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>Start completely fudding all the other shitcoins
>Reject all forms of pepe posting and pepe memes (heresy)
>Instead of expecting 200 different shitcoins to moon, boicot them all so only one of them remains
>Take advantage of the fact that internet nostalgia is at an all-time high and people remember ragecomics fondly
>Make Trollface relevant again by making it moon
>We all make it together
U Jelly bluechip baggies?

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I see i see

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I don't think we realistically could pull another pepe or toad habbening, the market is too volatile rn

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hey if anyone actually made a locked up project and distributed the tokenomics to make sure no whale could dump over 10% of the total price out of nowhere we could actually group together and make a strong shitcoin, thing is, they always rug

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It's all worthless anyway, we're all doomed

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>true locked up
Nope, not happening. That's shitcoin understanding 101, if you want to make money, you can't lock up. Otherwise you always end up with a bleeding token (think pvu or the shitty nft games like that )

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I say we do it OP, what's the worst that could happen?

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>Trollface relevant again
is this thing still alive???

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always has been

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>the market is too volatile rn
is extremely volatile, imagine you can now grab a coin with a toaster logo and call it a day lmfao

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I've seen this same phrase floating around in other threads and i don't get it. How can we be beyond 30k, after surviving one of the biggest dumps, the ftx fiasco and the feds fucking things up and you motherfuckers still say the market is "too volatile". No? It's not, it's actually lacking any new projects to bring more cash from outside, but it's not "volatile"

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Is this the presale scam that already looks dead as fuck and has 3/3 taxes to the dev? Kek

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We're barely touching 35 and already everything comes back to life wtf

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shit that only lasts 1 month is never going to be lacking
that's what makes bulls moments fun

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Release me brothers, I'm still trapped with a weird amalgam with a troll face

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I'm going to put a toast with cheese in the corner of my room
check if it gets to you so you can have something to eat

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I'm not gonna sugar coat it, I'm tired bros, even with bull market I'll never gonna make it

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>trolling until you get rich

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Whenever degens and normies get together again to chose a single project like they did with GameStop and Doge, we will see new ruler this coming bull

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Well i say fuck all of them shitcoins. Let's all jump in to the trollface market and make it big. Im talking big ass fundings for everyone. If we actually gather all the useful memes from the market we can recreate what happened to PEPE.

Im saying we go raid $TROLL's presale https://www.trollfaceth.com/ Let's make both baggies and jannies seethe at the same time

>hurr durr muh village

el problemo?

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Here we go again

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Look OP i get what you're trying to do, really. But joining forces with all the different degens of biz is harder than trying to make the left stay united or the right not retarded. It's just not feasible

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God fucking damnit

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guys just... just get a job okay? make some honest money, stop this, you're not 15 anymore this isn't charming anymore

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All im saying is that krabz is still proftiable yk

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Okay you got it op, im putting all of my money into trollface, im doing it, let's troll together. This will be "trolltastic"

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Let's be real here, there is no way in hell we make it past this upcoming crab market if we don't join forces. I've seen this board revive presales and generate waves in the whole fucking crypto market and we just don't do it again because we don't want to.
Imagine if we could replicate pepe but this time we all make it boys? Aren't you all tired of the near-suicidal threads that repeat every single fucking day? the linkies seething for just 1 more cent of money in their folios? What if we just did a little bit of trolling?

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I'd better stay in the backrooms

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As an infamous videogame would say...
Legends never die.

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It's not a funny frog
It's not uhhhh that "thing"
It's fucking trollface dude, I dig it

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Who am i kidding i'll take anything at this point

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I can do it, but I would take a small % of the supply so I can make some money. 1 bil token supply in total, I'd take ... 1%?

No rugs no bullshit, I can write it in such a way that snipers will have a harder time getting in at the start (snipers and bots are a problem in general)

Essentially we would get an initial (we can decide how long) N day period in which supply will be unlocked so then you would have to pile in at that time

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We need a full twitter campaign though, telegram, website.

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This actually makes me remember the first time DOGE hit the media and suddendly everyone was buying it. It was a blast seeing people come here from everywhere thinking it was actually a sane forum while we scared them from the maximum schizofrenia. It was a blast

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>Be me
>Wanting to do a little trolling
>Buy some $TROLL using my ex boyfriend's credit card
>Steal like $2k from his bank account
>All worth on pure $TROLL
>Wait it's pumping
>Buy more $TROLL, this time using my own money
>It pumps
>My ex boyfriend notices his bank balance
>He loses his head
>He starts raiding me with messages
>I told him that I have no idea what the fuck he's talking about and block him
>Sue him for harrasment
>Burn him all over social media
>He goes to jail
>$TROLL is still pumping

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read what op posted, he's already in other token

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It was thanks to Elon tho

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Don't forget about plebbit and discord. Also buying ads for biz would help a lot. We could make it work

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You did WHAT?

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Ok, so he's just shilling his own shitcoin in a smart way. OP is a faggot as always

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I mean....

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You laugh but some bitches actually do this shit

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>ex boyfriend's credit

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Her boyfriend could easily be me having in mind my psychotic exes

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Holy shit this might be a thing then o.o

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I once received a letter to an interstate trial for sexual harassment of a girl i hadn't seen in two years. We did bang but she said i raped her even tho there was no physical evidence other than the fact that her friends saw me paying for her drinks.
She lost, of course. But i had to pay a lot for a good lawyer. Sometimes it keeps me up at night, thinking my life could've ended then and there

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Don't forget fake

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why was it interstate?

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>her friends saw you
holy fuck you actually got lucky there bro, that alone could've ruined your life

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Imagine if you got one of those pro bono who can't spell for shit and don't do anything to represent you properly. Imagine

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Ok i just scoured trough the data and the team behind this is actually retarded because they have no real backing whatsoever. No real whales, no chance to rug, nothing at all. At the rate they're going the presale is going to die.
Imma buy this shit, probs 25k or so and insta rug once it launches. Let's do it bros, let's make it but fuck the devs

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>green id
nice digits btw

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Meh, as long as we get to make money

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I have one better. I was a manager for a home improvement company in Virginia. In the early 2010s, I was running an office. I ran an office with 20+ employees, a few of which were gay kids (19-22-ish?) I came into my office to start getting my day prepared when I got a call from the owner. He was flipping out on me on the phone WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON OVER THERE! I was clueless. He's never spoken to me that way before, and we had a pretty good relationship. I was told to get to the corporate office immediately. I go in and I'm immediately met by the owner and the VPN, cursing me out and telling me to go to HR. Still no idea. When I met with her, that's when it all hits. I was being accused of sexual harassment by one of the gay kids. Explains to me that this kid says I groped him in our van, forced him to kiss me, and he was quitting and suing me and the company. He claimed it had been going on for a few months. Blindsided doesn't even begin to describe. What NO ONE knew however, was one of my mentors, a few years prior to me taking on a management role, told me that the best thing I can do for myself as a manager, is to keep a detailed notebook of every shift we have. Keeping track of everything, regardless of however mundane it may be, will only help me in my career. He delayed this to me more in the sense of tracking results, performance, things that were said by employees and notes from bosses. So I did. And within these notes, were these things I was being accused of, only that they were being attempted on ME, by HIM. The quick little pats on my ass, attempts to give me a kiss, things like that. So I kept track of them. I kept track of the conversations my employees had with me when THEY noticed this. I informed the kids boyfriend what was going on, and that if he didn't get him under control, I'd need to let him go. The very next day is when this accusation came in against me.

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Knowing all of this shit, I let HR know that it was in fact not what was happening and that I had this notebook. She gave me a couple hours to get it and bring it back. I did. In it were months upon months of notes, no way for me to magically write this all out to cover my own ass. The kid drops the charges, AND, in the most face-palming move EVER, he asks to stay employed IN MY OFFICE. like, WTF?
>got saved by my schizo mentor who taught me to keep a record of every little thing that happened here

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Please tell me you fired his ass

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Looks like I ended up trolling biz as well lololololol

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>gay kids as employees
yeah it checks out

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Talking about the gays, without saying faggot or tranny in any sentences. ON MY BIZ BOARD? The west has officially fallen. Billions must die

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Unironically bullish idea, i'll see if i can follow along

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Bastards are actually buying this? KEK
Ok if you're in, I'm in

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I don't know about you guys, but that trollface next to the ETH icon is pretty uncanny

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Uncanny? More like foreshadowing

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Bitch you deserve to be in jail

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keep 4chan away from these niggers, they're so easily influentiable

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same people who made dgebnk round 2

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Idk man it seems slurpable

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So last cycle I did pretty well buying tokens from devs who already had successful projects under their belt. Made a lot off spell pretty quickly because of that.

Anyway in a completely unrelated note I’m putting a little bit into the Troll presale. Just cause I’m feeling lucky. No other reason.

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69 posts, 7 hours, and zero eth in buys since you started shilling on /biz/, good job guys

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They literally made a round two?
Fuck man biz is so fucking naive

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It's not trollface it's coolface you fucking newfag