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>tfw sold picrel at $8 because you told me it'd dump to $5 or even lower
wtf happened

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Why is Cosmos shilling it


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interoperability means cooperation. monolithic chains will go extinct.

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Huh? Are they subnetting?

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>cosmos becomes an avax subnet
what in the actual fuck HOW do I keep missing shit like this
Explain this to me as if I was a literal retard pls

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You can continue to open threads and we will still not buy your scam

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You still have time before Avax hits 3 digits, then 4 digits.

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Everything will become a Subnet, its inevitable.
Poosmos bend the Knee.

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nobody cares what a dumb nigger fudcuck does with his $20 lunchmoney poorfolio.

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i hodl 0 avax but had 250 vaxxies until I sold at $8 because (you) told me so, now I'm currently sidelined missing out on Cosmos x Avalanche pump
btfo my thread you miserable disgusting pajeet piece of shit

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Someone lied to you, and that someone is surely getting paid to do so

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you didn't think we meant you should sell it for USD, right anon?

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ETHfags want to squeeze the entire world's security onto a single chain because they're utopian midwits that only pay lip service to the idea of decentralization.
multichain networks like DOT/ATOM/AVAX are the obvious and practical solution, but ETHfags, being homosexual authoritarians, don't like the idea of customizable blockchains. instead they want a pyramidal hierarchy of L2s that all depend on the central ETH chain to function.

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I buy ETHfags being completely unaware of how Ethereum's vision of scaling is completely retarded and destined to fail, but I feel you're lowkey shilling Polkadot, I've heard parachains are unreliable and rather shit considering
>1. you have to get them through auctions
>2. even if you win the auction which is already retarded, parachains are practically "rented" to you as you don't really own them entirely
What's AVAX's thesis for the next run? 4-digits seem moonboyish

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Avax token very scalable and reliable, mark my words one thousand united state dollars end of this year.

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avalanche set to moonie moon , do no sleep on hidden jem.

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it time for the moonie moon. .it time for the moonie moons, avax going good today wow

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