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>Tfw being a comfy NEET isnt comfy anymore

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Imagine wasting your youth away at college studying for 10 years being a doctor.

I'm about to retire and I've never studied or worked hard in my life.

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wtf I was supposed to be comfy I thought wagies were losers

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What coins?

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All these dumbasses have to do is get some shit wagie job.

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I'm also 29 and a neet but I have $100k in crypto and I'm in India so I'm basically balling. Hope that anon finds link and makes it

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Fuck I forgot /biz/ was full of retired fang employees and crypto gorillionaires.

No larpers here

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where are you reading these iphoneposter

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Ballin' pajeet, get that cash

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You know it ser! ;)

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I just want to enjoy the NEET suffering with you man

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wagies don't even leave suicide notes though because they're so tired from work. there are dissatisfied people everywhere. if neet life is horrible to you, it is your problem, and there is literally nothing stopping you from doing something to change it, you literally have 24 hours of free time every day if you're a neet.

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It's never too late to start trying.

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Just start trying today.
Even if it takes 6 months to get a minimum wage job at a place that lies to you 24/7, you must take what you can get.

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Accept that there is things that you don't know, and spend time learning those things.

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Parents of children who commit suicide probably carry more shame and guilt than any type of person I could imagine. Imagine trying to make yourself a martyr on their behalf lol

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lol white males are so pressured to make something of themselves because being a white male is stereotypically thought of as a status symbol. now that white males are becoming disillusioned by ESG culture, they don't know how to adapt with other sexes and minorities or refuse to because they're too ashamed of themselves to begin with. mucho pathos

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I had a classmate in college who killed himself because he thought he was not going to make it into med school. He was a very kind and polite dude. Fuck normies and their expectations. Fuck ur status chasing expectations. This is all ive to say. My family is not proud of what i do for a living but i make more and have more than all of them. I dont care. Its nothing illegal tho. I want to make it just so that i can be a neet.

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That's really sad anon. I would have been his fren, from the sounds of it.

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>get a response from a business regarding a potential job
>send them an email
>no response
>send them several more emails asking for times
>no response
>go to sleep on friday
>wake up on saturday (now)
>see that they finally responded to me detailing the times they can le talk
Given their track record I'm expecting that they just fucking disappear again and never reply. Why do women have so much trouble checking their email, when their job is literally checking email?
>being a neet isn't comfy
If my portfolio finally goes to where it needs to be I will be a neet for the rest of the 2020s.

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If his parents are so ashamed why don't they get him a car and a job and push him into grad school? All these scummy boomers complain their kid isn't succeeding as an adult- look at their investment into him and 9/10 times it's because they expect him to just spontaneously get a job from the job store and money to grow on trees for him.

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30yo NEET
Already own a home
Never worked in my life (selling shit on ebay and amazon doesn't count as working)
Spent just 1year and half at college (dropout)
$120k worth of Efferiums

Feels god shitposting all day until late night and going to sleep when i hear wagies walking going to slave for Mr sheckelberg

I'm free

I don't care if you have a $300k codemonkey larp job, you're still a wageslave

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I'm in my late 20s and I make great money as a software engineer, have my own apartment, car, completely self-sufficient, but my father still gets pissed if I don't hang out with him and that I don't give him grandchildren.

Trying to live for your parent's expectations is the dumbest motivator possible. Their expectations of you are just a vanity need of their own. If you're a loser and don't want to be, by all means do what you need to do to be happy. But living for your family's expectations is just feeding into someone else's anxieties

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>Has friends


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Why would you not want to unburden your parents from always having to worry about you? I don't see the problem with anon feeling shame about letting his parents down. If ur parents raised you wouldn't you want to return the favor or being successful?

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What do you do for a living anon? This is biz, there really isn’t a legal but immoral way to make money outside of slaughtering animals or shit like that.

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This thread is such a larp it makes me angry.

Being a neet means you have no job, no work, no college, no friends.

You most definately are not affected by the opinions of others.

A 40 year old that is scared how 'friends' think about him? Lmao nobody over the age of 30 still has friends. And if you are really a neet, you probably have some sort of mental issues that make you immune of what anyone thinks. You probably just play videogames or use discord for your social interaction

>Nooo the people I went to school with 20 years ago think im silly

How the fuck would they even know or why the fuck would you even care?

And they definatately do not have a good relationship with their parents too.

This guy isnt a neet, hes just a retard

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120k isn’t enough to retire.
Are you getting passive income?

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anons can be a NEET robot khv shutin and also have a good relationship with their parents. I still feel bad for how my parents probably feel about me, or when friends of theirs always ask "What does your son do?"

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a true neet does not know people and does not care that people he knew half a fucking life ago would know he was a neet

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happy to hear that, or sorry it happened, I'm not reading all that

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they were probably bullied and thats why they care so much. get over it now fags

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>Are you getting passive income
I made so much money during covid selling stuff online (gym stuff, masks, pirate videogame accounts)+ money from some shitcoins in the bullrun that i was able to afford building a small place next to my home and i'm renting it.
still keep selling some shit once in a while online for some extra cash..
But again, i'll never be a wageslave

Yeah, 100k isn't enough to retire but still can make more money from it (or losing it all) buying the "right" token

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>neets arent allowed to have friends
go back fag

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the people you talk with on discord arent your friends retard

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How is slaughtering animals immoral??? Fucking urban vegan weirdo... You think animals live like a Disney movie in nature? Farming livestock and butchering animals is about a noble a profession as it gets. Immoral would be working for the regime as some sort of bureaucrat, or even worse for a bank or a lawyer. Jewish professions that produce nothing.

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NEET is for antisocial autists that want as little to do with others as possible. If you want to be acknowledged by others then you aren't a NEET, you are just a failed normalfag.

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Seethe harder carnimongo

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kek imagine being so worthless you need to subjugate yourself completely to some other man for 40+ hrs a week just to get permission not to starve to death and then not only that, in your free time which you have maybe 5 waking years left of if you are in your 20s, you come on a basket weaving forum trying to cope by shitting on a fictional strawman. personally id kill myself just for the first part

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Whenever I feel down I remember people wake up early and commute and wakecuck hours on end and then I feel fine. NEETing is truly a panacea.

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It's not even that hard and it's fun mostly. There's like 2 years of buck breaking studying and then it gets only easier. Also chicks are sweating at the thought of fucking a chad doctor. Their family will welcome you as well as opposed to being a crypto NEET (they will get hostile if anything). Being a doctor is more of a status symbol now, there are almost no poor people studying it anymore. It's quite comfy honestly.
>t. Attending

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I see you, currykang

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It never was.
Yeah healthcare is fucked. Drs don't even make all that much as far as professionals go.

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>You most definately are not affected by the opinions of others.
yeah except for reflexively hiding in your room any time your parents have company, especially around the holidays.
>*hides in room when cousins visit for thanksgiving*
>*has a literal panic attack every time he sees cousin chad through the door keyhole*

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>this currynigger probably is ballin out on my stolen funds
Based and jeetpilled

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I finish my residency next year and I already made 2.5 millions with cryptos (started buying ETH late 2016 but had a few adventures along the way).
I don't feel like I've wasted my youth, quite the opposite.

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Eh. I did same thing but put my money in crypto. Have a million in the bank but still neeting with parents as]t 30 because I don’t feel like buying real estate at these prices

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wtf I want to be a wagie and pay for my own demographic replacement now

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Those bureaucrats, bankers, lawyers, Jews see you the same way you see animals.
Imagine a Jew asks you: what's wrong with keeping you down and genociding you, goyim?

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They did no favor. Anon didn't ask to be born, it was their obligation to raise him.
Imagine someone breaks your legs, then pays your medical bills for breaking your legs. Should you thank him and give him money to return the favor?

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They can think whatever the fuck they want. The problem is when they start harassing you instead of leaving you alone.
What? Am I supposed to stand there and take their condescension and trashtalking like a masochist? Am I supposed to give them attention and argue with them? Retard.

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>no friends
anon, your mom is your friend is she is cool with you living with her when your above 30 years of age

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It's quite shameful that we're in a period of time where the mid-life crisis now begins at age 30 instead of age 40. It's simply a sign of the times with housing costs having skyrocketed past the rubicon and wages flat out won't go up thanks to immigration and boomers being stubborn mutts. This is exactly the reason why you see these type of posts on baseddit all the time now (it's commonplace on 4chan too).

Anyways, 31 anon here, and I feel kinda the same as the screenshot poster, except different circumstances:
> Lost $100k to crypto crash in '22 (thanks a fucking lot Powell, Gensler, Yellen, Zelenskyy and faggot whales)
> Lost all of my friends from grade school and college to them getting married and having kids (I wouldn't mind this so much if making friends in your 30's wasn't so damn impossible)
> Already had a mortgage but I sold that house because my job went haywire and I left it, plus the costs of maintaining the house were a nightmare. I'm nowhere close to being able to afford even a cheap house with cash.

It's so fucking over bros. I'm not suicidal, but fuck the depression hurts so bad sometimes.

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Ketamine treatments saved me from offing myself but I'm 31 and have no HS diploma, no degree, and havent worked since covid. I'm too fucked up all the time and oscillating between sleeping, trying to eat and getting compTIA certs that will be irrelevant anyway. I'm not going to make it bros. I love you.

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if you haven't made it on youtube or tiktok by age 30, zoomer girls with IG, onlyfans, fansly, etsy, mercari, tiktok, youtube, twitter, snapchat live streams, facebook to bait boomers accounts, then they won't give you the time of day

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I'm in a similar situation anon. Been doing certs the past couple years, and my current one ends in a week. Everyone around me is expecting me to make something of it, but I honestly only started doing them to get them off my back about what I do all day. I don't have a lot of hope for myself.

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Making 575k working 4 days a week. Agree tho private equity is crushing us in earnings. Thanks fully I have link

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I only dropped out because my mom fell down the stairs and got a TBI, started working at a grocery store. Held that and a warehouse job for 4 years each. I'm just tired, anon. I tried to be a good man.

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I am trying to get a wagie job now but keep getting rejected. I am just looking for jobs that will help me meet people or get me outside of my room. I have been NEETing for way too long now

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>No larpers here
/biz/ has been around for 2 btc cycles and called both eth and link early
even absolute poverty tier people made it by now, but there will always be someone like you that is seething about the existence of people richer than you

i did the opposite, work my ass of in corporate because i believed in the lies about hard work paying off
got fucked over hard and left in the dirt while my direct boss got promoted over my effort
i cannot be happier that i found biz and am now a crypto neet

between the present day bare minimum of 60 hour weeks and being a neet where you own all of your time there is no comparison being a neet, even a poor one just as long as you got housing sorted, neet wins hard
i can guarantee you plenty of those professionals that society tells you are balling actually hate their lives to no end but are trapped in their own hells via a combination of social expectations and addiction to status and massive debt or familial duties they burried themselves in

but if you think wagies are better off, know that their entire lives can be rugpulled in a single moment for if you depend entirely on a wage a single wrong look at you boss and you are unemployed with no way to pay the mortgage
the only way to live for any selfrespecting man is independence either due to low cost of living or crypto gains

but the problem is that you need to have experienced both to truly know whats what and most of these stories are from people that neeted forever and thus dont know the hell world that is present day waging

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I’m not a NEET but this is one of the most pic rel posts I’ve seen on this tranny/failed normalfag infested board

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>making fun of autistic nerd retards is something a tranny would do
you never played sports in high school, did you?

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Graduated at 31 here, now at 36 I got a 6 fig job in Europe (I go to office once a month), a fiancee, we are about to get married and buy a house. Planning to have kids.

I was a shut in depressed loser in my 20s. It's never too late, it's all in your hands, no one is coming to save you.

What helped me was changing city and my environment. A fresh start

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Ironically, I'm a lawyer and I wish I were a NEET. The key is to not give a single shit about what other people think of you

You can still be productive if you're a NEET, you just need interesting and worthwhile hobbies. You can even make money as a NEET, potentially even more than some lowtier wage slave position.

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this hit home.


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“I’m a JOCK bro, I’m totally not a fat 40 year old loser attacking people over my 80s hs hollywitz movie conception of reality”

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kek the cope is unreal.

Don't care, you're a failure

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Nice job posting from your phone, oldtroon. Get wasted.

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suicide seems like an extreme response to simply getting uncomfortable at answering "what do you do for a job" lol

just make up some boring answer and have an ice cream, jesus christ

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I was pretty suicidal at 18-20 because I was getting no pussy and I was poor, now I'm 31 still getting no pussy but I have money now and feeling pretty happy, of course I haven't worked in over 7 years though, being a NEET is comfy when you have money, it's only miserable if you're poor

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Now imagine getting no pussy and no money while at the same time breaking your back working for someone else everyday till the day you die.
The wagie survives by killing himself (figuratively).

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hes not productive. thats the issue. hes just a loser.

you can be NEET and be productive.

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>It's not even that hard and it's fun mostly.
>There's like 2 years of buck breaking studying and then it gets only easier.
youre describing the stagnation of an industry. your pay has been the same for 15 years now, adjusted for age.

>Also chicks are sweating at the thought of fucking a chad doctor.
there are incel doctors too i know many indians that are virgins in their late 20s

>there are almost no poor people studying it anymore.
it stopped paying well 10 years ago