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He lost everything to crypto

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Should have been on Dplay, he’d lose everything but still have FUN

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who dat, random?

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>He lost everything to crypto...
Except the weight!

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He has a young barely legal gf tho so he’s dabbing on most of us

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his ex-wife was cheating on him and he called everyone warning him trolls and haters.... I give zero fucks about this retard losing tons of money cuz well hes a retard and its expected.

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>this fat retard bought a Tesla thinking he'd be rich off some scam crypto

lol lmao even

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He beat his ex wife and made her sign an NDA after they got divorced

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what a shock you're telling me an eternal manchild boogie hits females when he's upset? of course the low IQ manchild would strike people in rage he's a retard. There's a ton of reasons to not like this guy.

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Thats Satoshi Fatamoto

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>barely legal

Fucking zoomers. Next decade 26 year old adults will be called children, because of you mentally stunted retards.

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Skill issue

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I can't believe how far Charles got. It's over bros

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He also spent $200k on hookers in just 2 years.

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Damn Charles looks like fucking SHIT now

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Ah damn I got inb4'd kek

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she ugly af good for both of them.

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>skin issues
Every damn time.

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Please watch my video how this retard lost all his crypto money:

Please also like and subscribe. Thanks, sers

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bretty good, I wouldn't have the effort to make that and delve into his streams/videos

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based mcjuggernuggets. Cost boogie his fortune kek

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Thank you, kind ser.

It took me around 2 - 3 days to finish it. It has an AI voice, but this time I was writing the script myself, instead of using ChatGPT.

Hope the views are coming in. Otherwise, I think I will focus more on shorts and will check out how my videos perform on tiktok or Rumble, X, etc.

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I didn't like the 5 TIPS part though
that with an AI voice have me the ick

just be like this is what happened here's you can prevent it from happening to you

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Yeah, might be a good idea. Not sure what I will do about the AI voice though. I'm little bit paranoid with getting my voice out there and don't have any good recording equipment. Might check the going rates for voice over artists on Fiverr. Kek

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She is an onlyfans whore who lives in his house.

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>When an adult woman I get along with wants to give it a shot I am gonna do the smart thing and give it a shot.
That is extremely well put.. there is an epidemic of lonely people in the west, most of them don't have a harem of potential partners to pick and chose from, you take what you can get when you are in such a situation.
fuck all the moral fags.

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Who is worse? Him or DSP? I’d say him. At least DSP can be funny sometimes. Boogie is just depressing.

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>molested by her father/brother phenotype

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He has not learnt anything from his ex wife, some men are born to be suckers...

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so ur saying they are so desparate they turn gay via proxy?

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ai voice is fine

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Welcome to the internet. Now please fuck off.

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Back to your basement edgelord weirdo.