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Here comes the dump

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I am using exodus (not web3). Should I transfer to metamask or something to stake?

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life is good

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any predictions how fast the pool is going to get filled?

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Migration phase will fill it to max. Pool's closed nostakers.

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in v0.1 you could still get your link in for a few hours in general access. No idea how fast it will fill this time

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Priority migrator checking in

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Took like 2 weeks for v.1 I think

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wen build airdrops?

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general access for v.1 filled in like 3 hours anon.

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I actually think it’ll go a little slower now that it’s pumping.
When it was $6, people were just going to stake it and forget about it for a year, but now a lot of people are going to hold back from staking their whole stacks so they can take some profit.
Just my guess though

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I honestly don't think it will get to general access.

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i think general access will fill in 4 minutes
remmeber that stake.link is using chainlink automation to instantly stake once general access is open, so monitor how much LINK they are going to instantly stake

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Where the fuck are my build rewards?

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So this is why Sergay has been artifically pumping the price of LINK. He only seeks to lure in unsuspecting victims to lock their tokens while he gets to dump his premined stack.

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>Verification not required.

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I had 7500 in my wallet, staked 7000 max, while remaining 500 did fuck all, kept them as liquid dust in case of emergency
should I move that dust to another wallet so I can stake them in v0.2?

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So I just became a LINKie and have 20k LINK. What are my staking options here? Is it even worth it for me? I only want to hold for a year from August to get a better burger tax rate.

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I only have 15k. is that enough to make it?

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>he thinks serg is pumping the market
>he thinks serg wasn't protecting us from selling at the bottom in v.1

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do i have to do anything for that migration? i staked last year and have not even looked at it since

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Will I be able to withdraw with staking v.02 or will it be locked in for a year again?

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anon you can stake up to 15k link per wallet. just wait till early access, stake that extra 500, boom done

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afaik, single wallets can stake up to 15000 link in v0.2

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I ain’t staking shit. Not your keys not your coins. Tongue my anus idgaf. Sergey isn’t stealing my stinkies.

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yes you need to have ETH in your wallet, log onto the chain link staking site, and press migrate, and pay the gas fee
withdrawal takes 2-3 weeks . You request a withdrawal, then wait a bit, then you have a couple day window to complete the withdrawal

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cool thx
also whats the brainlet tldr for how withdrawing your stake and rewards at any time you want will work in v0.2?

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link is dumping

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thanks for the dumb down i'm retarded so it is really helpful
i guess i'll stake the remaining 3k i have so 10k is there.

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Sergey is clearly setting us up to be the main targets of crypto regulation. Notice how he plays into the memes. He is not trying to sweep Chainlink's past connection with 4chan under the rug, rather it's the opposite.

Regulation is almost here and ironically the Chainlink company will profit the most from this, while LINK holders will suffer the most. Sergey playing into the memes is a setup. Watch. After the singularity, new laws will be passed blaming and targetting early stakers for comitting or being a part of whatever crisis is currently at hand. These laws will impose exorbitant taxes and other fees to combat the racists who got in early to Chainlink. YOU DO NOT WANT TO STAKE BEFORE V2. Read this again. YOU DO NOT WANT TO STAKE BEFORE V2. This is precisely why insitutions are not stockpiling LINK right now. They know about the early staker flush-out project.
If you staked your Chainlink already, then I'm afraid it's too late. The only thing you can realisticly do is to wait until staking unlocks and sell everything and hope they don't come after you retroactively. Only after the normie anger phase has passed will it be safe to buy Chainlink tokens again with a fresh wallet with no ties to your original one. Good luck frens and godspeeed.

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>Migration phase will fill it to max
No it won't. The pool is doubling in size and most from v0.1 won't have doubled their holdings in a year unless they have midget stacks. I'd say it's certain there'll be plenty of room in early access

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No one fell for this the first time round in v0.1

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Back in the top ten boys

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lmao no, priority access to a few hours, but general access filled in a matter of minutes.

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yeah im not about to lock up my precious linkies. nice try NEXO

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general access lasted several hours anon

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last year it filled within hours

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bump, same, never logged into metamask since

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the answer is literally in the previous reply to that post

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within 3 hours actually.

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LOL the staking announcement is actually crashing the price

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No, Bitcoin is

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Imagine falling for the staking midwit trap in 2023. I understand newfags and midwits in the peak of bull hysteria thinking numba go up forever and that they can hand their tokens over to be held hostage for APY like a fucking bank. Falling for this is 2023 is just sad. Especially for oldfags that remember thar jew witch and her crypto banking kikecoin. I idea of handing over your coins to be held hostage is unthinkable to an anon.

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I got my ass burned by staking in last run and I won't be doing it again, it's not worth it for some single digit apy shit even if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of whatever you're staking

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ah those wild and crazy days of 2 hours ago... *sigh*

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>its another sergei pump and dump episode

ok... cool me once shame on you... ya cant get fooled again

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fuck me i don't know if i'm ready for this

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wagmi, bros

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like clockwork

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wait, i have to WORK? they want me to an alert wagie stuck in a cagie? fuck this im out

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cool edit, bro

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literally no reason not to stake in v0.2
you can withdraw now

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>trying to trick people with inspect element in 2023
nice try chud

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wtf this guy just went and lied on the internet? why? who would do that? u know this board is dead right? sentiment doesnt matter here, you must not have early access hahaha POOLS CLOSED BOZO

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Fugg. Almost gave me a heartattack bro not cool

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how about you read the fucking blog retard

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It was starting to make too much sense for this clown world

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every fucking time

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>breaking news crypto company Chainlink was hacked within hours of releasing their v2 staking
>a vulnerability allowed hackers to make off with millions of dollars worth of link tokens
>chain link CEO Sirgay Nazarov has assured the public only nazi incels have lost all their money and they will refund any non racists in full
>if you have ever visited 4chan your money is gone forever
>Sirgay assures the public this is actually a good thing and the reason they rolled out staking in multiple versions

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Do you guys think it will dump or pump when 0.2 happens? I feel like retail might be desperate to sell after having to sit on their LINK for a year, especially after they had to watch it pump so hard these past few weeks.

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0.2 will increase the locked amount from 22M to 45M, around 8% of the circulating supply

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checked, but here's a better visual: >>56609000

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>you could still get your link in for a few hours in general access
Got stuck in traffic on way home and missed the the access by about 5 mins. I'm still angry about that.
I'll probably just book the day off this time.

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>dead silent on BUILD rewards, even after stakers have secured the network for a year
>only 45m pool size after they promised 75m last year
>no change in reward rate, you only get more if the pool is not full
>multiple week withdrawal period
>reward ramp up period, try and withdraw early and get your rewards clawed back
>no details on reward ramp up rate (protip, they'll force you lock up for another year before you reach 100% reward rate)

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How does that work?
Do you give your LINK over them for slink or do you give access rights to a contract to stake on your behalf without control from a third party?
What happens if you decide to unstake later?
Do you click on the unstake button on the Chainlink staking page or do you have to sell slink for link?

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just ignore the stake.link retards
it's a scam

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It's sad.
Chainlink deserved better than a corrupt scammer for its third party staking service.
Sergey will have to kill this project one day to fund a proper one.

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Where are my build tokens?

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They're not issued yet, anon. Haven't you been following this stuff? Are you even staked anyway?

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Don't get involved with SDL. It's 3rd-party trash that was effectively a rebrand after they rugged their community previously.

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ok but WEN. i need airdrop sers. they havent even detailed how distribution will be allocated. no details at all

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Chainlink news mark the top. Every. Single. Time.

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Sell link in november 2025 @ 200$
Buy at 10$ in 2024....
15kx20 is 300k

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A man of experience I see

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Yes but keep in mind that if you leave someone else will be able to take your place.

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yeah over a multi week period
>want to sell
>6 weeks later cll gives your tokens back
>link price: -62%

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>LPLers in disbelief again.JUST!

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aave does the same thing, im used to it

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What’s the deal exactly with Staking v0.2? I have PTSD from Bancor.

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Sergey is a based autist. He would never steal from us.

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>i need them
no you don't you little fudfuck. Build wasn't even announced until after v0.1 so it's a bonus on top of staking., why not sell your rewards and your stack if your village needs new pebbles so urgently?

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tokenized. you stand out in every thread.

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>It's real

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if you think chainlink staking is the same as bancor, you have learned nothing over all these years

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more link coin is needed ser i would like steak very much

>> No.56609987

It's a rugpull scam. Stake in the community pool being offered directly by the Chainlink team itself or do not stake at all. You were warned and we will be laughing at you if you fall for the slink or lpl whatever the fuck the latest third world scam is.

>> No.56610041

>want to sell
Lost me there, chief

>> No.56610086

What? Completely wrong

>> No.56610088

It only makes sense that The Father of Lies would preach Truth>Trust while he dumps his premined ERC20 shitcoin onto autists who are statistically more gullible than the rest of the population, due to their difficulty in recognizing the more subtle aspects of human interactions such as sarcasm, inuendos, or flat out lies. Chainlink is going to zero.

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stake.link only has a capacity of 4.125M link they're allowed to stake as opposed to community members having 40.875M Link they can stake.


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this is incorrect
in the node operator pool they have 75,000 capacity for each of the 15 nodes = 1,125,000 LINK
they are then also going to enter LINK into the community pool in this staking round
their plan is to fill as much as they can from their priority pool (currently 715,000 LINK) in general access
then they will market for another 375,000 LINK for their increased node operator allocation (25,000 * 15 - currently nodes have 50k capacity)

>> No.56611160

you deposit into a contract, their contracts then fill space in the community and node operator pools as available
you don't have to worry about gas, or access to your wallets
you will recieve stLINK
you can instantly sell, or use in defi
unlike standard chainlink staking where there is a multiweek cooldown and no defi usage

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Yawn someone is MALDING at OG stakers.
i bought chainlink at 5 dollars. How does that make you feel?

>> No.56611456

I'm going to stake in the official link pool but I'm just curious for linkpool stakers... Since v. 02 has slashing enabled for node operators does that mean that anyone using linkpool to stake chainlink will potentially have their link slashed if the nodes fuck up?

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that's because you're trapped in echo chamber/cult. There will be plenty of time

>> No.56611605

personally ill be increasing my stake by ~10x. pools closed, bitch.

>> No.56611650

always remember that in v0.1 staking _exactly_ half of the pool was filled in early access, cll are autist as fuck
in saying that it will fill much quicker this time. last time was 3 hours to fill 11m LINK in general access

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Says it right here the community staking pool capping at 40.825M and the rest going to node operators.

Seeing as stake.link is 15 nodes, then they'll have to add other nodes to the platform then to go beyond your cap.

If they're filling in the rest of their platform stakers via general access, that's equates to them getting in the rush like the rest of us.

>> No.56611987

you need to do more reading

sdl only represents 15 of the node operators
other operators who can fill their allocation themselves or make private otc deals may choose not to use it

1) SDL will rush to fill what they can in general access
2) SDL will fill their node operator allocations of 375,000 LINK as they can. there is no rush for this as it is allocated to their nodes

so what they're doing is clever... fill as much in general and then they will be easily able to fill the rest after through marketing

>> No.56612005

use a hardware wallet (multiple)

>> No.56612020

if you go here:
you will see that the feed is secured by 24,050,023 LINK
24,050,023 LINK - 22.5m = 1.55m
1.55m / the 31 nodes serving the ETH/USD feed = the 50,000 node operator allocation

so 15 nodes using SDL
16 are filling their allocation by themselves

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>> No.56612028

I’d like to know what Coins someone like you holds?

>> No.56612308

>Dec 7th
Please for the love of god dont fill up

>> No.56612403

Tax laws can't be applied retroactively in my country. Americans are cucked so wouldn't surprise me if this happens there. Someones gotta pay for Bidens new voters coming across the border. hfsp

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>> No.56612428

Whats a good node operator to prevent getting slashed? If I’m correct this V0.2 staking is the most dangerous to stake in becoming you can get slashed and you don’t have the insurance that you will get in later versions of staking. I’m not fudding but V0.1 was essentially free Link where now you can lose it all.

>> No.56612439

It's guaranteed to fill 50% via priority migration, plus however much priority chads feel like topping off up to their 15k limit. If everyone in priority had 15k link to stake it would be 100% filled before early access. Obviously that's not going to happen though. Just have your shit ready to go first thing in the morning that day. I'm really curious to see if it fills all the way before general access.

>> No.56612459

it doesnt work that way

>> No.56612511

What do you mean?

>> No.56612524

t. didn't actually read any of the documents on who gets early access because I have priority

>> No.56612563

Somebody answer this please not trying to lose all my Link over a chance at <5%

>> No.56612646

Oh I see, so you can only migrate what you've already staked in v0.1, then try to add to it in early and general. Oh well, I doubt it'll even fill all the way in early access phase anyway. Once general opens though that shit's getting closed out instantly.

>> No.56612697

>In v0.2, Community Stakers will not be at risk of slashing, with such a change requiring a migration to a new Staking version.
We don't have to worry about that yet. I imagine in time it'll be safest to divide your link among several of the best nodes to mitigate slashing risks. That's probably where sdl will start to shine.

>> No.56612699

you can't be slashed in v0.2 so don't worry about it
the parameters will be really loose like with v0.1 so we won't see any slashing events
slashing is mainly there for regulatory safety
cll is on another level compared to other teams in this scam market

>> No.56612727

Honestly if that's your whole stack, I'd sell that 500 during mania. Migrate the rest and never touch the principal. Depends how you're off financially tho. If you can wait another 5 years then why not.

>> No.56612737

There's no slashing for us yet. Look how many valid alerts have been raised over the last year... it's literally 0. I'm willing to bet there isn't a single slashable event until the day they allow neet nodes and one of you fucking idiots fucks something up.

>> No.56612747

How long will priority migration last? I'm going to be in mexico until Dec 2nd and away from my ledger.

>> No.56612836

>On November 28, 2023 at 12PM ET, v0.1 stakers will have the opportunity to migrate their v0.1 stake and accrued LINK rewards to v0.2 or withdraw. This Priority Migration period will last for nine days, where v0.1 stakers can choose to migrate all or a portion of their v0.1 stake and LINK rewards.

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>just dumped 14k LINK
easiest 2x of my life

>> No.56612999

at 15.5< or just now (14.5) ?

>> No.56613012

cant imagine falling for the staking scam again when we so every single staking platform get "hacked". bunch of retards in here throwing away their golden ticket.

>> No.56613047

question for stacklets here, if you have under 15k link in your wallet that you connect will it auto stake all of them or do you choose how much you want to stake?

>> No.56613060

You get to choose. I had 3k and put in 2k. Wish I had put all 3k in now, honestly. Oh well.

>> No.56613094

i might only stake like 15% of my stack...dunno if v0.2 is enticing enough to forgo liquidity for this run

>> No.56613171

I have some SDL tokens somewhere can I do anything with them?

>> No.56613200

you can stake them and receive rewards
best idea is to lock 80% of your sdl for four years
and then keep 20% to dump during the bull
you can also sell your locked position but we have no idea how that market will develop

>> No.56613274

Fuck this sdl bullshit is so obnoxious, I hope you fags get hacked by Ari soon

>> No.56613307

unlikely as chainlink labs controls 7% of the sdl supply and 15 of the 31 nodes in staking use it...

>> No.56613357

This. Why the fuck everyone glosses over this question every time?

>> No.56613367

most (nearly all?) of the build projects don't have their tokens released yet

>> No.56613417

no early access migrate and top up at the same time

>> No.56613433

Build rewards are not being released until v2.0, which is a couple of years away.

Take into consideration that v0.02 is about to be released. v0.02 was never part of the original plan, it was supposed to go from v0.01 to v1.0 to v2.0.

>> No.56613441

who in their right mind would lock anything for 4 years?

>> No.56613443

Ah makes sense then. That said, why do these projects even need a token if they’re already working just fine without one?

>> No.56613467

>the realization stage of denial
L O L Ive been telling you retards all year there are none. You really thought you were gonna get airdropped tens of thousands of dollars in shitcoins that could just immediately liquidate. How the fuck would that make sense

Youre the kind of idiots who vote for Biden because hurrrrr I get a stimmy check!!

>> No.56613498

this is normal in defi with higher rewards for longer locks, curve started this trend but it's common in many financial products, pensions etc
but yeah four years in defi is a long time i locked a lot of mine for that long as the income could be quite good
you can sell your position though which is nice
welcome to crypto
look at the UNI token, serves absolutely no purpose and is rank 23
why? money of course. release a token dump it on retail and fund yourself for years
you can even be like uniswap and adds no utility at all and say "well hey governance can choose what to do with the token!!" so they wipe their hands of all responsibility

>> No.56613517

Does anyone feel the change in the air that happened once this was announced. The hype that has carried link for the last month has dissipated, after the flash dump a few hours ago it hasn't regained its footing, link is back to its usual underperformance

>> No.56613529

Based LPL kiddos how you doing based kiddos?

>> No.56613533

hope it works out for you anon

>> No.56613644

thanks i have a lot of link so sdl is just a side bet for me, big rewards if it works out though so worth it for me
if you don't have much link then just stack link though

>> No.56613645

I mean, I get how uniswap token would pump in price but chainlink is not exactly known for their great marketing. I don’t think these build tokens will amount to anything big desu. Thanks for the info tho.

Btw sdl, linkpool and all of those link staking projects are literal scams, try to not put too much money into them

>> No.56613651

I understand you loud and clear. What I'm saying is that your priority pool is literally them moving stake.link stakers' link in the gold rush (general access) like everyone else.

There's no point in staking with stake.link when you can stake on general access on your own and aren't friggin lazy to leave it in v0.2 and forget about it when the migration to v0.3 begins the year afterward.

>> No.56613678

you're allowed to unstake at any time with v0.2. If you absolutely need your link, you'll only forgo your rewards if you don't want to wait X weeks for the full rewards to become claimable.

You might as well go all in this time around.

>> No.56613711

i bought at ico for $0.015 so am up 30x or something so all good
i'm not interested in sdl for "staking" per se but for it as a LST like stETH, cbETH etc + the defi aspect that come with it
also the priority pool will be used for both community AND node operator allocations

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Its kind of nightmarish how far into chainlink's lifetime we are now and we still don't have something as fundamental to the network actually being functional as staking.

The talk of v0.2 being a different framework and modular compared to v0.1 really screams to me that v0.1 literally wasn't staking in any sense whatsoever and was just a box to dump link and they'd add 4% later just to shut up people asking for staking. Now later end of 2023 they've finally got some sort of beta. Until this shit is actually working how can they expect industry use?

>> No.56613814

yeah, its over. pump was fun while it lasted but now it's eth time. wish i rotated as soon as i saw the etf news

>> No.56613824

it's because staking is simply a layer of security
nodes have reputation, identity, legal recourse
you need to switch your thinking as chainlink isn't a blockchain

>> No.56613947

so if you unstake and wait for X weeks for it to become unstaked, you keep all rewards?

>> No.56614010

they are pretty vague about the ramp up period which could be very long, and if you withdraw any amount of staked link it fucks all of your rewards if its not done ramping up

>> No.56614056

if you want to get into general access, look into stake.link - SDL, they are a liquid staking platform for node operators that use the same staking contracts as Chainlink

>> No.56614065

it will get filled in minutes this time around

>> No.56614136

Kek shut the fuck up

>> No.56614167

What's the reward rate?

>> No.56614182

Do you know if AAVE will be adding stLINK or if they have other lending platforms they have lined up?

>> No.56614201

Stake it with freddy kruger
Cant hey slashed if you ARE the SLASHER

>> No.56614227

not sure if it's aave but the team is working on something in this area:
>Lending (Coming Soon)
>As announced recently, stake.link contributors are currently in the process of integrating lending for stLINK holders. This is a unique opportunity as it allows lending protocols to adopt stLINK so that users can borrow assets while also accruing staked LINK rewards and securing the Chainlink Ecosystem with their stake.
>This is in development and we’re looking forward to sharing more details at an appropriate time. Lending is no different than self-custodying a staked receipt token or LP’ing / yield farming LSTs in DeFi: users should have all options at their disposal, and we’re working towards just that.

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>> No.56614258


There's a cooldown period to discourage people dropping out so quickly.

>> No.56614269

Soon is the most jewish weasel word in crypto. I'm not going to hold my breath.

>> No.56614295

They['re gonna pump the price to 200 per token and test holders if they still want to stake their tokens further or cash out.

>> No.56614553

It's under the section "Dynamic Reward Rates". Basically it's not a fixed rate anymore, like 4.75%, the rate changes based on how full the pool is. So the fewer people staking, the more rewards for the stakers. I can't imagine that dynamic will come into play too much though because the staking pool will probably be full all the time.

>> No.56614575

yeah the staking pool is going to be autofilled by SDL which has chainlink automation (keepers) monitoring it the whole time

>> No.56614591

Oh yeah good point

>> No.56614784
File: 1.49 MB, 400x560, 1686247744108420.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Steaking on my birthday

>> No.56614809

Is there a minimum you need to stake?

>> No.56614819

>Community Stakers can stake a minimum of 1 LINK and up to a maximum of 15,000 LINK during Early Access and General Access on a per-address basis.

>> No.56614831

if the APR is only 5% then the real make it stack was always 10k. and the sui stack was 1k. I wouldn't even stake below 500 unless you hold until the end.

>> No.56614834

Besides the 4% rewards and bragging rights, is it really that much better to stake now vs v1.0 or v2.0?

>> No.56614852

i use exodus too. they have a browser extension that functions as metamask. have used it to stake a few different tokens

>> No.56614885

I'm a retard and had moved my LINK across various wallets over the years, so never qualified for the original early access on v.01. But this time, I qualify. Thinking I'll put 2.5k LINK in Staking and just keep the rest to trade/sell if we ever see north of $50US again.

>> No.56614898
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does this change anything for those that got in last year for 0.1? 3k stacklet....

>> No.56615232

How much is the make it price? 1k?

>> No.56615269

you have to manually migrate to v0.2 in a nine day window from november 28
the apr is in LINK
also you get build rewards on top

>> No.56615278

can anyone help me i have like 20,000 link on an exodus wallet from 2017.

i dont know how to stake. if you can help me i can give you some link.

im so dumb i dont even know what link does i just bought and held it cus i was too dumb to transfer the tokens out of there. apparently i needed eth or something and ever sent eth to that wallet

im serious can i be eligible i was holdint in an exodus wallet since 2017. and it been there the whole time

>> No.56615292

just wait until people start getting their link slashed while staking yikes.

>> No.56615324

you should get a hardware wallet immediately and secure your link properly
based having 20k like that but also really retarded
if you have 20k just don't worry about staking this round, but get your security sorted...

>> No.56615359

in saying that if you are using a hardware wallet with exodus then that's fine
easiest way is to connect your hardware wallet with metamask:
then check your eligibility through the chainlink staking site:

>> No.56615371

Damn dude you're retarded. Buy a fucking trezor or ledger immediately and have it priority shipped to you. They're super easy to set up, basically just plug it in and write down the security phrase. You can watch a youtube video if you need, literally a woman can do it. If something goes wrong with your security right now you're completely fucking up a once in a lifetime opportunity.

>> No.56615385

Buy a hardware wallet. Trezor is a good option. Send $10 worth of ETH to your Exodus wallet. Send 1 LINK from your Exodus wallet to the Trezor wallet. ($5 worth of ETH will be used as a transaction fee.) Make sure the 1 LINK actually reached the Trezor wallet. If everything looks good, send the rest of your LINK to the Trezor. ($5 worth of ETH will be used as a transaction fee.) Next, send at least $10 worth of ETH to the Trezor wallet. You may as well send $100 worth of ETH to that wallet, since you're going to need more ETH in the future when you withdraw staking rewards and whatnot. When staking opens up, go to "staking.chain.link" and follow the instructions from there.

>> No.56615395
File: 98 KB, 1120x767, EVlhaEaX0AIEb9K.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the old memes are still true

>> No.56615414

Possibly the most powerful meme ever created

>> No.56615561

fuckin larper fuck off