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did you realize you were in the crypto version of Gamestop?

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This is what he was replying to…literally reads like a cult advertisement. Online investing groups took a really weird turn in the last 5 years. Wtf

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>fudcuck thread #4825 today
>"i... i know what will make them sell for sure this time... uh... g...gamestop? it's like gamestop?"
bravo fudsister, top tier work, while also being an extremely based and redpilled post just sold 100k

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OP holds LINk

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lol good, stay out of link then faggot

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For the 1000th time:
A) posts on biz dont move the market:
B) I want you to keep holding so I can keep running train on your bitch ass

Holy shit how do you still not get it

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what exactly are linkies deluded about again?

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Huh? What is good? You cant even think straight. Are they hurting you in the cult? Type something gay for your next response to confirm

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wow another extremely based post fudsister
if the first one didn't make them sell, this one definitely will
how are you so good at this?

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-future price action and theories about price suppression primarily

-also the Link tokens role in the financial world (none, its a fundraising/bribe tool)

-finally, life in general. This one is outside the scope of a business board

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How many coins? Lets calculate the loss from ‘21.

Speaking of, you know what else mooned around then…Gamestop

>diamond hands my fellow apes
>never selling huhh huhhh right gang!?!


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wtf yes! imagine how many coins!
and yes, definitely talk about how it's like gamestop again
you really are the best fudsister in the coven, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
you've probably made biz sell 300k just from this thread alone

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unstoppable force versus immovable object
fuddies will never stop fudding
baggies will never stop holding

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>palestinian flag

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They really haven't been sending their best, have they? How can a fudcuck like the OP even begin to argue when biz understands by default that the average fudcuck is usually a brown basement dwelling, porn / drug addicted esl poorfag that bought high and sold low?

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very good. well i do see how these things existing could warrant sacrificing multiple hours per day every day for years on end to rectify, so kudos.

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i dodnt know i have invested about 10,000 dollars into link withing the last year and now its 20,000 dollars kek. im happy

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Now to turn that 20k into 8k

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>4chan makes meme
>Reddit/twitter/tumblr/9gag steal meme
>Meme gets run into the ground

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thread theme song


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Jeeeeez, reddit ass posts like that are indeed what fids me the hardest.

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