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Do you agree?

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is this board now just a twitter screencap argument board? does anyone here have any original thought whatsoever anymore?

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no I dont agree with that brainlet take

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Could you post a screen cap of your comment on twitter, then post that twitter cap on here?

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the "original thoughts" format on 4chan didnt hold up very well as the site became more brown and the new users lack internal monologue. now we post screencaps of people who might have once provided original thoughts on 4chan but have moved to twitter to filter browns more effectively

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'Buy my bags', the post.

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average IQ of this board is <50. main posters are

1) zoomgroid retards with ADHD perma-fried niggerbrains who can only think and discuss topics conveyed in the form of tard tok webms and twitter screenshots

2) turd world niggermonkeys who live in grotesque tin roof favela shacks, desperately shilling their $375 USD market cap niggershit coins

3) autistic retards (a/k/a NEETs) who post inane LARPs as a way to cope about being molested as a child and living in crushing poverty their entire fag retard life

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Yes. That is 100% the correct take right now. I've been doing this since 2016. I've seen all the /biz/ pumps and dumps since then, ALL of them. And I wish I had just fucking held BTC.

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would you split between ETH at this point or strictly BTC and maybe 10% to meme coins?

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selling the top of trash shitcoins IS TRADING

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based autistic retard

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have you been on the other boards lately?it's the whole fucking website like this now

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so which category are you? 3 I take it

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If you make half of your portfolio in bitcoin and the rest in alts then hodl, then yes I can agree. Ethereum has been dying painfully in sats.

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tag yourselves, I'm 3

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disgruntled corporate wagenigger who wants to 10x his net worth but realizes it will never happen

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yeah maybe except for the ETH part.... ETH is shit

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what would you do instead? Would you do 50% BTC 50% something else?

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The OP posting these threads is often the author of the twitter post, it's a cheap and easy way to get more followers

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why not? Don't believe another bull market will happen?

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Maxi is for early bitcoin people
Trading is for desperate degens

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50% BTC
10-20% SOL
10-20% AVAX or CAI (an AVAX index)
The rest spread evenly across ETH, APTOS, ALGO, HBAR, LINK, POLYGON, etc.

I don't have much conviction for those in the last group, but its impossible to know who will win the space... the market doesn't always pick the best technology.

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do you really think anyone will care about SOL or AVAX? I don't see how there's any narrative for this stuff this time around

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best chance at being able to scale, implement practical use cases, limited supply.

But there's no guarantee it will gain mass adoption, that's why you diversify