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Dat double top at 30k be sus af famalam

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dat double whopper at 3$ be fr chingaling

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Ong dat dubwop is str8 bussn cuh

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ngl this bear cappin fr

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Fr fr. Kava bounced tho 3% up against the bad vibes Bitcoin is sending everything rn. Altseason real soon famalamadingdong no cap on g.

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really fucking hope all of you find yourselves in horrible accidents one after another in the coming two to three months.

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altseason b4 btc does the heckin halve? chat is this nigga for real whaaaaat

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Check this out senpai

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who the fuck is this faggot and why is he being spammed everywhere

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what the fuck is this thread

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Emin is still the GOAT. Fuck those faggots who keep spamming Mr. Wu

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you do be seethin senpai no cap

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No retard bitcoin is just going to break 30 this weekend that's why we green for now.

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i've been telling you morons for days now that we crabbing from 24000 to 30000 for at many months to come but you dont listen.

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Kinda funny how zoomer/nigger slang makes you cry as the adult man you are.

One is independent from the other.

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total zoomer death

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It feels weird because it's a bulltrap. Watch it rail down to 27k again by Sunday. Hope you solded and made some ok money at least, there's no excuse to not do this >>56416203 over and over again.

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anon this is the same board that spams link going to 1000 in one week you really should save your energy for something else. anything else really.

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>He's doing the twitter thing where he turns me into the small angry guy while he's the totally sane and morally correct self insert character
go eat a cyanide pill and die