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What's happening its been so long with these stupid bear market and I'm so frustrated desu.
>What's the right thing to do?
What alts are you channers buying or are you just holding hoping for the good?
>Fuck I am damn too confused and will the bulls actually ever return soon? Fuck!

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NGMI jeet

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Fission reactor company stocks.

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Definitely, it's a good time to stick to top trending narratives else yngmi

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I'll be selling off everything... BTC is pumping but the bear is still here.

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With the upcoming quantum computers and its threats, if you aren't sticking to post quantum cryptography, then you gonna get fucked.

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I'm better off with crypto, the bullrun is much closer than now than ever

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The Alts I am holding have extreme potential and it will flip the fuck out especially QANX. You sleep on it, you lose.

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I have started buying BTC again with the cash back I receive on a credit card, but only have 0.05 BTC so far.

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Since you have an eye on staking, You shouldn't miss out on staking IMM. With an impressive 350% APY, it's a highly rewarding opportunity, especially in today's market.

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L1 projects are a good hold.

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Look here anon, the bull is already here and chuds are investing in the only quantum resistant layer 1 with a hybrid blockchain that is EVM compatible. Keep holding on!

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YNGMI poorfag, Still cruising in yatch during holiday and ready to cash out big from NXRA and AVAX during the next bull season.

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Oh yeah, especially QANX. It enable developers to build quantum-resistant blockchain applications in any programming language of their choice.

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Poorfags will never make it in life, I'm bagging PEPE and HBAR. My best bet

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Poorfags will never make it in life, I'm bagging PEPE and HBAR. My best bet

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SOL and nothing more.

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Sol is a security

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Just a matter of time, QANX will flip other L1 projects. The recent launches of private blockchain and Librescan this year is already making a huge statement in the space.

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Just a matter of time, QANX will flip other L1 projects. The recent launches of private blockchain and Librescan this year is already making a huge statement in the space.

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Thank you anon, I'm sure adding this to my Floki bag. Hopefully, I'll have some bitches dancing naked and popping champagne on the Christmas night.

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For me, I feel the first L1 blockchain that has secured partnerships from high Tech company like HACKEN is what poorfags should hold before the bullrun hits the ground.

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Why are y'all buying ? I thought we agreed not to buy crypto again because crypto is dead. Wtf did I listen to the Jews.

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This shit gonna hit lots of lose guarded jeets

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Take a look at this anon, QANX at its present discounted price has attracted lots of attention. Anticipation is high as its mainnet launch will be live by EOY.

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You missed out. 15K was the time to buy. I mean, we're probably at the next bear market low now anyway so you might as well buy, but don't expect to make a ton of money.

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BTC only perps. It pumps a shit ton and it looks good? Sweet, buy more with leverage. It's over and we are receding like my hairline? Sweet, I'll short with leverage. I'm tired of being a little pussy.

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Reason why I prioritise quantum resistant security and especially the newly launched decentralised multi-chain blockchain explorer. Best in upholding user privacy and provide autonomous access to blockchain data, mitigating the risks associated with central points of failure.

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LINK, XRP, FLOKI, SHIB and ADA is a good alts to look out for.

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No QANX? Yngmi. I have made 10x with it in the past few months. It's recent partnership with Beosin and multiple launches is impressive and also making it worthy of the top 10 list alts in the next bear cycle.

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Not to own SCLP is not an option for me, cause the team is looking into the future and regulation will hit at some point

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Stop shilling it's just embarrassing at this point. No one here is buying anything some anon has desperately spammed this thread about. You are glowing not like a FED glows but in the way a PAJEET glows.

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Oh the QANX posts are sooo natural

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I already said i hold BTC. You'd be a fool no not think one BTC wouldn't be worth in the millions within 10 years.

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SOL does nothing special and the value per token is pure manipulated copium. even btc is cope but btc has 1 crazy fucking moron buying the dip named saylor.

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Anons, I keep hearing the chads hyping this up as a potential top gem flip, but where are the price targets at? What's the deal with that?

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>cause the team is looking into the future and regulation will hit at some point
what's the deal with this? We've got the scoop that AI, QVM, and Oracle projects are gonna run the show in the future. What else do they tend to bring to the table that is not already on the pipeline?

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>10x in past few months.
Stop larping and get your facts straight.

>top 10
top 10 is super ambitious. Top 50-100 is a realistic target IMO.

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>What alts are you channers buying
Definitely not fucking RSR.

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pepe 2.0 any good?

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Your scam shitcoin fuds itself nigger

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I hold icy penorz

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No matter how bad things get at least you're not a BBB bag holder

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Why choose anything less than quantum-resistant security?

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You've still got a shot to scoop up some of these blue chips, anon. After this, the opportunity might be gone, so don't let those shirtless benzofags steer you away from crypto. Stack up while you can.

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I've been keeping an eye on this one. The current price drop has certainly piqued interest and with the mainnet almost ready, moon mission abounds.

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Oh yeah, this is where to get enterprise-level data security, bolstering quantum resistance and facilitating diverse blockchain applications since the quantum computer era is becoming closer.

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Kek, now is still a good time to buy. Just don't go all-in BTC.

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>Is this a good time to buy crypto?

Should have been accumulating the last two years.

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Why SHIB? just asking for a friend.

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I'm buying QANX and XRD

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no one cares

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Auditing and security are paramount, especially in the crypto space. It's a smart move to ensure your holdings are built on a strong foundation before the bullrun charges ahead.

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Didn't consider buying this, i rather opted to pick up projects in the arbitrum ecosystem like SPOOL, MUX and VELA.

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Isn't this the same layer 1 quantum-resistant blockchain that was selected by Ernst and Young

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Buying FGC on Azbit, C0insbit and CoinstoreExc will the smartest decision while having an eye on BTC and ETH before the bullrun starts.

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SOL is dead right

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I bought a little today, I hope it pumps else I will shit on it

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Looks like you stole my bag anon, I'll be adding OGBX to increase my gains. This gem has been on fire after the world-class endorsment by Google, BNB Chain, and Mario Nawfal.

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Why is this trending, has it mainnet launched yet

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what happened with this guy? I could swear it was gonna be the next gmx anon

makes every sense to be splitting in different alts, I just added RIDE to my "make it stack"

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Quantum-resistant blockchains are the best

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Hail Married Bonk! on Arb. Fuck it. Maybe I can get a little back before it rugs.

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Diversifying is key, that's basic knowledge that everyone should understand

heard they're relaunching metastaking, could be based

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BTC is the best though

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It's literally going to $100 bobo

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It private blockchain is, and it even got selected by EY to improve innovation, IMO it might be wise to buy in now

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And the bridge thing too, two massive updates to kick start QR

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Devs are definitely going to jump in on this

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Been sticking with dca for the last few months, time to put all those bags I've accumulated to work

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I am always a big fan of alts with partnerships in the traditional industry another one i find amusing is CYMI with its partnership with VISA.

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My god this fucking thread

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I'm trying to buy a few alts like EGLD,QRDO, QANX and HAPI atm to make it big in the upcoming bullrun.

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Jeet what's wrong

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Yeah no 2nd thoughts on that with the QVM tech they now can embrace complete freedom to code in any language they wish.

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Ignore the foolish fuck, the threats posed by the quantum computers are serious we need to be early and start adopting post quantum cryptography.

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I agree anon, I am actually taking prevention with QAN with this regards. So no worries on my end desu. But what you say is a fact and truth.

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Hathor has a token called GG fuck gary gensler token. How do I buy?

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Lol you are a risk taker. Anon why waste your money when you can actually make with good alts like RIO, KAS, or QANX

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Dyor on RWA, AI and Quantum resistance these will lead you to the future fucking fool

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Yes, now is a good time.

As for which crypto specifically? Honestly, almost fucking anything. All that matters is that you get in now before the market recovery begins. I'm guessing it'll still be another 6-12 months atleast before a generalized crypto market recovery takes place, but better to get in early. With some luck we'll jump back to 2021 levels again.

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That really gives me some energy desu. As said best to buy now if not before. I am doing that and with QANX I'll need not worry about the damn fucking quantum computers and its threats.

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ill go slow this time and i'll hoarde BNB.

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It hasn't mooned yet. It's time

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BNB will pump big for sure but the situation is dicey with CZ desu, instead I will try and invest into good projects like TARAXA, QAN, NEAR, TON, HARMONY.