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The pump is caused by exchanges taking the long side of your shorts during the bear market. They have to close at a profit before the end of the year to start another cycle, next year. They need a pump. There's no macro event related to the pump. The price moved so fast because the exchanges moved their sell orders higher, therefore thinning the order books, and facilitating the move up ( reason why the volume is lower than average legit pumps ). it can go to 50K, but know that there's no fundamental behind it. And it will dump hard also, it is just straight away manipulation. Crypto exchanges are not regulated like traditional exchanges, there's no limit to what they can do. The whole space is rotten.

> Guess what they are doing now?
Taking the other side of your longs

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So if I just move my stop losses up with every leg up, I can win right?

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They are going after you, they need that huge liquidations shake out volume. You know those candles that make you shit you pants. They won't stop until they have it. Just hope other wojaks get caught before you and that they had enough.

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>exchanges are the counter-party to all your trades
holy shit dude this is literal 80iq retard level of understanding.
git gud poorfag.

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could only be true if all exchanges were colluding, which makes it profitable instantly to start an exchange that doesn't collude (on arbitrage fees alone)

for this reason, incorrect
leverage is definitely tampered with but only on small ranges

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Not all, but most of the trades. They all do it through third parties. Every exchange.
Remember Alameda in FTX

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>could only be true if all exchanges were colluding
Do you have any proof they are not?

Imaging if every colluding group announced their colluding to the public?
After FTX is gone it is even much easier now.

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>retarded nocoiner conspiracy dribble
Yeah, I'm thinking we are still at the bottom

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Wow, you got me, my namefag, discredits everything I said.

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I know nothing. But PEPE has pumped the hardest so far and it has no fundamentals beyond being a meme, so this manipulating bullshit makes sense.

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markets are driven by fear/greed emotions, and by definition generate irrational movements
but you keep asking the same rational questions to forecast an emotional market

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> manipulating bullshit makes sense.
The crypto space is not regulated; anything is possible. Imagine if human societies were not regulated by laws, and murder was not prohibited. I can assure you some people in power positions would be murdering. The same goes for crypto; those who have the money in crypto can push the price wherever they want, since they don't risk any jail time or prosecution.

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I don't care for regulation in crypto. It's a joke of a market where any retard can place their bets and potentially come out with life-changing money. Regulations would only get in the way of what the users are perfectly fine with.

Anyway, I have no idea what's going on. But I must admit that I never pay attention, and that when I start paying attention, like now, every once in a while the market has a pump or is just coming out of a generational bottom.

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You might learn how to play poker as well. You have a better chance, and it has rules.
I really wish you become rich out of crypto anon, but I doubt it.

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your argument is that there is more incentive for to collude than there is to countrade with very low risk carries. that's retarded

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They are countrading retail with very low risk already.

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seems more likely there's a confluence of reasons as to why it's pumping, link too.

However, let's say you're right and it's pumping in order to deal with the shorts, and then it'll have to dump to deal with the longs, at what point does it become, as you might put it, 'justified with regards to fundamentals behind it' ?

because if there's enough volume, then that becomes the 'fundamentals'... say the etf's are approved, are they still going to dump to take the other side of the longs?

the way you're saying it makes it seem unlikely that there can ever be 3 or 4 months of consecutive and consistent upward momentum.
bull markets do exist. and they get manufactured and brought into being.

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> at what point does it become, as you might put it, 'justified with regards to fundamentals behind it' ?
It is a continuous process. They let retail and fundamentals do what they want after they front run them, but they also act to close their accumulated positions to de-risk and take profit.

>are they still going to dump to take the other side of the longs?
I will take you back not so far in time. Do you remember before Ethereum transition from proof of work to proof of stake, everyone was bullish. Yet, on the day of the transition, look what happened it dumped. Fundamentals matter very little.
> markets do exist. and they get manufactured and brought into being.
Yes, how else would they continue what they are doing, they need a limitless supply of retail FOMOing in. Also it only pumps to ATH, after shaking all retail.

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small correction.
> bull markets do exist. and they get manufactured and brought into being.

Yes, how else would they continue what they are doing, they need a limitless supply of retail FOMOing in, they need retail to believe in something, so they can keep going. Also it only pumps to ATH, after shaking all retail.

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The most rational thread on /biz/ right now.

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> Thank you anon

I just don't want more wojaks to feel the pain I felt through the years in the crypto space. I wish all wojaks in this board, Money, Pussy, Dick and unwavering happiness, I just can't see how it can happen in the crypto space. Most people in here would have a better chance at the real economy if they invested their money in learning finance, and actually trade like professionals, to spot the markets they shouldn't touch.

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anon, i think we are reading the same book but perhaps on different pages.

the ups and down are definitely connected to the shorts and longs they need to keep under control.

I've yet to understand how your way of seeing things, however, lends itself to the very real possibility that a 3 month bull period inside a 24 month grander bull season (say, for example, 16 of the 24 months are up and it triples previous ath) has started, or, in fact, has been under way since January...

have a long at 26.5 with liquidation at 18 and running costs that are quite high (they are market rate, proportional to the initial, but still high in the sense that it is a significant outgoing every day) and am trying to understand what's happened last few days. I mean, i anticipated it, hence why i did it, but right now, i can't seem to make good sense of which way i think this is going.

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I am looking at this from the point of view, of a wojak that got burned for years. I know this pace like the back of my hand. Even if you somehow get in in the right time, you will be shaken out later. You have to lose for them to win.

> I have a long at 26.5
If I were you I would close that long right now, and check back in in January.

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why is finance filled with people that loudly announce that they have no idea how the world works? it's not even the regular conspiracy nuts, just bad information that you could read up on wikipedia instead of making a thread

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> why is finance filled with people that loudly announce that they have no idea how the world works?
Do you?

Try not to get caught on the way down, and then up and then down... and so on.
Maybe then you will realize it, assuming you trade with leverage and futures, because if you don't and still lose, you are an epic retard.

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It's pumping because of ETF, delusional retard. Sorry about your loss.

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I did not lose anything, so far, I knew what they were doing, I was prepared.
Yes it will keep pumping, until the day the ETF comes out. The same Ethereum pumped before the switch to proof of stake, to then, dump on the day of the switch.

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It's sad we still have to explain this 101 exchanges' kikery in the year 2013+10.
But now we reached a point where ppl are so burnt out and desperate for cash it will just backfire as most baggies will see this as an opportunity to cash out rather than greedily buy more bags thinking le halving cycle is starting once again.

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This. It’s so obvious.

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Just look at the volume.
Real pump from Retail throwing their money vs a pump where the order books just shift upwards.

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I'm so glad that people this dumb are my counter party

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an intelligent poster on /biz/. something is wrong out there

the market is obviously manipulated by the makers and FTX got caught because they fucked up bring arrogant and narcissistic amphetamine addicts doing crazy shit. Python code running billions, just imagine.

Anyway, the others are just less stupid and more careful.

Selling feeds (exchange's insider data) and trading against retail via affiliates and partners are guaranteed money no matter which direction it moves.

And, yes, they have to shake off retail positions in order to minimise leveraged payoffs and to cause more errors.

The more errors retail made - the better. It all fees.

And do not forget Saylor. Some people would like to play this card.

Btw, binance is trying to force users out of isolated mode in order to maximize liquidations.

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> Binance is trying to force users out of isolated mode in order to maximize liquidations.

I can't wait for them to join FTX and perish.

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And yes, the whole "bullrun" is a link degen successful psyop - fomoing on merely wishful thinking and memes.

But link is a degenerate cult, professionally managed. Don't forget who still owns the 60%

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I give no fucks, I never longed or shorted anything, I'm a spot trader kek, I'm only worried about kava getting to $5, if that happens I can fuck off to anywhere else

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But these dummies are making the big monies and you dear technical analyst be hating, virtually everything is pumping bruv by 30% and more, my buys on ORBS, RIDE, LQTY, and more. If you see another dip bag these ones I mentioned, big ass growth potential.

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just try not to get caught on the way down retard

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Oh no its the heckin market maker boogeyman! They do exist but they're not the omniscient beings you think they are. Alameda literally lost money. 3AC hedge fund literally went bankrupt. Its like you didn't learn anything from 2022

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>They have to close at a profit before the end of the year
And why do exchanges care about price of corn at the end of the year specifically? Sounds retarded

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Because retail will be selling at the end of the year to meet their obligations. Buying gifts ...

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poker is never mentioned here but it is unironically the best way for a smart person with a shit start in life to break out of poverty and make it

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ah yes, Chinese new year

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Have ever heard of christmass. Most retards that trade crypto live in the west.

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I don't lurk here 24/7 like you retard. I have a life.
I felt petty for you and came here to warn you of the looming danger. Sell everything you have a join the pump you retard I encourage it.

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the price moved in anticipation of earning calls for tech companies, you stupid idiot. when that fizzles down in a bit the price is going back down

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There's always something to justify a price move afterwards but never before. Just listen to yourself you inbred subhuman.

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This isn't a /SMG/ thread you retard lmao

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A thread shitting on the crypto scam?
/biz/ needs more of these.

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You're ngmi

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ngmi ngmi ngmi ngmi ngmi ngmi faggots and niggers and jeets and trannies are ngmi

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>Spot trader
Anon, wtf

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I swear to fuck I'm gonna find you

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Not paying attention is a good way to win.
Just invest in promising tokens with simple narratives like UTK, CYMI that are in the crypto payment narrative then sit back and watch your money grow

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That’s why I straight up go to Dplay instead, at least I know what I’m getting myself into

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It seems like CYMI isn't affected by the bear trend

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who the fuck shorts btc months in advance when is going flat?

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So basically and to simplify op thread, basically and basically, based on my insider information on /biz/

Basically /biz/ is still poor

see ya all next year , bye

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>when I'm right
I'm a genius
>when I'm wrong
this is illegal, the market is wrong, the universe is wrong

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it's all connected

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lets go further
>when the market is at 15k
it's over, 3k programmed *opens short*
>when the market is at an ath
*buys* im going to be a millionaire!

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>positions would be murdering
>his name was Seth Rich
>his name was Seth Rich
>his name was Seth Rich

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>Fundamentals matter very little.
> it can go to 50K, but know that there's no fundamental behind it

um which is it?

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kava to $5, sol to $100, ride to $2 and I'm getting off the grid for good, go live in nature somewhere, away from all the woke bullshit in the busy cities and zero IQ mfs

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You'll be there no matter what right?

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Solana to 100 bucks is only like a 3x from here, I don't see how that won't happen if the market keeps recovering,

the others might just be long shots, particularly ride which would mean it going back to ath

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And he'd wonder why he's yet to make it

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So we should be dumping in the next couple of days

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Getting back to it's previous ath doesn't seem impossible, all it needs is just one major news in a bull market and bang

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How much money did Binance lose?

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4chan users are some of the biggest dumb cock sucking faggots to ever exist, please fucking kill yourself.

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Binance lost money?

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>Dumb fucking name faggot being upset large organizations with billions of dollars are throwing money at the "Ponzi" scheme he's been crying about for weeks/months.
Kill yourself.

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>The crypto space is not regulated;
Bullshit, go do some googling before you spout such nonsense you fool.

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Dont call me a fucking polish cartoon feels guy you utter faggot.
>I just can't see how it can happen in the crypto space.
Because you're a fucking idiot and you suck dicks at trading crypto, I literally bought every time it dipped all year and now my portfolio is in the green even on DIPS, it's called DCA, you have 14 fucking years to buy BTC under 30k, kill yourself for being useless like every other middle class suburbanite scum fuck.

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They got some exciting updates still to come before eoy, particularly user incentives which is set to roll out before eoy I believe

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they're buying to fill their liquidity pool. once that's completed, it's over

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>Do you have any proof they are not?
Do you know what the burden of proof is?