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Bros i've been investing all of my hope and dreams (and money) into the next btc halving, thinking it maybe could start another bullrun but it just seems so hopeless now. Is this really it? Is it all downhill from this point?

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Yep sell and get lost loser

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>next bitcoin halving
I am both 50% ready to get hurt again and 50% hopeful

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>opium bird
oh god /biz is slowly mutating into tiktok

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Yeah whenever anyone talks about cycles that will happen it guarantees the cycle won’t happen the same this time.

I’m here invested and I’m never on the right side of things or lucky. This guarantees it won’t happen again.

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Well get ready, it's the smallest reduction in issuance so far. But also there is a considerably larger amount in circulation than any of the other halvings. Both of those things aren't great but when you consider that a vastly greater amount of people will be buying up leading to the halvings hoping to cash out profit then ever before.
>and we're all going tru the same recession
This could mean that there isn't a bull run at all. However I like to remain cautiously optimistic and at least think that as long as it happens as we emerge from the upcoming recession. I'm hoping that it should still be good especially when it's combined with the new tokenomics of ETH, which I feel we're yet to see the up side of. It could be huge, but it could also be a nothing burger.

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when is the halving again?

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Around april next year

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About one year to a year and half of the halving is the peak also followed by roughly one year bear…. So sell Dec 2025 for bear market 2026. Got it

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Well, almost everyone is going to use the next halving as a metric for how fucked is crypto actually. If it doesn't generate a bullrun we might have to start getting used to the idea of BTC dying eventually. Personally, I'm ready, but I'm also aware of the fact that the current cycle has deviated from the typical cycle in terms of the history of Bitcoin. Everything is still different. Economy, politics, pandemic. Also, traditionally there is a run up before the halving actually happens. We shall see if it happens again. So much fucking uncertainty atm.

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168 days

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Oh fuck it's getting closer. I need to slurp more

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that's my fear as well

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Boyos, just be ready and stop blackpilling. I sell at 100 dollars for link and then I will log off from computer for a few months.

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I am short term (~5 years) bearish but long term super optimistic. I don’t see any other way for global finance to move forward personally.