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Ask yourselves the following:

Why is the Grayscale Chainlink Trust ticker trading at 3x the actual spot price of Chainlink? This would have to mean that institutions are willing to pay a 300% premium on the price to be able to "own" Chainlink in their traditional investment portfolios. What has them so desperate? What are they seeing?

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They're seeing that $44 is a low price because its worth thousands of dollars

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There is HUGE institutional demand for GLINK. Despite only having $4.3 million in assets under management, the Grayscale Chainlink Trust in reality has over $50 trillion (estimated) in dark shadow dollars of volume.

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Probably because they know that shit is a guaranteed 20x

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Because niggers and jews.

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It's an illiquid tiny OTC fund, GBTC is 4000x the size and was trading at a 50% discount last year

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It's been explained already in Chainlinkgod's Discord. We're not supposed to talk about it here.

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I don't have a LINK to that shit, what is it?

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You need to DM him on Twitter for the invite.

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>It's been explained already in Chainlinkgod's Discord
Sauce? Or at least qrd? I don't use discord.

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Go back to twitter niggers

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Just did. We chatted a bunch back in 2021 hopefully senpai remembers me.

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Never used twitter either. Apparently I'm missing out on some secret chat groups though.

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self custody is not easy
You need about
10 x computers and
100 USB sticks
4 nas
3 - 4 online storage systems
4 - 5 burner phones
multiple tradeing acounts
and not fuck it up.
Multiple fall back mechanisims

Plus you have to understand it all

The overhead of doing all of this is the premium

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Ok I get that custody is an expense, but is it really a 3x the value of the thing you're protecting expense?

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The purchase of glink is subject to approval and thus cannot be manipulated in price. It provides no value to public link.

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Come on, can you at least give a hint? Is it nothing? The glnk price has been multiples of the actual link price several times before in the middle of the bear market and link didn't budge.

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Are you all baiting or you really don't understand how funds work this is a share not a token it doesn't mean they can sell it for 1 link there's almost no premium. Or maybe it's just the new deceiving link marketing like the shit with Tesla seriously getting bad vibes from this new marketing à la chink shitcoin what goes up fast based on false premises goes down fats too

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Just send zach a dm bro it's not that fucking hard

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>The overhead of doing all of this is the premium

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You don't understand, I'd have to make a twitter account. I've never had social media before, I don't want to mess up my record man!

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volume is 6k or was a few days ago. no one is trading this so it's easy to pump

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pumped to what point and purpose, tho? who gains from this behavior?

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this glnk shit is retarded just look at that volume

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we're literally talking about blips of 100-500 link every couple of hours, I also wonder who's buying this but also people can afford to be retarded for 5000 dollars so it could well be some bullshit reason

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Who's buying it though?

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"institutions" have never bought a single link

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Dumbfucks. Probably retard boomers that saw Sergey on MSNBC, could even be bottomfeeder algos buying it based on crypto pumping

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20k link... All this discussion over a tiny fund.. it is literally nothing