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If we all buy 1 XMR a month we'll all be rich, like the town of Coca Cola millionaires.

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>infinite supply

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Why would I want to fall for this midwit trap?

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The supply is going to be less than Bitcoins until 2040. With the inflation rate, it will only double in supply in 2140. For the next 17 years, it's literally rarer than Bitcoin.

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Or you could just buy a Bitcoin, instead of coping about how price doesn't matter, or how BTC is going to zero, but you won't.

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Right around the corner. It's as far away now as 2008 more or less

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I own both, but xmr is better

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same. BTC for because fuck banks. XMR because fuck the government.

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>bitcoin halving a few months away isn't priced in yet, we'll pump
>17 years is nothing, you've got to price in the next 100 years
Not to mention bitcoin didn't exist in 2008, that's how long that is. Also 17 years ago is 2006, a year before the iPhone.

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and PM is for fuck FWTDHWATDOQA

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hell yea brother

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False. Learn about tails emission. XMR will soon see a growth similar to BTC on 2017

Captcha: nyx88

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we should wait for serai (cross-chain amm) to launch, so we can buy in a trustless way with bitcoin, eth or dai. i bet this will make xmr pump because it's harder for cexs to suppress the price with their fractional reserves. if you check localmonero (p2p exchange), it always sells at a premium. never give your xmr to cexs.

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Literally if 1 million people buy 19 Monero and don't sell, the price goes up beyond Bitcoins price. It's literally that easy.