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I'll take a look at some charts for a few hours.

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Chainlink, Chart KEK!

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arb and avax please

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link broke out of the eternal range. A retest (at 9-10) is a buy according to this model.

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MKR , RUNE pls sir

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Is RNDR a decent buy right now?

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Chart for RNDR pls good ser. Thx

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Can you do ALPACA/USDT
some low volume shitcoin I've got my eye on but I'm no good at TA, thanks OP

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green = support
a close above the top of the marked range = probably runs hard

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rune - i don't know when I drew this up, but the support looks like it held where it should. Now if the price closes in the upper range (above the red) then you can target the midpoint and then the top

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thanking you

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Didnt you call filecoin going to $20s in april lol

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rndr - i bought a fat bag of this a few days ago. Holding for the long run.

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Ser, this is RDNT chart, not RNDR

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I bull posted FIL when it was 5.5. It pumped to 9.5 after that. I told everyone in my telegram chat to sell at around 8, but even if you didn't see that, the chart itself shows the invalidation level which would have been at arrow related. I explained my logic and the potential loss clearly. I said that if the trade goes wrong, you're looking at around 10-15% loss. I can't hold people's hand every step of the way. Not to sound like a whinny faggot, but it is shit like this that makes me not want to help anyone.

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I remember you, I think from last year or maybe early this year
Do XRP again please, a lot has changed

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this play seems good to me for ALPACA. If it closes a monthly above 20c, then you can target 50c. Keep in mind that on the execution end this means you enter once you see the close above 20c and get out if it loses that level.

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ty sir

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Danke herr fritz

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Perfect inverse head and shoulders but already reached it’s target price

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TA is a useless pseudoscience. you may as well use your horoscope for investment decisions.

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>TA is a useless pseudoscience. you may as well use your horoscope for investment decisions.

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Ser, RNDR please... you posted RDNT's chart...

shut up you have homosexual relations

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>>TA is a useless pseudoscience. you may as well use your horoscope for investment decisions.

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I have to do some things. I'll be back in an hour or so and post charts. Meanwhile do me a favor and call >>56550008 a faggot.

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>t. Rainbow chart worshiping bitnigger

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You ser wear women's panties and cruise for twinks on grindr (the twinks ghost your boomer ass tho)

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He cruises for fat pozzed tops.
They too ghost him.

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I don't know what to do about SYN now, but I see a good setup if it reclaims 60c.

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If drawing memelines was a skill, an artificial intelligence bot could be built to do it 10x better. AI can use and consider more datapoints more accurately than any human could ever dream to, every action would be backtested from all markets in miliseconds before said action takes place. Hell, even if it was profitable "just" 51% of the time that AI bot would make billions in a single day.
It wouldn’t even be that hard (relative to something like chatGPT) to create a ML algorithm capable of predicting market moves with astounding accuracy given the history of that market IF those moves were capable of being predicted based on past market data. The fact that nobody has built this, the most lucrative ML algorithm that could ever be built, means its likely impossible because TA is 100% survivorship bias.
>but muh youtube guru says it works and he has a lambo just draw a line bro and it's magic lmao
Yes, for a small amount people it will work, based on nothing other than random chance. Thats how survivorship bias works. If TA were a skill, the person who is MOST skilled at it would quickly become the richest person in the world by many orders of magnitude.

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Here's the alternative, which I actually like more because it says the reclaim is at 58c. In any case, if price action isn't rejected there, if it finds support, then you can target 2 dollars. Adding this to my watch list. Thanks for bringing it up anon.

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cannot compare to an actual prophet.

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Do you like my link/eth chart. I’m a big enjoyer of it

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forgot to add pic

I hear you, but it still works. It's for your to figure out why, because I don't give a fuck to try. You can be right, but I'm content to make money with memeline magic.

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this one's a bit tricky, because I'm pretty sure the range I marked out is correct (as you can see from the fact that the midpoint has been hit a bunch of times). It's tricky because as the arrows point out, the upper range has been broken a few times, and it didn't matter. That said, market conditions have changed. We're actually bullish now, so if the upper range breaks this time, it could be for good

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Doesn't this picture of that shot up plane show strength and weakness at various areas? Because that's all I try to show with my charts.

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can you take a look at the coinbase and avgo stock charts? thanks

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Was trying to accumulate chainlink but stopped because of the pump (at 1250 right now); was thinking about letting it test the $9-10 range but don't want to be a jew so will probably buy every other week.
Thanks for what you do, have learned and made some profit out of your (non financial) guidance. Hope things are going well for you.

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It actually shows how easy it is to misunderstand data: the technicians wanted to make planes sturdier, so they studied which areas were most commonly hit. You might notice the engines were apparently always spared, but that's only because the planes that got hit there didn't make it back to be studied.

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not sure if you can chart this but how high do you think it can go before meeting any major resistances?

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who cares about shitcoins, do bitgoin; where it gongo?

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I'd use the horoscope every fucking day if it worked as well as some of these charts, faggot.

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I get the point. Mine is that it's possible to discern levels of strength and weakness on a chart. That is, areas in which buys or sellers have seemed particularly interested. Take a look at the FTT chart before FTX blew up and you can see the strength (i.e., the interest of buyers) at 22 - 23 dollars. We know now the REASON the buyers (ftx) were compelled to buy it, but we didn't need the reasons back then to see that that was an important level.

Look at the BNB chart, too, for example. You're going to tell me that the fact the price bounced from 210 is completely random? I look at that and infer strength, interest from buyers. I don't know their reasons, but from this first inference I can conclude that if the level is broken, then the sellers proved more motivated than the buyers, that they in a sense broke the buyers back, and a slide down is likely.

I don't know why AI can't do this kind of analysis, but I know it makes sense to me and that it works.

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>I don't know why AI can't do this kind of analysis
Pretty sure it could easily, by cross referencing buying and selling volume, absolute number of buyers and sellers, prices hit more often, how quickly the price rebounded, etc.

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I like XRP above 64c, because it offers a better r/r. If you enter around there, you can target a dollar, which is around 50% up, and you'd have to get out if it loses the red zone for a 10% loss.

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SUSHI me please chartanon

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Can you do the XPR (proton) chart?

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drawing lines isnt a skill obviously, anyone can do it.
but trading is a skill and an art, and its only slightly based on drawing lines

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lel, imagine lookng at that and thinking anything above 40c is a buy and anything above 1 dollar isnt a sell

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The time has come to be greedy.

SUSHI - If price can find support in the range, you can play with the extremities and the midpoint. If it can't get in the range, then I marked support (i.e., where I'd buy). If the price makes it over the range, then I marked the next level of real resistance. I assume people know how to execute with those levels in mind...

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The long view with the 4 year cycle in mind. Note that I called the bottom around a year before it happened... around 500 bucks off.

I've posted on this board before and invited anons to our telegram channel. There's around 220 of us there from biz.

t . me / cryptochaan

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I don't actually know how to read charts, but I trade based on the way the shapes and colors make me feel.

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Do ETH if you can. I expect it's similar to BTC?

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api3 - i'd buy support or reclaim of the s/r above

AI can't feel so you have an advantage for the time being

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eth has been far weaker than BTC on this recent rally, but if it can close a weekly candle above the range in gray (~$1950) then I'm guessing it'll run hard to 3k+

To me that is the signal to buy ETH, and I'd probably lever up when that happens, because the invalidation would be clear. Once/if it makes it over the gray, invalidation is if it falls back in. More precisely if it closes another candle back in the gray....some wiggle room may be necessary, but it is manageable.

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I'm about to call it for the day, but if the thread's still up, I'll post some more charts tomorrow. Meanwhile if you want to ask me anything, come to the telegram group. I'm not selling anything. Everyone there (around 220 now) is from biz from threads like this I've done in the past.

t . me / cryptochaan

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I was asking because I was telling some friends earlier this week that API3 chart is absolute garbage. You see something redeeming in it?

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now do matic

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Can you provide info on the XTP chart? I'm planning to buy more before the US launch of their Tap platform, if you can.

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whats in it for you regarding running that xhannel?

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Lots and lots of money from subs.

Fkn retards like you are so poisoned by jeets that you insult one of the few anons doing charity work and helping poorfags in here.

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2 great choices- thanks for putting SYN on my radar. Greatly appreciated.

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love your telegram and tradingview, you rock dude

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do ROSE please
specifically, i'm curious if there will be a pullback