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>Parents asking me for money again even though they already owe me $18,300
It's over, isn't it? Should I just go no contact?

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Do they use the money wisely?

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depends. describe moms chicken tendies game....

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Yeah it might be time to cut them off.
Unless your ok with just giving them money as a gift.

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Dry as fuck. She also barely cooks anymore.

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probably you should help them. god said honor your mother and father.
but there needs to be some limits set.

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Set your foot down at 30k, don't be a little bitch and give Mom and Dad your money, bucko

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They wasted a lot of money on useless garbage over the past 20 years so it's really their fault they're in the red to begin with.

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Nobody can make family decisions for you big boy

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since they're your parents you will have to bully them into good decisions. they will never listen to you

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do they have anything they could sell to raise funds?

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Turn it around and ask them for money say you lost it on Bitmex while extensively explaining them about why bitcoin is the future and 100x leverage will let you reach financial freedom one day

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I would lose all respect for my parents if they asked me for money.

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I know that feel bro. I’m surprised /biz/fags with normal parents haven’t said “but m-muh family” to you yet.

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Your parents are supposed to help give you a better life than they had. I would rather live in a cardboard box under an overpass than take or ask for money from my kids. Their money is supposed to go towards their kids (my grandkids).

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damn i owe my parents. I cant imagine them owing me. oof

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Depends why they're asking.
If they doing fine and just milking you to buy more dumb consooomer shit tell them to fuck off.
If they're on hard times cuz your dad lost his job or something then it's kinda different.
If they're up to 18k then things clearly aren't under control. You need to go IMF on their ass and say any more loans are conditional on them making some drastic changes to balance their budget.

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My dad doesn't work at all.

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My dad hadn't talked to me in over a year and then reached out to me when my grandmother died only to ask me for $2,700. He's in debt with everyone he knows and I told him no because I knew I'd be kissing that money goodbye. Don't lend money to family, either give it or don't. Don't expect to get it back though.

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What is with Americans and broken familys? The whole point of a family is to help each other to live in the up and downs. Yet somehow parents acting like parasitic leeches who only view their offspring as a pests until they get loaded. The amount of boomer horror stories are insane. Is this what sitcoms and goyslop get you?

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What should I do? My dad has always been like this, would always blow his money as soon as he got it and then have no money for rent or bills. But he's probably homeless or something right now idk because I tried the "no contact" thing after he asked me for money too many times. I don't know if I should feel bad but I do not want this person in my life mooching off of me or begging me for money all the time lol

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you owe them your life

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t. parasite boomer
You disgust me. Animals know to take care of their offspring better than you.

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Mom is now badgering me about something called Zelle. Says she can help set it up. I just ignored her.

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if you've been on this planet for multiple decades as an adult and you still can't figure out how to survive in steady state conditions, you deserve every bit of your pain and suffering.

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Don't give them money. just go over and help them. or if you can't buy them stuff yourself so they don't waste it.

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no anon. they already owe you $18.7k. this is insane unless one of them xame down with delta supercancer aids. they're treating you like shit and acting entitled to your money. this is where you set a boundary and say no more and actually they need to start zelle-ing you to pay back the 18.7k. your parents sound like psychos here desu

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tell them you'll give them $500 if they give you power of attorney and have all sources of income direct deposited into an account that you own.

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Nah simply tell them you have no money left, and fuck off to another town, call them every now and then to check if they're still alive and that's it, I did something similar and the peace I feel is incalculable, I can even play blocklords and other vidya while also not having any financial obligations with my family anymore

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kek, you're a piece of shit

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I don't think God will like this attitude that much

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Until they pay the 18.7k I'm guessing

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That's not peace nor tranquility basically cuz you're neglecting your relationship with your parents you faggot

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>they will never listen to you
Why is that the case? I have a masters in CS and been coding since forever and have 6 years as a software engicuck, yet when they ask for something computer related and I tell them how they go "but the pajeet at the computer repair store said x or y"

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Have a sit down with them. They are obviously doing something wrong so giving them more money will only make the problem worse.
Either actually help them with finances or just don't help them at all.

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Same. They owe me $2k that I'm pretty sure they've forgotten about and just asked for another $10,000.

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>im going ghost

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God does not exist. Also if OP's parents are abusive parasites, they should absolutely be told to fuck off and rot.

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sell their debt lmao

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You should give them what they want anon. If you don't, your money will be cursed and you will suck dick for dime in 2 years

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She's guilt tripping me, I have no choice. Go figure my cuck dad can't be the one to beg from me.

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You sound like me.
Fact: The will never ease off.
Eventually you’re gonna have to rip the band aid off or get cucked forever. I’m in the process of doing the former. They’ve eased off a little on me cause I pointed out that they had other grown working age children that could help with shit. But occasionally they’ll still complain about money to/within earshot of me or leave bills laying around the house. So annoying.

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Tell them that you will only assist with bills and shit thats actually important. Everything else will be on them. That includes dumbass car payments, too.