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*moons silently*

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perhaps you haven't seen the massive sell walls

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you mean those fake walls that are long since gone? KEK

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I was calling this 30 min ago. There are huge volume spikes with little price change that happened a couple of minutes ago, similar to what happened with the spike a couple of hours ago.

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Holding long on this for sure.

Big things are coming in 2018 for this coin, the price right now is stupid cheap.

I have a friend at YC that said REQ has huge partnerships lined up in 2018

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I was calling it since yesterday morning.

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>that massive depth gap though

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i was calling it since thursday night

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>tfw bought in at 850 sats

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Ah, the pump commences, as expected.

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Who is this FUCKING pajeet constantly putting up sell walls when REQ is slightly pumping?


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I lucked out and managed to buy at 700 when it dipped that low for the last time. Didn't really care for it at that point and was just looking for a quick gain by selling higher and buying back at 700.
Never selling again.

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If you truly believe in REQ then you should want the pump delayed as long as possible. I’m accumulating this all the way to a dollar. The last thing you want is premature mania/fomo. Just shut up and keep building your stack. $3-5 EOY 2018.

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Is this finally going to be the moon? It's been edging for so long now. If it fucking goes down again I'll have such blue balls

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there goes another night of no-sleep thanks to REQ

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its not breaking throw that 3000 wall

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walls down, next stop 3500

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>It's been edging for so long now
It's like 700% up in a month anon.

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this is the most beautiful cup n handle I've ever seen

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The flicker in and out of existence.

We just blasted through a 7 BTC wall. New ATH formed, and we'll see a new floor.

REQ just continues to deliver.

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why are people still buying? I sold my entire stack at .34 and honestly pissed it didn't go back to .30

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no faggets

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you're a certified brainlet if you sold into this kind of a chart

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>why are people still buying?
Why did you sell you entire stack?

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>Is this finally going to be the moon?

Lad, it hasn't even started. This is a still low market cap, obscure and low volume coin on only two exchanges...

Wait until we hit $1. It's going to be a wild ride.

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i bought at ico and was calling it since then

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Looks like it's time to jump back in. Glad I got out to accumulate, this has been a tad sideways for a few weeks.

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I bought at $0.04 and never sold a single one you faggit.

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>I have a friend at YC that said REQ has huge partnerships lined up in 2018

And your dad works at Nintendo right?

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that's really awesome. hope you gain some humongous gainz.

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oh boy, what a sell wall
better sell before it crashes

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The only thing I dislike about the REQ team is that they can't keep their mouths shut. Every fucking update has been leaked till now.

The mooning right now is probably due to other leaked shit. Eventually this will be abused as people will leak fake news and then the price will crash when we find out it was fake all along.

I personally suspect the woman on the team to be the loudmouth leaker.

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Sold two hours ago and bought XLM


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nah, it's the Berlinbro insider

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>The mooning right now is probably due to other leaked shit.

What are you talking about?

Nothing was leaked. Some idiot on Plebbit re-published a week old announcement about a partnership with FunDRequest and that was it.

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trading at $0.43 against ETH on kucoin

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This man knows whats up.

Fuck you people for hyping REQ up. This will be the #1 on coinmarketcap in 10 years time you dumbasses. Don't pump this shit. Keep it as low as possible to accumulate every month you faggots.

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>10 years time
fuck you, you think I have 10 years?

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>he didn't listen to based Berlin insider

its like you plebs hate free money

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We're talking #1 in a multi-trillion marketcap crypto economy.

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tbqh nothing was announced

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Just sell you bags for a couple thousand now.

Or you could keep it for 10 years and become a multimillionaire. You are like all these retards that sold ETH last year for $7 because they impatient children that want gains immediately.

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doesn't matter.

It's heading to $0.45 while you fags are debating if you should buy or not.

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The only thing the berlin guy was wrong about was "sell at $0.45"

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1 million now is better than 10 million in 10 years.

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>1 million now is better than 10 million in 10 years.

The ABSOLUTE state of /biz/

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Are you serious? I'm pretty sure ALL millionaires would give 1 million for a 10 million payout in 10 years. That would be one of the best investments they would have seen in ages.

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>It's heading to $0.45 while you fags are debating if you should buy or not
lmao fucking moron, I'm holding since $0.04

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1 million is enough for me to live relatively like a king and NEVER have to work again. Why the fuck would I stress over crypto in my early 20s like a cuck when I can be enjoying life instead?
>I'm pretty sure ALL millionaires would give 1 million for a 10 million payout in 10 years.
I'm pretty sure you're full of shit.

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Unironically a solid coin
If the Y Combinator backing means anything it means its not a total scam

This will moon in 2018

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Where the fuck is 1mil enough to live like a king.

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>1 million is enough for me to live relatively like a king and NEVER have to work again.

Where the fuck do you live? I can't even buy a house for 1 million in the city where I live.

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probably in his pajeet village

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pretty much everywhere. best bet would be southamerica/eastern europe/asia/africa

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move you idiot
literally 3/4 of the world

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>ly believe in REQ then you should want the pump delayed as lo


this shitcoin needs to go back to .3 asap. i wasnt done yet.

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Here's hoping Ycombinator pulls some strings and get REQ on Coinbase since ycombinator still owns a large piece of coinbase.

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wow, i am actually retarded

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>t. you

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Request has gained more partnerships than most people realize. Some of them are very interesting collaborations that will yield huge changes to the project - namely their partnership with Kyber (directly advised by Vitalik Buterin) which will see the Request team moving to Kyber offices in Singapore for Q1 2018 to work closely with them.

Request Partnerships and Clients:

Kyber Network, https://kyber.network: https://blog.kyber.network/kyber-network-partners-with-request-network-to-benefit-consumers-and-merchants-618524b271bd

Fund Request, https://fundrequest.io: https://blog.fundrequest.io/request-network-fundrequest-39ccb610911f

0x Project, https://0xproject.com: https://blog.request.network/blockchain-bricks-request-is-built-upon-0x-civic-and-aragon-3aaf68390221

Aragon, https://aragon.one

Civic, https://www.civic.com

Filecoin, https://filecoin.io

Bee Network, https://www.beetoken.com: https://medium.com/@thebeetoken/request-network-x-bee-token-partnership-announcement-2f077348a2fb

iExec RLC, https://iex.ec: https://iex.ec/news/request/

Delta App, https://getdelta.io: Delta is crypto portfolio app that is quickly overtaking Blockfolio in popularity. Their CEO stated they are likely going to use Request to accept payments in the app and have been in talks with Request team.

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literally everywhere I'd like to live
>in the city where I live
nice life story faggot, that's your problem

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Impressive anon. Thanks.

Anons, the foundation for success is laid.

Will YOU choose freedom, prosperity or a life of uncertainty, designated shitting streets, wage cuckery, mortgages, ugly wife, stress, stroke and pump and dumps?

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>bunch of sketchy south europeans who spend all of their money on marketing or a YCombinator backed team that has an actual working product in development along with a couple of partnerships

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Ffs go eat curry

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>1$ EOY

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will i make it with 1000 req?

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10k minimum

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I am more concerned about you unironically using this acronym faggot. Fuck off my finnish fishing forum newfag.

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>Tfw sold all my Req temporarily for a quick icx flip
>Tfw the flip never happened
>Tfw I’m stuck with fucking icx bags while req moons

>> No.5654084

ICX literally just started mooning

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Hope this teaches you a valuable lesson. Don't daytrade and hold coins until they hit certain technical milestones. NOT financial milestones.

Mathematically you are making most money within crypto if you keep to those 2 rules

1: Don't daytrade, price is irrelevant
2: Buy and hold until a technical milestone. Only then are you allowed to sell.

This has made me enough money to stop working within 2 years op crypto trading. I'm deciding on holding REQ permanently though.

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Loving every minute


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What's the target?

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>Muffled b-brap

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No selling until $400

>> No.5654453

tfw only bought 1k
never gonna make it

>> No.5654461

so should i sell after this next update and buy the dip?

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>The fate of every Pajeet Pump Chaser

Damn you and your ilk.

You're destined to never make it.

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Berlin insider said $.45

>> No.5654502

Holy shit it's happening

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$1.50 by the end of January.

>> No.5654527

No I mean limit yourself to selling ONLY at that points. It kinda guarantees that you are selling at peaks. I'm not saying that you HAVE to sell. Especially something like REQ that has a lot of technical milestones and will probably keep mooning multiple times. Sometimes there isn't even a dip.

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REQ and ICX are literally two most promising investments in crypto right now. He didn't fuck up, considering that ICX will at the very least 5x next month.

>> No.5654582

Maybe you can make $10k tho bro

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Just sell a percentage at a loss and hop on the train. What could go wrong?

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Got 10k never selling obviously, bought at 8 cents.
Not sure how i feel about this massive pump. It just feels too expensive to me to buy anymore, so i guess this stack will have to do.

>> No.5654618

looks like its gonna bleed out, back down to 30-35

>> No.5654659

i only got 1k. i realllyyyyy wanna sell this, i think its the top. knowing my luck its gonna go to 1 dollar after i do that so im not gonna

>> No.5654664

t. pajeet

>> No.5654669


I hope so.

I sold some hoping it would dip. Need to increase my stack.

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>> No.5654686


u welcum bish

>> No.5654702

odds of this ever going 10x?

>> No.5654739

unironically 100%

>> No.5654745

Will happen next year

>> No.5654753


Considering some of us are already at 7x, I'd say highly likely.

>> No.5654778

Ok i could pump 70k into this

>> No.5654781

if you have 1k its best you just hold

there is point in flipping this coin
10x? not sure about that. i suspect it will reach 2.5$ and then im probably gonna sell

>> No.5654790

I'm already up 5x since i bought.

>> No.5654813

Been holding since 6 cents. Not selling until at least Q2 or it hits like 2-3 dollars

>> No.5654821

>selling before triple digits
Weak hands

>> No.5654825

its about to hit 7x since ICO, 10x after the ICO dip. So aim higher or keep your fud in the streets where you shit, pashit.

>> No.5654908

i dunno about 10k, maybe 1-2 a year from now

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$1.50 per token is my target (which is effectively the OMG market cap) for late January, at which point I sell half my stack. Run the rest until it either collapses or goes mass normie adoption.

>> No.5654918

calm down homie

Just wanted to know if you think this could go 10x again, I want to be a millionaire fast

>> No.5654949

>he thinks $10 won’t happen this year

>> No.5654959


You'll hang yourself when it replaces paypal

>> No.5654984

Be strong and hodl to 2020 and see what the price is then. God speed my friend.

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>No selling until $400
You just have me a boner. If this shit ever hit $400 I (and, I imagine, everyone in here) will be a millionaire!

>> No.5655036

it won't

>> No.5655059


>> No.5655084

Well, if its any information to you, i bought at ICO, watched this shit slowly bleed to .04 but hodled through until now. Not selling until at least 1.00, and then i will only sell a few thousand to pay some shit.
This is the hodl of 2018. This ends my slavery, my CV editing years, my bullshitting to fucking retards who ask for a degree to work at a fucking call center. This ends my kitchen days, i fucking hate the kitchen.

>> No.5655086

>implying it won’t
It’s better PayPal, this shit is guaranteed mass adoption

>> No.5655102

It will just drop back down again like it always does

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Yeah I know. But I can still dream

>> No.5655117

no it wont, stay poor lmao

>> No.5655124

How do you know the limit-value of a coin?

>> No.5655199

A fucking Renault?
I thought the lambo meme was bad enough

>> No.5655203

There are a lot of people who work for Y Combinator companies and they're incredibly connected. For example, Coinbase is also owned by Y Combinator. And REQ is just the kind of token they want to sell. Remember when they listed Bitcoin because people needed it for utility purposes? REQ is literally what Bitcoin was intended to be used for.

>> No.5655209

>It’s better PayPal
PayPal has 90 billion market cap. Now I realize the difference between a company and a crypto, still it's not likely. Anything over $50 billion will be unbelievably great.
>guaranteed mass adoption
No it's not guaranteed lmao. But no use talking sense on /biz/. $10000 EOY 2018!

>> No.5655210


have you looked at the REQ chart even once? its the perfect image of bullishness. always higher lows. always higher highs. no stupid pumps. whats there to complain about?

>> No.5655242

fuck you

>> No.5655243

correction incoming

>> No.5655248

you realise $400 a coin is 260BILLION market cap...
paypal is at 80billion...this shit wont break $50 $100

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hello REQ astronauts, how are we feeling today?

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>> No.5655340

this is true, but current trendline is at 2400-2500 sats, though it might momentarily dip lower
don't expect this to stay above 3k sats

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I know right? I got curious about Renault the other day because I remember seeing them here in Texas when I was a kid. Haven't seen one in decades. I decided to look into them and saw that thing. I thought it was cool looking so I saved the pic. I would never actually buy one lol

>> No.5655396


>> No.5655402

Renaults are a fucking joke
t. eurofag

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Good to here my bro. Only lambos welcome on the moon in 2018

>> No.5655471

Anons, I only have 200 req and i want to buy more.. Do I wait for a dip or what?

>> No.5655507


yes, youd be a fool to buy now. correction incoming

>> No.5655514

since you're a poorfag I'm not going to mislead you
yes, buy at 2400 sats

>> No.5655544

It might dip but ive been in since 6c and this looks different i dunno if it will

>> No.5655575

what correction, retard? This is the correction. Buy now or stay forever poor.

>> No.5655579
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it will

>> No.5655597

Man, this thing has performed amazingly for me. Bought this at $0.04 and it's just continued to exceed every one of my expectations. My only regret is that I only bought 1k, and on a whim. I wish I bought a SHIT TON more than what I did.

>> No.5655600


useless shitcoin

enjoy your bags fags LOL

>> No.5655625

"it will correct because I drew a line"

>> No.5655639

this coin is gonna be sold on coinbase one day, mark my words

>> No.5655645

will probably coorrect back to ~2.4 this pump was too heavy

>> No.5655690

>t. brainlet
I wonder what is it like to have an inferior intellect.

>> No.5655693

naw, you're just a faggot that sold too soon thats all

>> No.5655698

Right on, bro. I'm a poorfag wagecuck so my stack isn't that big. I may have to settle for a Countach but I'm cool with that. It was my favorite car when I was 12

>> No.5655736

ugly af

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We will all make it one day

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REQ is currently working at adding ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin support. Fiat is after that.

The point of Request Network is that you can demand payment in whatever you want (for example USD). And the payer can pay in whatever they want (crypto,erc20,other fiat) and through 0x and kyber they will get exchanged in real time with the lowest fees possible (an order of magnitude lower than the exchange rates of credit cards).

Aside from its intended usage, which is what everyone is basing their valuation estimates on, it will tap directly into a $500 billion crypto-market in which it's now supposedly hard to cash out of, and expensive to buy into.

So it might, or might not steal marketshares from Paypal. But it sure as shit will become a force to be reckoned with in the cryptomarkets.

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File: 1.04 MB, 1500x938, TdbcmTe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll be tipping my fedora at you from this beauty one day while you RREEEEEE from your 2007 Corolla :^)

>> No.5655873

look at the charts now.

>> No.5655904

you're arguing a strawman

>> No.5655935

this is okay, it's a regular shakeout of weakhands, the pump is not over yet

>> No.5655943

Why do people want lambos so badly?
I just want a turbo miata. 300HP and only 2,000lbs is plenty fast to kill myself in.

>> No.5655993
File: 26 KB, 450x274, 2015-porsche-cayman-gts-manual-test-review-car-and-driver-photo-662253-s-450x274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>laughs at lambo meme
>falls for nip car meme
Porsche masterrace

>> No.5655994
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And it's going to be glorious

>> No.5656014

aight thanks guys.

>> No.5656036

They're neat cars, I just love the look of the NA and the 50/50 weight distribution and low weight.

>> No.5656064

It's dumping. Thanks guys.
I've lost 10% of my money.

>> No.5656069


No prob /biz/ bro. Buy at the dip my friend. Whales maniulate the fuck out of req.

>> No.5656076


>not a LS1 swap

step up bitch

>> No.5656083

Lambos are only a meme
>>5655993 this guy got it
Porsche are effay as fuck

>> No.5656099

Allright, timed it quite good and increased my stack on 5%. I'm not a trader so it's a miracle I did this patiently and didn't get my ass burned.

No way I actually sell any of this before 2019.

>> No.5656125

did you buy at the peak?

Sell now, it's going down 10 % pourcent.

The steady growth after the PND is supposed to be around 50k eth

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>tfw i bought in at .10 $
comfiest of holds

>> No.5656298

you dumbass, its your own fault for buying at an ATH. next time, have a fucking brain and think for yourself you spineless brainlet.

>> No.5656327

not with that attitude

>> No.5656331

this. fucking retard

>> No.5656355

I can't believe how weak handed and dumb some of you faggots are

>> No.5656367

Nobody here told you to buy at ATH fucking idiot.

>> No.5656375
File: 44 KB, 541x960, ted-cruz-eclipse-glasses-59a224fba7ddf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same here /biz/-bro. same here.

>> No.5656446

>bought in at .19

i'll wait until the end of 2018 to contemplate selling.
set n forget lads

>> No.5656511

Never thought that a team of useless french frogs could make me money

>> No.5656514

I think I'll be selling end of Q1

>> No.5656566

Cool. You'll be posting pink wojaks in 2019

>> No.5656626

Also this means in 2019 it will be $56.6 per token. Screencap this.

>> No.5656635

None of my ICO pals who actually kept on and got more below ICO?

>> No.5656667

not even waiting for $10? This is an easy one man.

>> No.5656698


i bought ICO then DCA'd all the way down. i'm like 4x on this (eth ratio). pretty happy.

>> No.5656744

checked, hodling long term now

>> No.5656797

Thank fuck someone actually noticed. Biz really has went to the dogs...

>> No.5656805

fucking mongoloid

>> No.5657053

lads why can I not buy req on binance with eth right now

>> No.5657110

Time for Jews to accumulate. NEETs are not allowed to get rich.

>> No.5657121


>> No.5657186

Let me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooo

>> No.5657314

You're gonna make it friend.

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y-you too

>> No.5657528

REQ is going to make so many anons rich. Hope you learned from ETH/Antshares and actually become a millionaire this time.

>> No.5657769

Have bought into this shit. Make me some money babyyy

what a stupid era of the internet lmao

>> No.5657894

sign of the times, the world is going completely mad

that crackpot Clif High says 2018 will involve rapid technological innovation and a dramatic increase in people losing their minds, and is not sure which will lead to the other

>> No.5657964

It'll dip....r-right?

>> No.5657977

If it hits $10 I'm literally in lambo land.

>> No.5657999

it was at 4c for like a month, and yes it was shilled here then

>> No.5658041

A word of warning guys, berlinbro said to sell at 0.45$, tho I guess it doesn't matter if you plan on long term holding.

>> No.5658050

People buying Ripple or Monero hoping it will appear before REQ are delusional. Y Combinator owns REQ and will force it down the throats of Silicon Valley. It will be the newer, better Venmo/Paypal. Once this shit hits Coinbase it's price will 10x.

>> No.5658180


Buying and stashing REQ now is like buying ETH for $2 back in 2015. If you manage to load AT LEAST 10k REQ and hold it for 2-3 years you will become a multimillionaire.

>> No.5658315

100k here. We gonna make it

>> No.5658546

berlinbro also said there will be news yesterday

>> No.5658585

thought we might have hit the top so I sold my stack few minutes ago, but decided to buy back in with a small profit
the order book looks really juicy

>> No.5658597

No it,s not , req is a fucking gamble investment and they still have a lot of word to do for adoption.

Req doesn't offer anything new or special , and it's being made by 1 fucking developer LOL . SHITCOIN ALERT.

>> No.5658639

nice fud pajeet

>> No.5658652

that's pretty weak FUD, why even try? step up your game

>> No.5658657
File: 15 KB, 250x195, IMG_3008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you schizophrenic?

>> No.5658659
File: 64 KB, 594x598, IMG_2474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He never said that but retards kept saying that lel
And every time i pointed out news are bi weekly with last news last week

>> No.5658687


I honeslty got out of this coin since I felt it had too many buzzwords and it's just too much hype driven (and I'm also a 2nd world poorfag so atm I have to go all in one coin to actually get some leg to invest money, no point in diversifying atm).

Gives me a feeling of some major astroturfing done by the developers.

Not trying to FUD, good luck to all of you fellas holding this.

>> No.5658715

Team of 5 people have been working on REQ for 5 years now. And they have another company called moneytis so it's not like they have 0 business experience.

Current team is 12 people big and expanding.

>> No.5658763

What are you doing man. I'm in the same boat as you go all-in into this coin. I invested in SALT when it was $2 and sold at $16. REQ will have similar growth. GET IN ASAP

>> No.5658795

yes he did faggot, there is a screenshot in this very thread
REQ is great, don't make emotional decisions
imo there are two coins worth going all in - REQ and ICX
buy REQ at 2400 sats, ICX is about to moon any time
do what thou wilt

>> No.5658824
File: 386 KB, 1299x1353, IMG_20171211_015433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my stratergy is only buy dem wen dey already mooned

>> No.5658884

REQ is a literal money printing machine. I've been saying this will hit $1 with ease and then become the new XLM / Ripple in Q1. Looks like we're on pace.

>> No.5658917

I went all in XLM at ~1800, and I'm pretty sure it wont go below 2000 SAT anytime soon, so I should be fine. I got into crypto 2 weeks ago and already made 50% profit.

I already went all in XLM at a good price, would be a shame to leave it now since it's p much guaranteed profit from now on.

Thanks for the advice, will consider if I manage to get some more money (2nd world college student so even a few hundred euros is someone's monthly salary).

>> No.5658944

Well i just checked and youre right
Anyway if your base your investments on anonymous posts on a nepalese handkerchief weaver forum you should rethink your strategy
REQ got all the fundamentals great partners are transparent and deliver on time
This is one of the best chances for a major legit moon mission that deserves this name

>> No.5658984

im gonna hold this coin until 2019

whos with me?

>> No.5659074

Yep. I may get out half my stack at $2 because I'll then be totally debt free, with taxes, and a little "fuck you" money, but the rest will be held to 2019.

>> No.5659159

.42 incoming.

>> No.5659284

>Anyway if your base your investments on anonymous posts on a nepalese handkerchief weaver forum you should rethink your strategy
That's a nice fucking strawman. I corrected you and now you're passive-aggressively (kek never thought I'd unironically say it) telling me I base my decisions on some random pajeet?

>> No.5659578

I'll sell a part to participate in the NEX exchange.

>> No.5660027

Fuck is we can make .40 our new floor for REQ shit is GAME ON for $1!

>> No.5660045

If that came off passive aggressively im sorry it wasnt meant that way
English isnt my native language im german
Im just saying posts like berlin anons are okay to keep in mind but as anything on 4chan take it with a grain of salt since this berlin anon could be literally anyone

>> No.5660796

guys should I sell at .45 like germanbro said or hold until $1

>> No.5660846

germanbro prob didn't anticipate the massive drop in btc prices, which req prices are naturally tied to. I'd sell half now and leave the rest.

>> No.5660932

this, I expect one last green candle, hopefully 3250 sats is a good exit point

>> No.5661657

Been selling a portion of my trading stack on most green candles and buying back in when drops 2-3000 sats, increased trading stack by 30%