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Holding Cardano and staking my ADA is the comfiest I've ever been holding any coin.

Just from that fact alone, I know Cardano is going to pump hard. Nobody wants to sell their bags.

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where do you stake it anon?

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lol Crapdano. Imagine inveesting in Crapdano dino coin over LINK

LOL failed the IQ test

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Any stakepool. Cardano Chads are also going to get airdropped DUST tokens pretty soon too.

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what's a good stakepool? never staked before, i'm a noob ser

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Can anyone explain what cardona is good for?

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Making money. It is so easy. Buy now and sell the top of this cycle. Wait for a 90% drop and repeat for next cycle.

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>staking a coin that gives lower apr% than any coin in existence
Lmao. Lmfao even

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It's good for liquidating shorts with scam wicks on bitmex. The coin stays in contango and fucking rekts anyone who shorts it. The spot has no liquidity though so if you wanted to sell ADA bags, well, you're fucked.

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>staking my ADA
you're not staking, you're just delegating.

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You are coping
Verification not required.

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Staking Caradon just barely negates the coin inflation.
It's like holding ETH without staking it.

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Does this thing even have any working dapps yet, it's a POS to the nth degree nobody even codes in haskell

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Not really, all cardano dapps require off chain processing because of haskell spaghetti code. They also tried releasing stablecoins but they've been depegged since inception. Overall the chain has been a massive failure

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euxto not haskell is the limiting factor. iUSD is working fine

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>iUSD is working fine
Is that why only 1479 people hold it?