100k on fire right now

you won't

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in a house or a shed?

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Its a 2 bedroom A frame house

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>2 bd on acreage
That's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars tho, wholly disproving op's thesis

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Its not a lot of money but I wouldnt set $10 on fire so the argument is moot

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Dumb logic. Would I set $1 on fire, hell no. Would I buy a F150 for $100k? I would.

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Yes, especially for my 3rd world shithole self

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Bro, just hit that sweet 10k milestone riding the LINK wave – feeling straight-up dope AF. Getting to 100k is gonna be a breeze in this bull run, especially if you're packing the right gems. Ain't sleeping on other gems like RIDE and PYR; gaming and VR are smashing it in the bull run game.

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It's a pretty decent amount of money, but it's also the sort of money that tricks people into thinking they have more than they do. $100k is not $1,000 nights out at the bar money, it's "comfortable poverty" money. You still need to live like you're poor with that sort of money, but you at least don't need to worry about starvation or missing a bill. You still have to be cheap as shit. At around $600k you can start living a little larger, but even then that is "comfortable bachelor" money.

The wrong sort of woman can obliterate the quality of life that sort of money should give you. I don't even mean directly by you being a simp and giving her an allowance or anything like that. I mean she can fuck your life up bad enough, your will to live, such that $600k starts to be meaningless to you and you somehow end up getting poorer when at that level of wealth, you should just passively be getting richer. Everything should be easier by that point, but you still aren't invincible at that level.

$1.8 million is the level where you start to have super powers. That's where you can just pay an attorney $250 for half a billable hour to make a phone call for you and delete problems out of your existence. That's where first class becomes standard for you and your buddies and if you feel like really lighting money on fire, then a private jet for special occasions isn't off the table.

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Yes and no.

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No one cares about your no-name vaporware discord-shilled garbage ass SHITcoins.
Stack BTC/ETH/LINK/XMR and physical gold/silver

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If you are sick do urine therapy. Cures all.

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>Stack BTC and physical gold

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China escape

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it's not what you make, it's what you save. if you have 100k but spend $500/month then it's a lot of money. if youre getting drunk with hookers every weekend, youre about to become the hooker

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It would last awhile in Vietnam or wherever but you need a cool milly per person to retire in America, probably more.

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Its about 3 years of net salary so yeah

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Depends on what you are spending.
I sold only about 200k USD of my crypto portfolio during the last bull market and didn't really notice the extra money.
Between paying off a car, redoing a kitchen, buying a bunch of guns, putting some of the cash into precious metals, putting some into yielding investments, and setting aside some for tax, it was hardly noticeable. 200k just provided extra breathing room.

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That's only like 2 new gold Rolexes

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>Only 5 million
It's over

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Why would you need 2 gold Rolexs, when you can literally invest and grow that money to 7 figures in 2 years? Go and buy some RWA tokens

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You should consider adding crypto payment solutions that have working products. XTP is one of those in the list, and the US launch is expected to impact both the token and the Tap platform positively.

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A kickass product. Token did not rally these days but already pulled a 90 fuckin X after bottoming at 1 sats kekkk.
Crypto payment platforms are promising. I'm exposed to cymi but the token is not fuckin moving yet

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A private jet with only 1.8m is pretty dumb.

You'd spend a couple percent of your net on a single travel convivence.

I felt dumb spending 2% on a new truck.

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you're gonna wait some more for that. They're only listed on a shitty exchange and it's not gonna change until they reshape their strategy

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It is a lot. I'm tired of faggots on /biz/ acting like it's nothing. I'd be so happy if I had $100,000 in my bank account.

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It's only 1% of making it.

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It's a deposit on a decent house in a nice area

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One will do, outside of high stabbing risk it has some irl upside
>Internal mechanisms unparalleled by any other watchmaker (except maybe other luxury ones like Cartier)
>Boosts your ego
>Fashion people will notice, learn who has a good sense and worth associating with
>Learn who's a gold digger
>Get attention from upper class people
>Broke people will grovel at your feet/treat you with contempt
>Get to laugh at silver/hybrid babbies
The possibilities are endless

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is this guwop or ptokes

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10k is a lot of fucking money
Took me 4 years to save that and lost it due to (((hyperinflation)))

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Good advice but replace BTC with PMs.

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I'm betting on UTK and UTK to give me that in the coming bullrun

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I’m at about 50k liquid and every day at work I’m thinking about quitting. It’s not enough to make it a smart decision but it’s enough where if I get pushed to far I’m gone

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3k for me it's a lot i could fix all my life with 3k. FOR ANY RICHFAG READING THIS, I WILL SELL YOU MY SOUL FOR THAT AMOUNT.

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seeing a rolex instantly = 'i am a retard with bad tase'

> Get attention from upper class people
see above. thats like thinking upper class people will be impressed by your corvette

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thats like 4 years worth of rent, bills and food at the very most in any us city at this point

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The novelty wears off in literally a week or two and you would come to the same conclusion as anyone else. $100k puts you squarely in between "might actually make it" and abject poverty.

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Sounds like you only need a couple grand to fix everything. Tried it with working yet?

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That's about 400 bucks a month with a reasonable 5% ROI, nice to have but not much really

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So slightly more comfortable in planes and if you've got a problem that a lawyer can solve (like what?) you can pay for it, that's what comes to mind when you think about making it?

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>average non bswan holders scarcity mindset

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What is this sorcery

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>greater than 10M
/makeit/ tier
>greater than 5M
/comfy/ tier
>greater than 1M
middle class
>greater than 100k
nigger rich tier
>less than 100k
poorfag wagecuck suicide tier
consider kys if you have less than 100k
>Verification not required

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As someone who owns a home (no mortgage) and is wifeless, $100K is unironically retirement money for me. I could live off of the interest alone.
As a former NEET who has $10K in the bank, any amount feels like a number in a video game.
Doesn't even need to be third world. There are houses in rural areas of European countries that would cost you less than $100K to buy and renovate. I used to see some nice Swedish houses in propertyunder50k or whatever that website is called. They were VERY rural (no walking distance grocery store, clinic, school), but all had internet access and all basic utilities.

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Even the least APY from staking RIDE on Ethereum is more than this.kek

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in switzerland they say: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with 1M in the bank? Not much, there's nothing wrong with being broke

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>>56624963 >Bergjuden at it again

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Agree with everything but makeit tier, 5M is more than enough to live a great life off dividends/interest alone.

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how did you get in that situation?
stay strong anon

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>Having 100k generating 5% yearly returns average is 5k
Pocket change, still trapped in cagie
>500k gets you 25k
Not free from toil, but comfortable, at least in the immediate term, financially secure
>1M gets you 50k
True freedom in the immediate term, but you have to be frugal
>5M generates 250k and beyond
True lifelong freedom and living well
True lifelong freedom + luxury

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It is lots of money but in terms of how much you need to make it, it is hardly anything. 100k will not change your life at all. If you decide to spend it maybe you pay off some debt, get a nice car or something insignificant like that. Your life remains the same and you will be wagecucking the next day

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sucks to be an americuck. imagine making money there and not geomaxing.

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>these are the people voting to send Israel billions in USD each year

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In Sweden, you can buy a pretty nice rural house for $100K or less.

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Spending any of your stack under 1 mil is normie tier. At ~2 mil depending on age I give you permission to do one of two things. 1) Quit your job if you hate it. But be prepared to live frugally if you don't find another way to generate income. 2) Keep working but occasionally use the money to make things easier. At around 5 to 10 mil you can start to actually spend money like a retarded consoomer but you probably wont even really want to by then because you will realize money is about freedom not Rolex, private jets, or big houses.

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its more about how much money you can make (or lose) with 100k. its fucking so much harder to become rich with 5k in the bank

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>jus live around browns
No. Pretty kino to be an American, as long as you're not a retard that thinks $100k is a lot of money

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Dropping by from the front page to agree. That's nearly three years' worth of wages for me right now.

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A man of taste and sophistication.

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100k is only $5k/year of passive income

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You are poor and if you don't live in the third world should quit tomorrow.

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>>56620441. I was taughtearly that rolex is for dumb niggers who like things that break after a year. Rolex is trash

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It's only 100 times 1k. You literally can't do shit with 100k. It's pathetic and embarrassing. Especially if it's pre tax gains.

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1s and 0s inside a computer isn't anything, 100k in cash is a lot of fucking money though

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Yeah if you're a NIGGER. Go buy them sneakers.

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I can't quit just yet but boy howdy anon, I am indeed poor. I'm set to move across the country soon and am getting another job once I do.

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Just got to £12000 still in disbelieve

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Kim Kardashian reportedly spent about 160K on her beauty routines each month during the Kanye days. Think make-up, personal trainers, spa days, etc... 100K is funny money to a Kardashian.

Imagine someone who's actually wealthy in this world. 100K is a lot of money if you're poor, but it's a drop in the bucket for someone with actual wealth. I'll acknowledge it's life changing for some, but it's sadly not enough money unless it's invested in something that will exponentially increase it or holds it's value.

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>a lot of money
>i literally have 149k worth on VINU

Bros do I have a problem?

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100k is enough money to change the entire course of someone's life. you should acknowledge it's life changing money for most certainly, modestly, well more than half of the population of humanity

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>$33k as a burger
wat. Are you a literal burger flipper?

>> No.56627681

>life changing money
No. Unless I gifted you 3 BTC on the condition that you can't sell for the next 20 years, $100k is not life changing money

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$100k is objectively a lot of money and can pay most american hospital bills.

>> No.56628067

I spend that much on groceries in a month.

>> No.56628074

You can buy a neighborhood in Baltimore for that

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Replace this with RIDE jeet