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1000 LINK
Fuck niggers.

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1000 LINK so I can sell it for BTC

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I would pay like $20+ if it meant I didn't have to sit through an awkward dinner with someone I don't know/care about

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"Hawaiian sofie fame"
Look it up, "Jay-Z" stole his name from the rapper Jaz who he was a backup dancer for.
He made his fortune literally taking it up the ass by jews.

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he probably wouldnt tell me anything important because im white, so the link

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This faggot would probably try to drugs and rape you all those high level rappers are gay as fuck

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dinner with sirgay

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>reddit celebrity or shitcoin
I'd pick the shitcoin and then kill you when we met in person, thus saving /biz/ forever

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He would want butt sex from you like Aleister Crowley would, wouldn't he?

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dont threaten me im not giving you a single link

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Ok but dinner or link?

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100 link

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>Jay Z
i would rap battle with him, have my road dawg record it and put this fool on blast on MTV2

>h to the izzo
>v to the izzay
>my linkies, no stinkies
>thanks to sergizzay

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1000 link will buy 1000 dinners with jayz

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Why does biz keep asking this question when they know the answer obviously, this dinner ain't gonna do shit, give me the LINK in its numbers, if I ain't a fan I can sell off for ETH or better still get into BOBNET Presale on the 10th of this month, simple as that.

An alpha that I'm going to make 100x on with lots of benefits in it

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i want to visit sbf in jail and ask him why did he move that money from ftx to alameda
it was a dumb move

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1000 LINK
Even just 1 LINK.

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Dinner with JZ or 1 link?

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fine I'll pay the 1000 link but never threaten me with niggers again

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nigger faggot

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this, unironically

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With the information I could gain from asking Jay Z for advice about my business, I could make much more than the 5000 dollars required to buy 1k link.

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Dinner with Link

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Lol at thinking that nigger is some genius businessman. Guy lends his name and let’s real businessmen do the work. Guy even said “I’m it a businessman I’m a business maaannn” . Not trying to be funny or clever he meant it literally. And others run that biz. He can talk on and on in front of a camera it doesn’t matter. He’s a rapper that reached the top nothing more.

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I've got 99 problems, but dinner with Jay Z aint one

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This is true for anyone with power or wealth...Do you think Musk is coding and engineering all the shit he doesnt even deliver on?

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Agreed. But musk has 1000x this business acumen of jay z.