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This was ETH starting from $6 in 2017, it unironically went up to $1275.00 in one year.
What will be the financial implications when LINK does this in about a years time?
(i have noticed fuddies seeth extra, when such comparisons are made)

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I know this is faggoty cope. But man did eth maxis have it easy. Link holders have been through hell compared to that.

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>What are tokenomics?

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the seething has begun

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The implications are that my stack will be worth X*$1275 where X is my Link stack.

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I own LINK it's just OP picrel wont happen cause that would mean I'd become stinking rich.

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could at most go to $60 with a great bullrun similar to ETH and BTC

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You think I'm seething over something that happened 6-7 years ago? All I'm saying is eth never had the 2.5 year pain market we just went through after missing a fucking bull run. Linkies who made it this far are forged in bear fire.

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by the way, help an anon out. How can I stake LINK?

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100% almost as if there had to be a cleansing

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eth total supply roughly 100m
link total supply 1b
so under that logic a roughly equivalent run for link would bring it to something like $100?

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BAHAHAHAH only $100 pathetic

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link is bigger than eth tho

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swift is actually taking this live may 2024
1k is guaranteed 2024. link kicks off bullrun.
2026 blow off top 26k usd / link

screenshot this

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thats doesnt matter if Link holders hold 10 times as much, makes no difference

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I would be fine with that

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now ur talkin

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But all the holders left are retard normies now with laughabke stacks (see avocados and twitter and telegram link "community). So they cleaned the chuds out?

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>that FOMO feeling of wanting to put in 10k again in order to make it and then it inevitably gets rugged and goes down to 25 cents

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what is a laughable stack in terms of eth price? its all relative, i know chuds that sold 50k tokens 80k tokens at the bottom

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I have over 60k Link so I can confidently say you're talking shit. Now, seethe moar.

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I'd be happy with a 10x, something like that happening to me would break my brain.

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I think about that all the time. They were instantly rich as fuck. Meanwhile we might not even make it this next cycle. Genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 2030 before I am wealthy from LINK.

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Yeah and honestly we needed to get our egos checked a little bit. I don't think I was spiritually prepared to make it in 2021. Now I feel a lot more humbled and thankful for what I have whereas before it was all
>haha fuck you we gettin monay

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>forged in bear fire

Bullish news, -7%
New FUD, -5%
BTC rallies, -12%

Born in it. Molded by it. GOOD

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Same with early bitcoiners, it really didn't take long for them to go from $10 to $1k. Our road is longer and more difficult, but we'll win a lot bigger in the end when link becomes what it's supposed to be.

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Lot's of people lost fat stacks due to cefi and defi farming. Also weak hands sold

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If it hits $60 I can buy a 20 year old van to live in I’m so excited bros!

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Bancor, Celsius, FTX dumping clients holding LINK at market value created 2-3 years of downward pressure on the price. This is now over now.

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Not really, there are new people betting on and conspiring to keep link down next run, you just need to go to AAVE and see the link loans used to keep the price as low as possible. If you want to know their identities take a look at the smartcoon’s guests list, Sergey likes to invite people that keep the price down.

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Okay, I'm in. What's the suicide stack?

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>OP still doesnt understand market cap.

Fucking retard. i have been holding LINK for over 5 years now and even im not that deluded.

Eth went from 600 million market cap to 100B marketcap in 1 year.

If LINK went from $5 to $1000 in one year that would't be going from about $3 billion market cap to 600 BILLION in one year. that is absurd even by crypto standards

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The only thing you shit on harder than AAVE is the street.

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> verified CEX dumping client LINK holdings for 3 years
> conspiracy theory about Bulgarian mafia with billions in Bitcoin to suppress the price of an obsure altcoin with 7bn marketcap

Anon I ...

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>Says the paid advocate

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>may 2024
Where're you getting that from?

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What happens when 80% of that link is staked you fucking retard

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you guys are so stupid.

im all in link but lets get real here. link is years maybe a decade away from mass adoption

we are barely on staking v0.2 ffs


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What do you mean theory? Nexo bulgarians were shorting link, there was even an anon that found out the company fudding link hard on twitter, Zeus capital or something was really nexo.

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careful dishing out retard and words like that when you still dont understand market cap after 5 years. did you finish highschool?

There are no ifs and buts on this shit. that is nothing but your own irrelevant subjective logic. you are working on subjectivity.
If you want to go down that route, you HAVE to include derivatives into LINKs marketcap, which will vastly bloat it. it is NOT the way it is done.

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Lol this is the fud now

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Market cap is calculated by multiplying circulating supply by token price. If the circulating supply is reduced by 80%, the market cap is reduced by 80%, all else being equal.
No matter what, the circulating supply of LINK will be reduced because of staking. I believe it will be reduced drastically in time. Therefore I believe the market cap will be less than your estimation, which SUBJECTIVELY ASSUMES that it necessarily will be $600B. So why don’t you heed your own dogshit advice, you fucking retard.

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>No matter what, the circulating supply of LINK will be reduced because of staking

Meanwhile in reality it's only been growing. Two more weeks linkies, the dumps will stop and staking will begin soon!

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Jesus. five fucking years and you still cannot understand one of the most basic concepts of investing: Marketcap.

I'm weeping right now.

One effects the marketcap, one does not. My fucking god you retards are hard to deal with.

I'm hoping LINK hits $200 or so within next couple years, and $1000 eventually. you, on the other hand, are a fucking dropout who doesnt understand anything Objective because you are uneducated, and rely solely on your own little perverted subjective views of things and act like they are objective.

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I regret reading this, so much incorrect info contained in a single post

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same here anon my bags are packed. and I think link has a much better case for further expansion past that mcap than eth does. because sure it's the king shitcoin but it has so many competitors and more importantly competition is incentivized, wheras link not only has no competition but also everyone is incentivized to pick the most established option because with oracles scale = security

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You’re making the retarded assumption the the upcoming bull market operates the same as previous. Institutions are here. Actual network utility and value transfer flowing through DONs are coming. Start looking at the bigger picture and understand why LINK‘s market so means fucking nothing at this stage

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>Institutions are here
These “institutions”. Who are they and how will they pump link’s price, if I may ask? Chainlink labs doesn’t share revenue info, holder’s info, or any info really, so it’s interesting that you’d say that. Are you perhaps, speculating? Hopium, much?

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the FUD goalposts have been moved off the fuckin field at this point.

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Market cap is just a vanity metric, you cant get rich off MC, you cant make money off MC.
why should token supply multiplied by price have any importance at all in an ethereal asset such as crypto, commodities and stock sure theyre tangible, i dont see why LINK cant get to 1 trillion MC, all that matters is Liquidity and theres more than enough to get it there

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There is no reason LINK cant get to 1 trillion MC. i just said it happening in a single year is absurd even by crypto standards

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Eth didn't having staking when it's golden run started. Link will be locked up, and link is universal gas for a much expanded ecosystem. I don't think people realize how much this is going to impact supply and demand(tokens locked in nodes, link being used one way or another for CCIP jobs).

This goes without mentioning Sergey has embedded Link in the heart and mind of tradfi, besides seizing on narratives like IoT, internet of contracts, etc... Sergey is far more competent than Vitalik.

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When is this golden run starting and how much link is currently locked up in staking?

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Currently 2.25% of the total 1 billion link is locked in staking. They said by the end of the year they will expand staking so about 4.5$% will be locked. I know that doesn't sound like much, but as they keep opening more room for staking, it all just gets staked in a matter of hours. Before you know it a considerable amount of all link will be staked. Sorry for the esl post, I'm getting really tired.

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I know it's a meme to say "market cap is a meme" but market cap is a meme

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We're not seething over the fucking price increase and not holding retard. We're fucking seething because we've held for years and never even broke $100

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Nobody here is seething except the desperate fuddies

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as long as racist frog posting nazis from 4chan keep buying, humanity will make it

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at 1275$ ETH cap is 153B
at 1275$ LINK cap is 708B
search difference....

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at 6$ eth CAP was 720 million...
at 6$ link cap is 3,3 Billion

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>Link should be in the top 3 investors are irrational
Also linkies
>market cap doesn't mean anything

So which is it then?

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it's different this time

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I won't listen to any retard who puts $ preceding the price

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Found this old screenshot from 2018 which i thought other OGs would enjoy
Are any of you even still here
How we holding up
Feel cold unfort
Don't post here anymore

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(kys genyuinely)

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But we are steaking already

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Fuck, you are one black gorilla nigger, you ever think about cutting off your hands and selling your computer? You should.

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I remember when i first heard the words "market cap" too.

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icos were basically staking when you think about how much of the supply they held captive

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ADA has a shit ton of it's coin staked. Way more than LINK. And it's still #8

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normies will seethe

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ethtards did have it easier in many ways but they had a severe crisis (the dao hack) which chainlink never had
that event took out many early bagholders
the chainlink hold is more about fighting the feeling you're going crazy that the market is taking so long to catch up
it's also easier for link holders as we've seen the eth blueprint before us
for ethtards there was nothing really to compare to

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>it's different this time
Kekking around but not really
If the thesis really orbits around the entire dynamics of the market and human greed changing to the point the basic laws of physics will/must change to accommodate price targets, it comes off Rippley. The same narrative was tried and failed in 2021. Fundamentals were here to stay, the king has arrived, regulation is around the corner, kingmade, etc etc. It didn't really pan out. LINK would do nothing but well with pumpamentals, hypeamentals, to flog off with its fundamentals.

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Ty anon
I have folders full of this shit kek

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It seems crazy, but the total crypto mc was at $3T at its height, 700B would be literally barely over 20% of the market

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if BTC have 40-45% of total market, i think 700/3B for link is too high

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Oh how the board sentiment has changed in the blink of an eye. Picrel is the June picobottom. We did it bros we fucking did it.

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LINK won't do shit, the altcoin I feel might do this is QANX

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I come here just to read things no Linkers post. It always cheers me up. Thanks retards

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>when half of the worlds gold supply is locked up in some super bunker on Mars, the rest of the gold will be worth less

I hate crypto so much

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Even if it "only" hits $200 in a year or so it will still be lifechanging for me.

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Lost 19k link during this. It broke me for months, still hurts a little, sometimes a lot and I am overcome by a crushing and almost overwhelming urge to go postal

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please share about 10 more, thanks anon

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ANZ Bank for one

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Dumbass. How many you have now?

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Anons here were always clear on not using defi farming scams or swing trading, you guys got impatient and greedy, all you had to do was wait for staking.

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Common one but still my fav

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wait is it possible that sergey himself posted here during the early beginning ?

he has the philosophical background to argue with Hobbes as spiritual vision

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thought it would be about some other Hobbes desu

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You've been holding Link for 5 years and still don't understand the tokenomics or what it is...

You're fucking retarded.

Link will touch $1k this golden bull.

t. Bitcoin OG already made it, but bought a fat stack of Link Day 1.

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I dont think $1k is unreasonable, isn't 600bn market cap just the same as ETH at its peak? LINK is more important than ETH by a mile. I'm pretty sure it's now clear we are right and everyone else is wrong about link.

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just buy what you can dude. This is equivalent to buying the BTC at $10

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> muh marketcap!!!
> 600B is too big!!!

You bloody imbecile what the fuck do you think you're investing in?

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thanks for the shill but ill be buying back when it flash crashes to $3
>t. oldfag who saw CZ buy link for 1 cent

>> No.56593965

>after missing a fucking bull run
link missed 2 bullruns, not one. the 2017 one and the last one. fuck off newfag.

>> No.56593980

ETH's market cap was much lower than LINK's at that price. $125 is a more realistic top-tick price for LINK.

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I am not bullish, I am beyond bearish.
Chainlink is a globohomo shitcoin of the highest order and is going straight to zero.
Your days of shitting up biz with this astroturfed psyop are over. You've been found guilty of using DARPA bots, paid shills and sybil attacks to push the WEF agendas and for that you will pay with your miserable life.
All the shills and bagholders will be financially EXTERMINATED and there is nothing you can do about it except watch in horror as it all comes tumbling down. The ride ends here for you linkies, the game is over for you soon.

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The real question is how can I, as a UK citizen, avoid paying any tax whatsoever on the profits if LINK were to reach these numbers? Can I set up a PLC abroad like politicians do and remain in this country or do I have to think about leaving the country and living abroad?

Fuck this country, I wouldn't give them the steam off my piss.

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I'm aware, gaywad

>> No.56594161

Same position, I'd just bounce if I were you.

>> No.56594167

Ok but why do they need LINK token to do this?

>> No.56594170

>the current year
>people still arguing about price vs. market cap

>> No.56594197

>$0.15 to $1.50 is missing the bull run
>$2 to $52 is missing the bull run

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An L2 won't bypass Eth's price.

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Same position. Not opposed to moving abroad but cba trying to chat up girls in a foreign language. Kinda want to spend some time in london where my wagie friends still are.

>> No.56594213

someone disagreeing with you is not seething. Grow up. >>56590975 is correct, $100 would be the equivalent. That's just a fact

when it comes to the CL team, this word doesn't mean what you're implying

early BTC holders arguably had the most difficult path of anyone. Completely uncharted waters. Multiple crashes, just trying to wrap your head around what a wallet is, etc. Biz wasn't a thing, you needed to have stumbled across it on early internet forums or IRC channels.

you need to let this one guy. It's like a company in 2023 still blaming covid for lack of performance

embarrassing lack of understanding

>Institutions are here
we've heard that before. Please take some profits this bull and don't round trip

>> No.56594232

Well yeah but in 2021 it peaked in May whereas most of the rest of the market had another ath run up in December, some stuff went much higher in December

>> No.56594296

True, but mass adoption means 10k/link bare minimum.
However, those of us with 10k+ stacks will have made it long before then

>> No.56594425

When ETH ran from single digits to $1400 between 2016/17 the total circulating supply increased from 85M to 100M, inflating the total supply by 18%. There are 557M LINK in circulation now, and if it were to inflate similarly it'd increase to 655M LINK. If LINK were to have a proportionate run to ETH we'd see over $200 LINK.

>> No.56594993

so.. if I have 1000 link
and not much else, I'm fine?

>> No.56595022

ETH had ICO mania with insane buy pressure on every dip. LINK has nothing.... Using an old chart and saying muh coin will do the same is not how trading works, fren.

>> No.56595401

holding same bag since 2017

only regret is not buying more...

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Do I buy more rn?

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considering how high other coins were going it was as if chainlink was standing still. hopefully "its different this time" but im glad i had a more diverse portfolio during the last run unlike most other holders because i remembered how badly it performed during the 2017 run. you have tunnel vision.

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>early BTC holders arguably had the most difficult path of anyone. Completely uncharted waters. Multiple crashes, just trying to wrap your head around what a wallet is, etc.
yeah, its as if for chainlink a lot of people know it will go up so they are extending the time period for holding.

>> No.56595650

just pay your taxes chud, those migrants aren't going to house themselves

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How about, no.

>> No.56597076

does the gold generate passive income, thus highly disincentivizing taking it out of the vault and back into circulation?

>> No.56597121

you're an idiot kek

>> No.56597132

sure, why not

>> No.56597143

>it missed the bull runs
>ok actually it didn't but

>> No.56597159

why didn't you buy when it was 6??

>> No.56597341

>10x in 2017 bullrun
>15x in 2021 bullrun
you realize these are incredibly low gains in the peak of the bullrun? most coins pulled a 100x. you must be new or delusional i cant tell

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i guess in your world a 10x is better then a 100x. i aint gunna argue with a retard, have fun.

>> No.56597605

>muh supply
The market doesn't care
People want in the pool when it reopens
And every pool going forward
It's literally the only crypto project, besides Bitcoin, with unfuddable tokenomics

>> No.56597887

I did… been DCA-ing for years

>> No.56597912

People have no idea how cheap link is right now. It will change the world.

>> No.56597977


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95% of those posts are link holders fudding to keep (you) out

>> No.56598928


>> No.56599882

Based on this reply I assume he has less than 100 link and is desperately deluding himself from all reality.

>> No.56600226

hello stinl online marketing team, nobody is buying your worthless premined vc-funded centralized sgitcoin

>> No.56600450

I firmly believe LINK is on its ETH run right now. It'll make it to four figs but I wonder how true the $10k meme was from 2017. I just want to never have to work again, own land, and support my senpai.

realistically, how much LINK is needed for that?

>> No.56600496

this right here. if I had made it in 2021 I might not have any money right now. might sound like cope but if I make it this next bullrun I have a plan now, and know exactly what to do. plus will take a little more profit here and there versus the "diamond hands" meme

>> No.56600519

$81,000 by 2026 is not a meme

>> No.56600529

no retrace for a solid month?

>> No.56601660

Don't sell, they can't tax your capital gains until you sell. Staking is another story though as it counts as 'income' so falls under income tax. You can leave but desu the UK is still a lot nicer to live in than some tax haven.

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File: 3.55 MB, 472x588, ppt.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]