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hi just discovered crypto today

is this good or dogshit

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still better than 99% of the market, cos crypto market is mostly dogshit

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its an anus wo dapps

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this is the creator of your prospective token in a video he made for twitter (now taken down) engaging in more e-begging

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Their strongest shilling point it's based upon 'muh academic fundamentals' but the truth is that they have nothing built (they barely got smart contracts last year), and its ecosystem is rather vaporware and whitepapers, nothing tangible.
Picrel is what you're looking for if you're into the most academic part of crypto, but with an actual working product.

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he looks trustworthy desu

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All I know is to buy bitcoin

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It’s tech isn’t the best. Might have a place in the future financial industry despite that. Look for strong tech that also has regulatory clarity and massive industry onboarding (xrp and link for sure, maybe btc and eth despite both having awful tech)

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DOT has the best regulatory clarity outside BTC and ETH.

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No it doesn’t. Ripple and Chainlink and explicitly working with swift and central banks. XRP is the only coin labeled not a security in the United States. DOT isn’t good tech either.

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DOT is also not labeled a security. Working with central banks is actually bad, and DOT tech is years past the likes of ADA and XRP.