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This is all I could gather, most of them are rumours although there are some clues that indicate that most of them are real or at least half-truths. All referring to the $UTILITY coin and its relation to $BITCOIN (ticker)

>b80 [BSC] is the original HPOSI devwallet.
>It belongs to a guy who goes by the nickname "VMU"
>"TheCEO" or those of us who knew him that was his old alias before he was bullied and forced back into the shadows.
>At some point VMU is contacted and paid to release the UTILITY coin, the first triangular coin of its kind.
>Tuesday, July 7. VMU steals the money and launches the coin from his own address, swindling everyone in the process.
>With this stolen money, he launches the ETH version of $BITCOIN we all know (some time later)
>Among the coins launched to raise funds was the original HUSBANT (48E46)
>From its launch this coin was nothing but a money farm for VMU and its scams.
>After a while the UTILITY wallet is reactivated as an inside joke by VMU and his friends. The 1412 BUSD are transferred back to B3A1 (the stolen wallet).
>VMU sends 117 BUSD in equal forms to his friends to launch other coins. Among them PYRAMID (another joke on UTILITY, as this one was also triangular).
>Multiple moves and failed attempts to relaunch UTILITY as a joke end in nothingness
>At some point Warner Brothers makes a copyright charge against VMU.
>Rumours start to emerge, among them linking VMU to SBF
>Sources tell me that VMU is Jerome Powell undercover on a crusade to discredit cryptocurrencies from the inside. Doubtful.
>$HUSBANT Is relaunched in UNISWAP V2. I'm still investigating if it was by the original UTILITY dev, everything points to that.

Let this be recorded here before the jannies come looking for my body.

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>HPOSI dev is also a scammer
its joever

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That's a huge, enormous accusation you're doing there chum. Got any proof?

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Are you really surprised? This is /biz for crying out loud

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>OP's source

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>Messing with HPOSI

Oh boy, prepare to be "gently retired" by the jannies

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Watch this be another 30 pages dissertation about why it is "common sense" to never trust a crypto dev like that one schizo from the woods who tried to convince everyone he was the next Satoshi Nakamoto
>Pic related

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This VMU guy released the most abhorrent memecoins ever known to man and scammed his whole fanbase?
Dude that's bold

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Man I'm not even surprised, I mean, I suppose you guys saw it coming, don't you?

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I don't think anon has the free time and boredom to stage all of this desu

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uncle murphy was right, I should never have put my money in the funny & goofy thing

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>The cryptocurrency being accused of being a ponzi

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Hey kid, have you ever heard of $CUM?

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i'm going to squeeze my eyes like fucking grapes my f god

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>mom told me

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You feeling powerful now? Now that you did this? Congratulations man now everyone knows that I'm another one of the scum who tried to profit on this broken market. Well done dude, now everyone can watch you do a little song and dance over my reputation as you make me look like the devil and you look like the big, smart hero who undercovered my scams or something like that. Everyone here is smart enough to know this rotten system will never let you go to the top unless you take what you want. And if you can save your friends and take them to the top, you do it. It's what "MAKING IT" is for everyone.

But no, that wasn't enough for you. You go out of your way 1 hour after I tell you to kindly shut the fuck up. You slander me like a child. Good for you. Not only did you miss on 350k, you also got yourself a nice little seat on the blacklist group of faggots who can't keep their mouths shut and just make money comfortably. Good luck making any money with crypto in your lifetime.You reject my calls, my several attempts to contact you, you spit on the face on the guy i sent to give you cash directly to your house. I try to be amicable, I try to be respectable. I tried to amend my mistakes, i offered you TWICE the amount of money you paid me and more thinking of how much you lost. AND THIS IS HOW YOU THANK ME? WITH A BIG ASS SLAP IN THE FACE AND A PUBLIC CANCELLATION ON THE WORLD'S SHITTIEST CRYPTO FORUM?
Remember the last thing i said to you. Its going to happen. Fuck you.

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Tx hash showing HUSBANT transaction from this wallet as well0xbc8b83e11eddf76ad3813f86b9626be8b1e707d83447a458385b85f56b319fb5
transactions of participants in the UTILITY fundraiser, funds sent to wallet b3a1 made by VMU:
0x5b79bc63cf7b084733e567e1a016235692ab302a77a9b038cf376123ce4d3dc1 [BSC}
0x97cb39d9dc2af3719fb9f9c578a52dfcb7a10f6f996d0ae81899ff01031cbf74 [BSC}
0x35c31bae94bc8381417015c7a922ab8d226ca774d7ee0c3f84784b51f43f9f30 [BSC}
0xffd3e2ac0112d8e81b995f2c79e543e4675f83022d438d626459b968674995a5 [BSC}
0xffd3e2ac0112d8e81b995f2c79e543e4675f83022d438d626459b968674995a5 [BSC}
0x742809254be76fc9a808ef58a11e9ed6ffd9a5fe922bad285a56e9ec58043b6a [BSC}
0xfb3a73a5e167aca558b6e921d0b4e227ff6dc3470b02bfa6a29f95f070a0dcf6 [BSC}
0xbae133d3b194db768942b1a1d09cee1c2b2263a8ebfbe253e78cc32b62c5e39a [BSC}

VMU sent funds equally (117BUSD each) to his friends, to launch a token called "PYRAMID"
(CA: 0x7e7D2B9aCc8953c92912D5abc5e39B7105e18C3a [BSC])
Here are the transactions showing VMU sending funds to his friends (and other wallets he own) so
they can buy $PYRAMID as a way to laugh and steal the UTILITY idea. (another triangle)
0x22d07b0c6e05e7ebeeb93de58b2cab0e1889f482accf26379396cfa84a57e375 [BSC}
0xcf62b212c22c85ba97a8039939ce1e49c8921baf5f6699f691f4982436cc3095 [BSC}
0xa1e872104fb2889d8a6d5e9d68cd13481b4df1fbe4e075def598b3eadcf7b4e1 [BSC}
0x68c0090b26246b728ad7ef9192f2a10fa39666956d6d907a2fd02437e3d1de87 [BSC}
0x25810d2066de839f1685eda67297cbc881329498f4fda694062237e55c9a081f [BSC}
0x615844252f2d36034a1976318c3a25620c1c7bac581818f1ecae8221f41e04dc [BSC}
0x3441657872493b3e020baec8eae9ae210f193abd453524cf8c6d0f5c90235da4 [BSC}

Pic related is the WB lawsuit starter.

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oh shit

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bros help me out here what the fuck is going on?

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all my years here have only shown me one thing, I have 0 reading comprehension
I can't read anything longer than 5 lines

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holy crap, anon are you VMU?

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okay prepare to get jannied

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VMU larp or irl fight just got real?

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i wish uncle murphy was my dad, someone like that would have clearly given me good financial advice

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Stop playing dumb. Tell Fred to pick up my calls and delete this shit now. I swear to god.

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i dont get it either

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Life's over for you man