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Can SOL really hit $1000 this cycle? There’s seems to be a lot of buzz about it as we enter the bull phase.

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No. It's going to 5k.

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it's time to retire on Solana :)

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Based. I put my sign on bonus of $100,000 into it at $20. I’m gonna buy oceanfront property with my bag at this rate…

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50bilion dollar/coin two more weeks!

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Imagine betting against kikes.
Money-hating goy moment.

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I think most of the SOL FUD is overblown, but given that a mere 0.1 SOL will be enough to cover your transaction fees for years to come, what exactly would drive the price to $1000?

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Shhhh golem

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the dx being the best & no need for L2s drawing ecosystem devs in

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>Imagine betting against kikes
the only profitable strategy is to not let kike touch, manage or even get close to your wealth

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>what exactly would drive the price to $1000?

How new are you to crypto? Utility is all made up beyond Bitcoin. Narratives are what makes coins pump, and Solana is THE fucking ETHEREUM KILLER. Simple as.

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FTX-paid shills trying to generate hype, so they can pump the price and dump their multimillion dollar bags.

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Good luck with that. The kikes have massive bags of SOL. It is their fucking baby, and hell will freeze over before they let it die. It is in their interest to poomp it, and I am going to ride their Jewish coat tails to the moon. Stay poor.

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okay schlomo, have fun!

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no it can only achieve 270 swaps / second. it's just a l1 that wont be able to scale

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>federal agent
federal agents dont commit crimes like that risking 100 years in prison in the process

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>he thinks scaling matters
>he thinks eth can scale
>he doesnt realize that only narratives matter
>he doesnt realize that normies SIMP for solana
>he bets on jews losing money games

Anon, I…

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see you at 16 bucks. they're dumping on you right now.

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>what exactly would drive the price to $1000?
same thing that drives every coin up. hysteria

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ngl it probably will even tho i think it's massively overrated

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This thread is showcase how fucking poor and late biz mongoloids are

>dumps sub 10$
0 threads for 6m
>crabs in 10-20$ range
0 threads for 6m
>brakes 30$ in epic shot squeeze of everyone shorting FTX estate supply overhang
>5 threads/day everyone starts shilling it while dumping have yet to start

Kys mongo jeets

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Yes it will go ballistic. Don't know about 1K tho.
Anyone have the latest ETH- SOL overlay chart?

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Yup. Funny how SOL (and INJ) have outside parties interested in pumping it out to create hysteria/FOMO and draw $$$ in...

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it's like buying NEO in 2019. NGMI

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Are you retarded? It’s going to one thousand fucking dollars. It doesn’t really matter if you bought at $10, $20, or RIGHT FUCKING NOW

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>Are you retarded?
>8 posts brown ID
Lol it went to 250$ propped by pure SBF grift using customer funds to push it hard as he can but yes its going to 1000$ tomorrow anon with one of worst suppy overhangs in history of crypto.
JFC you reek on poor AND dumb

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>pure SBF grift
Dude you realize SOL 3Xed this year, right? Without SBF?

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Yes, it was prob even oversold and deserved 3x that's not fucking point, point was:
a)you morons shilling first time after 3x pump
b)It bearly pushed 250 with SFB at peak bull and you morons now calling 1k$, now after short squeze played out and unlcoks about to hit market.

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Youre allergic to money i see. Stay poor, midwit

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I dumped at last cycle top and watching you now play hot potato games, literally trying to give you advice how to not go broke, this shit is not going over 35-45 before unlocks are soaked up lol, biz is such a trash 2023 meh

>elaborate why wrong with facts
>1k eoy, stay poor sir!

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It’s the easiest 20x min from here regardless of the end price

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ok well what do we buy mr. top seller?

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Genuinely surprised SOL survive, it was literally a VC scam with awful tech that lies and can't stay online for 5 minutes. Curious.

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I think SOL can hit the $100 mark again anon. I'd keep slurping in anticipation alongside gems like XTP, and FET which are poised for long term profits.

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yeah 1k with 20% uptime. rekt

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idk but its definitely way undervalued.

crypto fags are fucking retarded desu. if visa announces partnering with solana and nothing happens you know everyone in the finance sector is an absolute retard.

consumers are primed for an immediate shift to crypto through visa and others. we dont need fiat currency anymore.