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just like in 2020

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i had an itch inside my ass
but then i farted
and it scratched the itch
that's what this reminds me of

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Nope, Solana did the exact same thing at the same time as Chainlink

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Officially got to 1K this morning, feels good man
Wrong. Easiest thing to check in the world

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lmao even

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Absolutely amazing. Again this proves that LINK controls the market. Without LINK the market would be nothing. We truly owe Sergay everything don't we.

May we be made whole by his great light
Chainlink will make cryptocurrency a reality

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kek whoops

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>Link is just following Bitco…

Quite literally the other way around

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congrats, anon!

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Link is garbage and will dump back to the $6 range in a few months. Linkies euphoria will turn to panic and despair as they realize they've been duped again.

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Even if that happens, it doesn't change my point in OP; Chainlink is leading Bitcoin.

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so LINK is going to do a x2 from $9, its going to be quite the bullrun indeed for LINK marines as the rest of the market does another x50.
Enjoy missing out on another bullrun MARINES

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I managed to get my DCA under $10 during this range. I have 3.7k LINK now and I feel like it’s enough but I still want to buy more, however I don’t want to mess with my average now that I’m up. Am I being stupid or should I start diversifying? Thinking of scooping some AVAX and ARB.

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Ethereum and Crypto in general are tiny compared to the Avalanche that is coming.
Tokenization of Real World Assets is the next big thing.
That's somewhere between 16 trillion to 68 trillion that is about to enter the Market in the next 7 years.
(In total we are talking about 800 trillion dollar real-world assets ready to be tokenized.)
for comparison, the current crypto market cap is 0.14% and the current TVL across all chains right now is 0.00481% of the 800 trillion RWA market.
>But why Avalanche?
Currently, you have to pay about 1.5 Million dollars minimum and waste 12 Months to deploy a custom Blockchain Solution, and that's just the barebones stuff.
technically it's a massive pain in the ass and requires you to hire all kinds of highly specialized autists to make it "maybe" work.
so the entry barrier for Blockchains is high but Avalanche Subnets and Services like Ava Cloud completely change that game, with Ava Cloud anyone can nocode deploy a custom Blockchain VM in less than a minute all hooked up to every Chainlink oracle service that exists for a tiny fraction of these original costs.
Avalanche also happens to be the only network that can do this and it's the only one that has the fastest time to finality, also it's the only one that scales.
AVAX is also hardcapped and deflationary and literally everyone who has RWA to tokenize will stake AVAX directly or indirectly in some way.
AVAX (and LINK) will be on every balance sheet in the world and act as the backbone of the entire world economy.
If AVAX reaches a price of $3,000 per token the market capitalization would be 2.16 trillion USD, thats 3.18% of 68 trillion and 13.5% of the 16 trillion in the "highly conservative forecast".
>thats only 0.27% of 800 trillion.

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so are we expecting another link solo pump? if that happens will the right play be to rotate out ala 2019 or will it unironically be different this time?

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another cycle is coming and im glad to know linkbros are with us on this one

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i'm so ready bros

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All I see is a coin thats going to $50+ in the next few weeks.

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yes, we know. That's what this thread is about.

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checked and I’d rotate out if both full mainnet CCIP and staking 1.0 aren’t out by 2025.

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how much avax do I need to make it?

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They pumped solana as well to distract you from link.

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Anon, are you ok?

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They did, but Solana didn’t break 1.5 years worth of resistance like Chainlink did (and Bitcoin two days later)

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I had a dozen random shitcoins up 300% before link even broke $8. Link is the lagger as usual.

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Zero-volume top 200 coins obviously don't matter.

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what's the con?
every project has its downside

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My jewish uncle keeps telling me I'll never make it and that he and his friends will suppress the price of link until I'm "ripe for the plucking". What the fuck does that even mean?

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Fuck you

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the CEO is a nigger