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Can you still make it DCAing for another year? Is everything too high now?

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This is what I'm wondering too I did not deploy enough of my cash. Kinda thinking I just fomo in. Btc is gonna correct like what at most if it does, 20%?

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Depends on what you're DCAing on OP.

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Yeah I got 1 Bitcoin and about 50k in crypto altogether but it's not enough

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Probably Bitcoin and alt or 2 and a low cap

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Why the fuck would I tell you what to DCA into? That gives me less time to DCA myself
Also daily reminder cosmos is giga jewish, and jews are Le Bad

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I didn't ask that my low IQ friend

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Agreed, buying cosmos is for retards. Do not do this sirs

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You'll probably have enough time, not a whole year tho, but enough if you exit properly when the time comes
kek I believe you, they recently partnered with Avalanche, and Ava Labs is definitely on to something with TradFi