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does wealth really change people??
tb-h idk if I could stay humble after making it

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Bragging about making a bunch of money from being a loser is full display that all you have is money and pride
Go to church, repent

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>glowing blue light

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you mean IF you make it
right now ur a broke ass bitch

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>does wealth really change people??
no, it just reveals what kind of person you really were all along since you just didn't have the ability to live according to your true self/desires before

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why is this ugly old faggot still being spammed here? its been weeks why isnt this poster permabanned yet?

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I'm pretty sure schizo woods anon has been tentposting for over a year

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he cannot be stopped

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I have mid six figures in GBP lil bro
my aspiration is at least 8 figures

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ur poor

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I know bro you don't need to remind me

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>does wealth really change people??

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again queer stop posting this ugly old faggot its avatar posting at this point and personally im sick of you posting ugly homos constantly for weeks months whatever. you should be permabanned

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>this man is a parasite who steals other people's videos and plasters himself in the corner of them

how is that a good comeback?

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>again queer stop posting this ugly old faggot its avatar posting at this point and personally im sick of you posting ugly homos constantly for weeks months whatever. you should be permabanned

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In my experience wealth changes the people around you more than it changes you. I could elaborate, but the short takeaway is that if you are responsible and mature enough to build any meaningful wealth, the real trick becomes keeping an eye on the people around you and very quickly removing the ones that make your skin start to crawl.

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another underage mental manchild shitposting and dragging down the quality of the site. permabans would clean these retards up real quick.

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>you should be permabanned

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they just change IPs. accept the site isnt coming back and if you see an ugly brown retard get off the internet or go somewhere that requires accounts so you can be sure youre only seeing white content

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I'll be there too. Italians figured out how to make free email accounts. Death is his only option

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youre boring

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what causes a 50yr old man to act like a faggot retard? god knows you have no female in your life and persue cock instead. but what causes a supposed grown adult to act like such a pathetic child mentally and to constantly spam his ugly homo face here when he knows nobody but him and homos want to see it? its such strange behavior and is obviously mental illness and strange desire to get you(s) and attention cuz he doesnt get it enough irl and offline. such strange sad pathetic homosexual behavior. and you have a 2 inch cock queer stop larping. always larping grooming with you homosexuals.

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Good news fren. Mr boring isn't on reddit. Ready to go back?

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>faggot retard? persue cock instead. ugly homo homos want to see strange desire homosexual behavior. 2 inch cock queer always larping grooming with you homosexuals

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This guy REALLY hates JBL

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But you came from there newfag. You go back. Don’t come here with your reddit ban and come shit up this place, pablo

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imagine getting this assblasted by homeless tent guy he has been posting here for longer than you it seems if you think he just started so just shut your newfag reddit mouth and stop sperging out

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Not entirely sure, but i'm fairly certain that this guy is legit homeless..

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>he fell for the long con to get DBI marines to sell their bags before the moon mission

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He should be in jail with all the other 4chan retards sucking dick

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Gluttony. Worthless Zoomers reach up to assholes like this for gibs, as well as Mr. Beast. After the depression, we will look back at things like this and say,

>How could we not see the top?

"Nigger Rich Gluttons" (as I call them) cast mere pennies to their braindead Zoomer Simps, who were raised on streaming devices in the crib. They hopelessly fight to gain an audience with the Nigger Rich Glutton. Then the glutton fills a house with slime or drops a private jet in the middle of the forest. Much like Nigger Rich Cryptos, I hope they get shot / robbed. After the depression comes, they will look back at how much they wasted for "views".

Hike more, Jerome.

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Yet you post here, Zoomie. Stop projecting m8

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Well done anons, we drove another batch of reddit trannies to suicide. Until next time frens

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>permabans would clean these retards up real quick.

>me: *gets permabanned*
>also me: *resets my router and clears cookies, is back to shitposting 5 minutes later*
get fucked, kiddo

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>normalfags HATE him
>watch how one simple trick causes trannys to rope

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i'll post whatever the fuck I want queer. so many of you internet tough queers behind a mobile phone screen and barely able to grow a beard or facial hair. drop your nuts sissypussy
he's also extremely mentally ill. you can tell from his posts and how he has homo meltdowns if you dont wanna see his ugly queer old man face. dude needs to get a job and a place to stay and spend less time fag posting on the web.
cute assuming my age range and assuming im projecting. go be a homo old man defending queer somewhere else nancybitch. fags
than range ban these faggots til they stop fagging up the boards with their constant fag grooming and pedo behavior.
the only good homo groomer is a dead homo groomer and old man queer is a homo groomer for sure.

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Didn't read

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>i'll post whatever the fuck I want queer.
So will I and it just so happens that I like posting things that piss off retards like you so get used to it

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*Thumbs up emoji* cool story bro

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posting a weight lifter isnt going to piss me off. posting homo old men is great for shit posting cuz he's a retarded old man homo that thinks he's wanted here. fun to shit post his faggot ass and watch him sperg out like a child.
why you keep defending him? you an old man faggot luster? another queer out of the queer containment board >>>/lgbt/ where you belong

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>more buttblasted rambling
keep it coming kek. that schizo has been here way longer than you and he'll be around long after your newfaggot ass fucks off back to r*ddit

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I changed after becoming wealthy, sure, and I'm in my late 20s now. You start to realize how much of online space, including basically all social media, mainstream advertising, etc. is catered to poor people.

Virtually everything you see online related to money is about either how young generations are poor (boohoo), things were harder when people were younger (because they grew up poor), or something-something can be done cheaply and easily using some household objects (that are on sale). It actually does get tiresome because most mainstream everything is like this in one way or another. And most people in the real world are either online constantly or just busy working.

The biggest challenge has been navigating how to keep my kid from being spoiled but also not letting him get sucked into all that nonsense. In some sense I want him to know he is from a relatively wealthy family and to be proud of that, so that's been tricky.

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t. landlord

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he was a real good addition to our DBI generals. A real human bean and a real hero

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This is now a snake thread
Did wealth change me? You bet your poorfag ass it did

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See? Thread died. I did it for you guys

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Shit. And I wanted to hear someone else's take on this:

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As long as your son isn't a total retard, then he will eventually figure out on his own how his family's wealth compares to that of other families around him. It's not something that you need to go out of your way to drill into him.
If you're seeing a lot of ads/media catered to poorfags, then it's your fault for watching a bunch of poorfag media instead of living like a rich person. These shows/commercials/videos don't cater to rich people because that's not their target audience. That's because rich people tend to actually go out and do real shit instead of just sitting around browsing the internet and watching TV all day. That's stuff that literally any poorfag can do, and they're way more numerous than rich people, so of course they will dominate those spaces.

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yes, wealth and more generally power, which it grants, fundamentally changes you and that's a good thing
disregard anyone who says it "reveals" as they are all coping poorfags