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>dinosaur tech
>overly complex
>bloated market cap
>take for fucking ever to release even simple updates
>Lido 33% staking dominance
>no mass adoption
>leader is on record supporting CP
>constantly losing on the BTC ratio
Guys, ETH is my biggest holding and I always dismissed the ETH FUD but over the past few weeks I’ve been getting increasingly nervous. I’m starting to doubt ETH will ever overcome its technical debt and see any significant adoption

BTC is my #2 holding. What’s the plan from here? I think I’m gonna dump part of my ETH as soon as it recovers a little on the ratio, to buy more BTC and buy a low market cap L1 that will actually see adoption from enterprises like Hedera

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stay in eth bro! hold strong!!!

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>thinks solana is amazeballs and has an existential crisis over it
just wait until this retard finds ICP and he'll turn full unabomber on the eth foundation

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>shilling sol
Cringe. Picrel.
Eth is slow, expensive, and usable under load. Its first mover advantage is the only reason it ever hit price discovery. I expect a slow bleed to btc. The world, however, will run on Hedera.

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>pajeet shills icypiss
Even more cringe.

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No anon, you got it twisted. I don’t hold any SOL but I’ve been stacking up a lot of HBAR over the past few month, I even mentioned it in OP. A few weeks back I sold like 8% of my ETH stack to buy more HBAR and I’m considering selling more. Hedera is the real deal

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All of your eth should be in btc and you’d better have a sizable bag of Hedera (1m+)

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>he still thinks L1s matter

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What’s your portfolio?

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remember way back when all the ETH cocksuckers were SO SURE it would flip BTC

fucking LMAO, eat shit.

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your plan is so retarded that is probably gonna work out somehow

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100% LINK, which is the most diversified your protfolio can be because you get exposure to all current and future usage of smart contracts.

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>retard shills solana inferior tech instead of avax
solana cant scale, simple as.

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thanks for buying. eth is the biggest shitcoin

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>2025 bullrun
>flippening finally happens
>it's ETH flipping to 3rd

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Link after 7 years of development isn't even on any of these l1 and l2s radar.

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What a fucked up situation we're in where you, someone who absolutely knows that's not the case, took the time to type that out and I, someone who absolutely knows you're being disingenuous, took the time to respond.

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He's right about Ethereum but wrong about Solana, Easily the most absurdly overhyped project in the past 2 years

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ccip + permissioned chains. eth not needed

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CCIP solves this

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Wow so instead of paying eth gas fees I can pay eth gas fees plus giving chaincucks another 10% on top for absolutely no reason! And that's assuming this retarded fantasy is even possible or will ever happen!

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I switched back to bitcoin. i host my own email and have a CS degree, I couldn't keep my ETH node running, it's just not practical for individuals right now. The ETH devs have got to get their shit together.

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No you can pay the gas fees on a private chain and use eth just for settlement.

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it's simple
bitcoin already won
ethereum hasn't, and its increasingly likely that the market ethereum relies on will never have a single conclusive winner like bitcoin's does.

but you can't use this as a reason to buy things that have already lost, like hbar.
that's just you turning into exit liquidity.

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>eth gas fees
>eth just for settlement

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simply marvelous

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is it all it takes to be a "[cryptocurrency project] developer", to just work on code for its blockchain? no wonder we have people like this or that crackhead that founded don't buy inu

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CCIP solves rollups interoperability. Basedlana is a ghostchain.

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> Cardano
> Tezos

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Avalanche is already in the Process of replacing it:

>permissionless staking with no slashing where you actually participate in consensus decisions
>Sub Second Finality for every transaction
>no MEV
>Blockchain as a Service where everyone can launch their own fully customized Subnet running whatever Virtual Machine they want
>network can scale to millions of validators
>named by Bank of America as the golden shovel for the upcoming RWA Bullrun
>has high profile clients like Deloitte, KKR, T. Rowe Price, Alibaba, Tencent, Amazon AWS, WisdomTree etc.
>Big Brain IC3 team behind it
>vetted by Sergey and Ari Juels

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this lol. ICP is everything this guy was ranting about in his post. they'll find out eventually. twitter is waking up already even before /biz/. such a shame.

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emin gun sirer

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Everyone will soon realize this and switch to Avax.

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Avax is promising but kas with sc might eat its cake

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Yep you better listen to that redditor

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But are any enterprises actually building on it? As far as I can tell, Hedera is objectively years ahead when it comes to adoption

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The fragmentation is already insane and it's only going to get worse – see picrel. In a year's time there will be as many Ethereum L2s as there are ERC20s. Try explaining to a normie which of the dozens of L2s to use, which of the dozens of bridges, how to reduce bridging gas fees, etc. and watch their eyes glaze over.

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Nobody is building on anything except Ethereum and EVM, and barely even there
For corporations it's going to be permissioner chains and CCIP and maybe Eth

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Hedera is EVM compatible anon and they have an option to encrypt data which is basically the best of both worlds of a public chain and permissioned private chain. It’s like I said, I’ve been looking into it and they are years ahead of Ethereum

It’s stupid as fuck. Most of these L2s are just scams with tokens that do nothing. It’s like a return to 2017. I actually fell for the Ethereum “rollup centric roadmap” back in 2021. The problem is that Ethereum Foundation itself has zero direction and all of these L2s are just waiting to launch their token and get rich

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delet this

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TLDR stacking eth anyways