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I’m too lazy to type it out, can you link it

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too lazy to copy paste, sry

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I've never been to reddit and I'm not about to go. I will briefly glance at a screencap if you post it before realizing I'm looking at reddit and leave the thread.

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Alright, it’s probably not worth looking, thanks anyway

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glad to be of service

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just got banned from their discord for saying:

>I have inside information that discord and reddit moderators have banned numerous individuals on the grounds of spreading 'FUD'. Moreover, they've actively inhibited the community from warning potential victims. These actions will met with appropriate legal consequences.

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>go to https://safemoon.com/talk
>join their discord
>blame moderators for removing so called "FUD" and lost money because of them
>mention we should do a class action also against them
>mention that they shouldn't be removing legit concerns but they did and they should be in prison
>watch cope & seethe

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I don't have any sympathy for shitcoiners.

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Based low IQ normies

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One of them is awake

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People are losing their hard earned real money, it's not funny

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All projects that promise to raise the price of their tokens are scams.
No exceptions.

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>I've never been to reddit
Fake.its.all our favorite website

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Yep, every shitcoin that washtrades is a scam too according to this

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If Plebbitors are dumping and their sell orders are being filled it's not wash trading. There's some entity buying.

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Refugees Welcome!

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you're next, linkies

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But chainlink whitepaper literally explicitly states it cannot exceed the price of a cup of coffee