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I want to punch a Chainlink holder in the face. Stop spamming the fucking board.

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This is a link board

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Go back to your containment thread gamebaggie.

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once I make it with link I will buy 4chin and change the name from /biz/ to /link/

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We will get much worse than this. Can you imagine us at a new ATH. You’ll have to go back.

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It's over bros, the link shills are back in full force. There is nobody who can stop them now. Chainlink™ will dominate the world and linkies will be our new masters. Iii-i-it's over...

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Linkers understand they're about to experience a bullrush, and devs are paying fat dollar for shills, Kava, toada, prism, they're exactly doing the same in order to increase they revenue.