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It worries me a lot to think that 30 years from now what our nephews and nieces will remember about cryptocurrencies will not be the golden ages of BTC, LUNC or even the first Smartcon. They are going to remember the "opium bird" cryptocurrency and the "goku coin" because one day some bastard decided that starting to advertise coins on tik tok was the best idea in the world.
We are losing the war

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Tl;Dr? im too busy checking those bazongers

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man I used to love that actress, glad to say she was my first fap

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>It's the trannies, its their fault
That's why we started offing them OP. Pay attention to the news, this is the new holy crusade

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don't forget about xrp 2 and polarbear 2026 and....

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>Boomers coping
>Nazis coping

Amazing, thanks for the best buy signal ever OP. Im fucking pricing in into OPIUM

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>Green ID
what does it mean

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Based holy crusader

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Hitomi Tanaka
She has the best JAV's I've ever seen to this day, bummer she retired a year ago

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vintage taste

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>opium bird
what the fuck is that? i understand if there's a goku coin but what in the actual jah is opium bird?

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coooaa fuckin BOOBA mate

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Blessed anon, I've searching this girl for years, you're the man

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a meme about a giant white bird that's been circulating over twitter a couple weeks ago and there's a cryptocurrency about it

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My God stop getting so drunk on the idea of glorious pre 2018 biz and start investing like a man. What do you have if old currencies are no longer as affordable as they used to be? Who gives a shit. What happened, did you fall in love with the community or did you think this was the future and with your measly 20 bucks you were being the next steve jobs? Wake up dude, cryptocurrencies are just another tool people have to make money, nothing more, nothing less.
If a fucking white bird generated by artificial intelligence makes money then it makes money, go to work, put your money there and complain later if you want but make sure you do it inside a tesla and not your pathetic subaru.

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buy my bags anon pls buy my bags i'm starving

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whatever you say gramps
>smokes crack

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how many miles or km of dick has she taken?

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At least you put some effort in shilling the goku coin, bravo

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she mainly did jav porn, so probably no more than a few hundred meters during her decade long career.

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>There are people here that don't recognize Hitomi Tanaka
Fuckin zoomers

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not everyone is a huge porn addict

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And you are literally a lunc baggie coming into threads to argue about porn. Kek

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>golden ages of BTC, LUNC


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Shes def a top 3 all time fantasy girl

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she's been spammed on so many platforms for so many years you really don't have to be a coomer to recognize her

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There's tons of content out there of her
People uploaded huge 3hr+ compilation vids of her stuff too