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You still have time, anons.

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>high MC memecoin

can you explain what the purpose of this is

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Memecoins are just that, memes. Trying to turn one into something with utility kills them.

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Did doge or shib have a real purpose? Coins "for the lulz" do extremely well when you pick the right ones. This is a once in a cycle opportunity.

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still have time to loose money?

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>doge will never reach 0.01/0.05/0.50
>shiba will never moon
Here we go again. Can you tell us how big the total mc will be this time and how big/small the meme caps will be?

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Anon, don't put all your eggs in one basket. I have Kaspa, INJ, Link, Pepe and Pepe2. I'm quite comfortable.

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PEPE 100x

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Rather buy low MC with growth potential

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Wow I hate those webm