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My work-wife brought her husband to the Halloween office party.

What should I do/say?

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Repent for coveting another man’s wife

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nothing? wait til she introduces you and keep it brief then go cry in the bathroom you beta cuck

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suck his dick

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Hit on his wife's daughter.

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Do middle aged normalfags really get emotionally involved in employment related intrigue with some used up hag? WTF is wrong with the elderly? I say we kill everyone over the age of 25 and start anew.

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If they're not Catholic then their marriage is fake and gay
Plus OP didn't say if he had knowledge of this marriage
Basically I'm trying to give OP the benefit of the doubt that he didn't commit mortal sin but that's between him and God

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Propose a threesome? You can't be homophobic if you post on 4chan.

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Which one is the personal trainer

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Don't say the kids are yours. Or do, that might be fun as well.

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Make a huge scene and threaten to kick his ass

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Not true. Inly Catholics have to get married in the Church. Non raised Catholics can be married outside the church and can get divorced. What op did is morally wrong and breaks commandments.

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I think my wife might actually kill my coworker if she keeps trying to be friendly with me desu

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Just beat the crap out of him.

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Do did bring your IRL wife and introduce them, right? My wife hates my work wife but is really nice to her face. It's hilarious to watch

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Do you have work kids as well?

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>work wife
>house husband
>practice gf

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Rich coming from a faggot playing tough on the internet. Isn't it usually the other way around? The men who have girlfriends and wives being the beta cucks?

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put laxatives in the drinks

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if you look upon a woman (who is not your wife) with lust in your eyes, you have committed adultery in your heart
jesus said that

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>I say we kill everyone over the age of --9 months and never start anew
the only necessary step to resolve the human condition
your plan is leaving all the brainless zoomer cucks alive to be cockroaches which can't be allowed

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Both look very gay in a way that they wouldn't touch female women even if their lives depended on it. Which is understandable considering the state of the modern females.