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Wow, DCA actually works.

Two years of being a rekt mess and I've finally made small profit.

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2 years and all you could put away was $20k really..?

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what is this app

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DCA doesn't work if you DCA regardless of what the market is doing. You DCA around the bottom, but as soon as we're clearly in bull you don't DCA, you smash buy. Many people get this wrong. DCA is a hedge against the price sliding lower around the middle of the bear. That's it and that's all

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That's literally the opposite of DCA lmao

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This is just regular accumulation and basically what most posters here on /biz/ should have done
Your cost basis on BTC should have been around $20-25k
You should have smashed buy on all Alts 2 weeks ago

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>2 years and all you could put away was $20k really..?
This is actually ncredibly impressive for a third worlder Pajeets, anon.

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No it isn't you fucking retard. Think about it. If you think the price is going to go up, and you keep buying, your cost basis goes up and up, and your profit goes down. If, on the other hand, that money pays off a loan which you put into your asset (ok let's be real here Bitcoin) when it's clear were in a bull, your buy in price doesn't change. That's why so many people DCA wrong

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I spent all my money early 2022 and I'm still down 30%, good riddance anon

But we're all going to make it

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Jfc the absolute state of biz hahahaha

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Nice rebuttal, fag

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>just time the market bruv
Okay chad

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Damn, if only you waited until the end of 2022 instead to go all-in.

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Anon, I ain't gonna built out a thesis to explain one of the most fundamental aspects of investing. You can literally Google it and learn why you're wrong. This isn't some esoteric high level knowledge, it's investing 101 they recommend to kids and old alike, yet some how you completely missed the point and fucked it up. And on top of your stupidity, you have the hubris to demand others explain why you're wrong.
Ignorance and pride are a dangerous combination anon.

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Retarded fag "when you know you're in a bull" you're going to end up just buying the top eventually

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You've just described timing the market.

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nicely done fren. I was a greedy cunt waiting for more dumping and now im priced out. Should have DCA'd. Its better for midwits like me

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mogs me

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Based. I'm you but with another zero on my folio value. Now that I've broken even, I'm going to accumulate USD shitcoins to buy the next flash crash. We're still too far out from the halvening, snibs will have his revenge and we'll be crabbing again soon.
>Verification not required.

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DCA is literally just about averaging your buy price over time. The other half of the equation is still to sell the bull while the newfags want to buy your bags. You DCA until you sell, simple as.

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>eez alraddy poseding peakchores ahv ees bags

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I DCAd SOL for like 18 months without profit and in 1 week i pretty much 2xd my average entry price lmao

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>Wow, DCA actually works.
You should know that it works based solely on the fact thatgenerally /biz/ thinks it's "bad" strategy.
Doing the opposite of what /biz/ says is not a just a meme. The vast majority of the people here are Dunning Kruger hyper-contrarian individuals that will actively fight capitulation because it equals to admitting to be wrong.

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How much buys in 2 years? Cant be that much since you apparently put them all into delta

Less buys, less average effect of dca

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welcome to the casino sir!

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Imagine using a comma there, lmao that is just fucked

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Its what first world countries use mutt

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youll never be able to sell
theyll freeze your assets

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You've still got a bit of time left to hop on the DCA train, unless you're all cozy with cooking up lame excuses. PYR, QANX, SUSHI, and CTI are currently in full price discovery mode, anons.

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sell, don't be greedy

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that's called Value Averaging (VA), buy more when lower, buy less when higher

It's all statistical techniques, well studied in various types of scenarios, stop fucking debating something we figured out 50 YEARS AGO

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Lol there's only one first world country

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>sell at +2% don't be greedy
imagine getting in crypto, withstanding the insane downside and volatility that comes with bear market, only to sell at the slight glimpse of a profit

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bro, 2% just like that, this is crazy even for crypto

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