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kek baggies

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Ranjesh, congratulations on posting this same image in different corners of the internet over 500 times today! You have earned a bonus of .06 rupees (deposited in your account in 30-60 business weeks). Keep up the great work!

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This was the funniest cope. They got delisted and people were like “uh… it’s still in my account? Checkmate fuddies”.
Not realising removing shit options from random accounts is not a high priority for any financial institution. Guess some intern finally got around to it at fidelity.

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anyone in crypto knows what delisted is
crypto really is like a decentralised finance course, that will probably bankrupt you (but no student debt)

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Based, fuck bbby retard. Cant wait to see this happen to gme

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Fuck female CEOs.

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Wait are we finally getting rid of these retards?

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This just proves everything weve been saying

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You wish. Shares have been cancelled for over a month. The bankruptcy plan administrator himself said the shares were worth nothing and had no underlying equity to a rabid bagholder, and I think their god Ryan Cohen also said something to that effect. Yet the faith is still strong.

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no bro you just have to use the decoder ring on the ryan cohen tweets in two more weeks super duper special shares will reappear in our accounts

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you underestimate just how delusional these people are

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why would anyone pay shills against a failed company???????????

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umm. This is illegal.

They can't just steal my bbbyq.

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Help police they stole $0 of digital property from me!

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>own shares of a company
>company doesn't exist anymore = shares don't exist anymore
simple as.

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still a record of shares, nothing changes lol.

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>noooooo you can't just liquidate my $0.000000000001/per shares in the bankrupt company!!!!!!
>GME retards: he should have gotten the physical paper shares!

lol and lmao concurrently

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wait what, didn't they file for bankruptcy over half a year ago? why would someone still be holding shares unless they're in a coma?

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See >>56509298

Removing worthless is not done instantly because it’s incredibly low prioriy, you can’t trade with them anyway. Institutes clean accounts and dump this shit when they get around to it.

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Is this you?

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>the general is still up