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> Go to college, get a CS degree
> Get a job, last 6 years before severe burnout and shitty house expenses forces me out of said job and have to move back in with parents
> Due to burnout, coping with video games and junk food, not even thinking about finding a job
> By the time I'm ready to find a job again, Jerome comes out of nowhere to fuck my life permanently with rate hikes
> Job market is fucking camel-dog hybrid shit, flat out impossible to find a job in tech with ever increasing job gap most especially; also CS has become the new fine arts meme degree, it's hypersaturated to fucking hell
> Looking into other fields for work, those are also shitty job conditions because muh "Job MarKEt SenTiMUUNT!!!!!"
> Bleeding money from savings thanks to no job, still living with parents with zero hope of ever buying home since home prices are increasing like a runaway train

So that's that, my life is in tathers. In complete ruin. It isn't entirely my fault either, it was simply the world slapping me sideways and black pilling me hardcore. This life isn't just unfair, it's downright CRUEL!!!!!!!!!! *sniff*

Fuck you zestimate stacy, fuck you bobo, fuck you Jerome Powell, fuck you Janet Yellen, fuck you Gary Gensler, fuck you Biden, fuck you out of touch boomer bosses, fuck you horrible luck....

FUCK YOU FUCKING ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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this is exactly how I felt before I bought pondering orb

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Your real life will begin soon. Trust the plan. 2 more weeks.

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perfect opportunity for you to join the military in the upcoming conflict!

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Oh yeah, I'd absolutely love to get my legs blasted off by a roadside IED. I'd love to get mustard gas sprayed all over me. Sigh.

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Everyone blames boomers but really this gen X's fault. They destroyed the country

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You'll find a job eventually. You might also put that determination into a tech startup from your garage

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It could be worse. I gambled away at least 200k euro of my life savings on shitcoins

Im making solid money but my savings are all gone and i have heavy mortgages to pay. A lot of pressure to keep grinding away like mad and not a moment of peace of mind bcs of those lost life savings

Also intense self hatred

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Now now sweatie. We can spray you with the ketchup flavored gas instead.

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do people really do this sort of shit? wtf lol. All shitcoins are just Indian scammers. They already got into this thread as the first reply, kek.

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you did have another skillset to fall back on didn't you
you could do drywall, painting or bricklaying right

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My friend roped me in. I think its common. Be careful who you friend

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Get a PhD, retard

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>CS degree

Why didn't you make a videogame?

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Making a video game requires lots of time and artistic skill which goes way beyond just knowing how to make software

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>he quit his job?
>excellent, now blacklist him and blame it on the job gap

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No one ever seems to think it makes sense when I say I'm not going to pretend like I'm polite society while I'm in my enemies' Antarctic slave hole.

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Why did you quit instead of finding a easy software remote job in easy field like insurance.
My job is mind numbingly easy, I coasted the last 3 years. The pay is absolute shit, but I don't know what the word burnout even means.
I work maybe 3 hours a week.
I always knew even back then, you can't quit jobs and go take a vacation, them hr roasties don't like that. The best vacation is a vacation while "working" at a remote job.
Mechanical mouse mover for the win.

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>Zhats it. He finished the degree with lot of debt
>Excellent, raise ze rates
>Load the middle east fud
>Burn ze job markét
>It is done

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Nexidia was a fake job; NIA 1234 workunit about delete command caught in infinite loop was them trying to tell me that they thought it was weird I wasn't getting murdered. Elavon was a fake job, only offered to me for my enemies to defraud me with my willing complicity. Lexus Nexus was a fake job, only offered to me because it helps my enemies when I volunteer to let them defraud me. Exide was a fake job too, only offered to me because my enemies thought they'd be able to murder me in the office there. I had a job at Career Builder in for a week before I quickly got fired, but I think it's safe to say that was a fake job too. Ever since I got expelled from college with a fake student justice hearing, all of the other jobs I got were fake and meant to further the aims of those who got me expelled from college. Even though they say there's a shortage of women in IT, I was the only man working with five women at Nexidia, and my desk was a little kiddie desk that sat me between two ugly women's giant fat asses at their normal office cubicles. My boss at Elavon was Rhonda, who was probably Helene who was the one who got me expelled from college with her lies. My boss at Lexus Nexus was a woman, Cecilie. My boss at Exide was Sandy, pic related, but her boss was Helene meaning I was still working for the person who ruined my chance at a decent career by getting me expelled from college with her lies.

I have proven, to myself, that I will never be offered honest employment.

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>My boss at Exide was Sandy, pic related
And Sandy was playing the disguise game with David Parker Ray, so my boss was actually the most disgusting serial killer I ever heard of, and even then, he's not as half as bad as Helene.

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>I will never be offered honest employment.

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Why is this gay thread being recreated every single day. Maybe you wouldn't be a loser if you stopped fucking posting the same shit over and over.

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It really was a combined effort to fuck over the youth of the world.

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Yes, certainly.

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>thinks he's worth the mustard gas
M3h m3h m3h
The sciences got raped first if its any consolation anon. Depending on your name, your application may be going directly to the bin.

No worries. I can also code in R and have published large scale fda mining work. Oooop.... Still don't get any replies.

It's not like doing a degree in pharmaceutical science and then learning to code simultaneously takes effort or anything.

Don't worry, just consign yourself to the oceans of piss and think outside the box. Don't fight the piss, there's just too much off it.

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Is the CS job market in Texas saturated? or are there still many job opportunities available?

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Hehe, this guy thinks his hundreds or possibly thousands of hours coding gives him any value to the HR roasties... Shave spent it getting abs and a porsche instead.Try again sweaty!

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Plenty of military jobs with very little risk of conflict. Do some research.

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>Due to burnout, coping with video games and junk food, not even thinking about finding a job

Are you a woman? Jesus Christ lift some weights or just get some fresh air

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I don't get how interest rates are the problem.

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Who told you that you could quit and take a break wagie?

^ That, but seriously. Every wagie knows you demonstrate bad slave conditioning by taking a break that is more than 2 weeks every 5 years.

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I wanted to get a CS degree in Nebraska. there are some tech jobs here, along with low cost of living.
i have no CS degree, and i'm still learning how to make video games. unity, and other game engines make it piss easy. if you already know advanced programming fundamentals, its even easier. the only hard part is being creative, and making a fictional world someone would actually want to play in.

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This is true. Pretend you did independent contracting or good luck ever explaining the resume gap to the roasties.

>Took a year off at year 7 of waging
>Recruiter asks me what that was
>Told them it was a break from work, a sabbatical if you will
>Sorry Anon, a sabbatical is at year 10. You took one at year 7. Something else is going on
>Ok fine Anon, let's consider it a sabbatical. what did you do during this time. Any projects? Anything productive? Research? Conferences? Anything?
>Nah mostly went to the gym all day and it was amazing
>... Anon!

If a guy can't take a year off after 7 years of hard waging I don't know what is this world. Most people I know don't have as solid of experience as me. They have way more gaps, yet I was still criticized..kek

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There's just no escaping the hamster wheel is there

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I'm not reading all that, but picrel

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>the only hard part is being creative, and making a fictional world someone would actually want to play in.
Yeah, this part is harder than everything else combined, at least if you actually want to make a good, original game that's successful enough to replace a job. I guess you could just use a bunch of free assets to get around the need for artistic talent though

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>getting abs
Also got 6 pack, & can build
Don't worry for me antagoniser, there are other ways

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>Plenty of military jobs with very little risk of conflict
There are actually some pretty decent coding jobs in the US DOD. Being a bong, I'm not eligible for those. But mebe OP could check those out.

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>grind up your savings
>if you cant get a higher tier job, get a low tier one until you can
>dont get a mortgage, get an RV
>live in that and use the nest egg as collateral for a business loan
>start and operate your own business
There is no safe option these days anon. You're thinking of a time when tptb would've shit their pants if they pissed off the majority of men because they would've done something. You can never expect to get ahead using the prescribed path, surely you know this? That you've been propagandized since birth to submit to this system. Cui bono?

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It's so much more fun to write things from scratch entirely c++ but there is no guaranteed payback. So ultimately a waste of time.

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Anything that shows that the conditioning didnt work is a red flag. You can be great at what you do, but if they feel like you have options and cant be pushed around they will pick other candidates unless they don't have a choice, but even then you'll be first on the chopping block as soon as they have an alternative because they want a reliable cog, not someone who has aspirations beyond putting 110% effort into their machine.

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do you take any sick days? I'm also remote but haven't used a vacation day or sick day since starting 3 years ago. I just don't want to take a chance of losing this comfy gig

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Oh i take vacations and sick days. What I really meant, is that you can't have an employment gaps in your resuem. I mistyped I guess.
I can't even imagine, quitting your current job without having one lined up. Recipe for disaster.

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You sound like a total pussy faggot, no offense anon. I've quit without a job lined up before, taken half a year off, and landed a higher paying job. It's called having skills and being willing to relocate. Also being attractive and charismatic helps.

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You got what you fucking deserve for supporting the system

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>haven't taken a vacation day or sick day in 3 FUCKING YEARS
Anon, I'm a stalker on /biz/, just wanted to jump in and say that you are A SLAVE - no matter how much you earn, no matter how little you work, no matter how "comfy" you are at your job - YOU'RE A LITERAL SLAVE and YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE. Most pathetic post I've read in my entire life. You're not even human - imagine being such a retard to be afraid of paid time off/sick days. Kill yourself man - I unironically mean it, it will literally save you - you will die sooner or later anyway, it will finally set you free. I can't imagine what a pussy you are if you publicly admitted this.