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look like an old granny
probably going to jail for 20 years.
Still have men lining up to fuck you.

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>Op doesn't know the thrill of pinning the weasel

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She looks much better without glasses. Too bad she is a poly slut.

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She took the plea deal ratting sbf out and will get a jail free pass (MAYBE few years on probation)

But yes, the grippy must be legendary.

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Not be crude but she has to be super fucking tight or something

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Tell me there's nudes of Sweet Caroline. She's the face of crypto right now.
Take that as you will. She is the face of crypto.

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It's mostly morbid curiosity. You just know she has uneven breasts and a third nipple or something. Why she didn't use any Alameda funds for plastic surgery is beyond me.

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Weasel hag erotic

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white girls are so ugly

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she is an inbred ashkenazi jew, not white

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She’s cartoonishly ugly. An actual 2/10. Looks like the witch from Hansel and Gretel.

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You have no idea how good her grippy mud whistle is

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grippygrippy slippy weasler

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>huhuhuhu me so edgy and trolly lmao kekkikekkk hihihi

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hows that a pro though, i would just cum super fast and would hurt my cock

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man everytime I look at this ugly broad i wonder why the fuck SBF didnt just get hookers or an influencer girlfriend? imagine being rich and fucking this goblin bitch that got looks like she got hit in the face with a shovel

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How does she even have boyfriends? Meanwhile I know literal 9/10 women irl that have no one because dudes are scared of approaching them. Shit clown world.

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Caroline is my waifu
She is so cute, i just want to cuddle her
I bet she taste like strawberry too
She is my perfect nerdy shy QT

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man id do terrible things to this creature

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Looks like the witch in children's book

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i see a caroline thread, i pull up my favorite book online: women and wesaels, third edition ofc. i put on a nice kettle and jazz

have a gander at a procured selection for biz


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>She looks much better without glasses. Too bad she is a poly slut.
yeah this is true. she upgrades from a 1/10 to a 1.2/10

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This post has me fucking dead

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average modern girl

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>grippy mud whistle
ask me how i know you are a bong

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lol these people are fucked in the head...and everywhere else

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Holy shit if this how an ugly 1/10 roastie feels like deep down, imagine what attractive 10/10 ones think like.

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Jesus fucking christ what the actual fuck is this world

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He went on to (much) greater heights and scored some celebrity I recall.

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> Meanwhile I know literal 9/10 women irl that have no one because dudes are scared of approaching them.

Doubt. Whenever I was in public with my hot ex, men would flirt with her regardless of the situation

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And then one day, suddenly, for no reason at all, reality kicks in.

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This. OP pic is just a bad angle. It quite unfortunate that these bad pictures of her are the most well known. it's almost if the corrupt journos hate her for some reason.

She's a solid 5/10. That's a fact.
Not Ms Universe, but pretty normal. Average girls look exactly like that without makeup.

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This. OP's pic was just taken from a bad angle. I don't think it's a coincidence that these pics are the most well known photos of Caroline. It seems that the corrupt journos really hate her.

She's a solid 5/10. That's a fact. Not a Ms Universe, just a normal average looking girl who doesn't wear makeup.

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weasel eyes go sideways during a tight squeeze

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Bro thats a 3 out of 10 in her best photos if im being generous.

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guys its a 4/10 and its that simple

everyone else is jaded

this is one of her better pics where you can see how a little amphetamine would amp this thing right up
this is a FOUR

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>just a normal average looking girl who doesn't wear makeup.
She's a subhuman jew rat and if you consider her average then you're no better

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No one chooses to be born a jew, an african or other person of color. Same as no one chooses his genes at birth. I'm sure if Caroline could chose she would prefer to be a 10/10 top model, in order to avoid sexist and anti-semitic insults from online nazis such as yourself. She had to live her life with what she had, as an average looking girl. Can you imagine how bad it was for her when she was in highscool? You misogynists think that 'women have it easy', but it's only true for pretty girls and only when they are young. Incels of all people should understand suffering and have compassion. Especially after posting all these "tfw no gf" for years. Why are you so heartless?

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t. yhwh loves you

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Even an ugly woman gets attention from horny dudes and gets her pick of them. Have you not seen the data from dating apps? Literal sub-5 women getting to fuck dudes well above them. You can make the argument its unfulfilling and that it means nothing since its just a quick PnD and you'd be right. But sub-5 men dont get that luxury. So yes, women have it easier. Caroline got what she had (insane net worth) despite being conventiinally hideous and clearly thought highly of her looks based on her posts shared in the collage some posts above. All of them probably think that way. Because women have it easier.

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i want to give caroline an atomic wedgie and then have her blow me

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That's called "female privilege", son.

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>Literal sub-5 women getting to fuck dudes well above them.

Yes, but it is not what women want. They want long-term relationships and safety. Not to be used as toys and discarded. So no, i disagree, they do not have it easier, it's just grass looks greener from the other side, as usual.

>being conventiinally hideous

how is she hideous? Look at the top pic here >>56402048
she is just average, not very pretty but by no means hideous. Her photo in OP (among some others) was literally taken from the worse possible angle by biased journalists, who probably wanted to shift blame from Sam. Also that polyamour stuff you're referring to then you can clearly see as she writes
>i thought of it as a radical break from my trad past
Break from TRAD past. So she was trad and more modest until Sam seduced and corrupted her. Sure she fell for it, but are you sure you wouldn't if you were in her shoes at the time?

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My sex drive has plummeted since this bitch has been spammed all over /biz/ the last month and I just realized it's because my fiancee kinda looks like a fatter version of Caroline with less hair.

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Don't forget the HSV 1 and 2.

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imagine that thing without the glasses

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You better start believing in spiritual wars…you’re in one

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it's not a pro, i think its just a meme from people who have never had it.

i've been with a moderately athletic tiny girl. she was obscenely tight(and im larger than avg). the penetrative act wasnt enjoyable. i imagine it was similar to getting a handjob but the girl is squeezing as hard as possible.

tightness is a meme, but maybe there's some excessively loose composure thats not great either.

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No, she will get a few years at least, the plea was to not die in prison like Sam.

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This. I always go out with 8+/10 and the amount of attention these women get is just insane.

Went on a date with a 9/10 french girl (182 cm tall skinny hot blonde, literal model tier). Went away for 10 seconds to throw the wine bottle into the trash, when i came back to her she was already approached by smelly afghans. Like WTF, WITHIN 10 SECONDS.

Plus, everytime I go out with a girl the men STARE AT THEM even when im there. Like, literally staring them down. Of course I notice this as a guy who scans every room, but if a woman tells me she isn't approached either she is knownfully lying or a full blown retard.

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Reminder that even the ugliest girl has three different potential suiters on her at all times

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holyshit, just kys you retarded beta nigger simp.

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reply with op pic rel to any claim that jews are white

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burn this witch at the stake.
this is financial advice

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i literally thought that was chris chan before expanding it lmao

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>herpies and its sequel

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>No one chooses to be born a jew
true, but beheaving like a jew is optional

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>new boyfriend
its over bros

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I read her plea. No jail in exchange for plea and testimony. Judge CAN alter that but I’ve only heard of that in very rare instances (see Hunter Biden).
>t. Been an atty for 20 years

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she's not going to jail lmao, her and gary were smart enough to cut a deal and throw sam under the bus.

>> No.56405993

>Slightly below average girl who'll let you do gross shit to her after a few lines and is legit out of her mind
She's that girl you had a blast fucking a few times in your 20's, and now have weird mixed feelings about. Too bad the wall hit her at light speed due to the stress of everything that's happened plus amphetamines

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If A literal 0/10 ugly ratface think of herself as “hot” enough to have “alphas” (chad) then it’s truly over for your average men.

>> No.56406044

That is the reality though. Naturally humans veer towards most women sleeping with few men. Monogamy for men is pure cope.

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actually it's more certain they will go to jail than sam since they they admitted to doing all the crimes.

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Civilization and society are not natural.
They are human construct based on a contract made between men and society.
As long they get access to a wife and be able to have a family and reproduce (at least give it a try) then those men will fight and die to protect the society and contribute to it. Reverse of it is that men who contribute will be rewarded by society.
That’s why we have a society and that’s why we are here now.
If you want to revert back to the “natural “ “ugga bugga, only the biggest dude get to reproduce” then don’t be surpised when the civilization goes away with this mentality.
Look up Sweden, turning into a shithole gang zone in 10 years. that’s what happens when contributing men are ignored, demonized and not rewarded for their work.
They gave up and so is the society.

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most americans on this board these days are pajeets, chinks or jews. they unironically have micropenises
the biggest blackpill you can get on race is studies on condoms
>normal sized condoms are too big for a large % of indian and chinese men, to the point they fall off
>"xxxl" sized condoms are too tight for ~50% of western (white) men, to the point sex feels uncomfortable and blood vessels can pop

>> No.56406268

Lol most western men don’t even know that condoms are not supposed to be extreme tight and should be a bit loser.
That’s why they all wear mediums while the correct one is the super large ones
For example, I am 5.5 myself and before understanding the condom sizes, I used to wear medium and bite through the pain of it.

>> No.56406528

this, it's much more about thickness than length. I'm also convinced they knowingly are making the magnums/xl's the size a medium should be as a marketing thing. Similar to resort yardages if you play golf
>normal sized condoms are too big for a large % of indian and chinese men, to the point they fall off
if this is true it's fucking embarrassing. Jeets can't stop taking L's

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You just know she's got that dank hairy barry. Tooth straightening is for faggots.

>> No.56406612

In this pic she literally looks like that meme about “poor man wife vs billionaire man wife”

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How horrid. This site is absolutely not the place to be crude.

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Shes a jew dude. Her thought patterns are going to be completely foreign to a white guy.

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The angle she had to take to look attractive had me rolling. Fucjing literally overhead, can't see her face at all. She's hoping your brain goes, "ooooo, white skin, hair, pink dress, girl, glasses are cute".

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>An actual 2/10
Wtf do you call a 1/10 lmao

>> No.56406989

10/10 girls are often times super vanilla lol

>> No.56406999

I can’t speak for that anon but pretty much 1/10 woman are reserved for all dark skin women on my scale.

>> No.56407166

When fucking 8/9 out of 10 girls I also notice you get a lot of negative male attention - people want to fight you A LOT. Gets fucking tiring after a while.

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shes had more sex in a week than you will in your entire lifetime

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OMG that's that Alameda research chick?
I have seen that photo floating around and honestly had no idea.. I just skipped it as some irrelevant 50 year old Azerbaijani village Karen outrage story.
But it's that chick from FTX hahahahahHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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It's not true bloody basterd bitch

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She looks like Hansel AND Grettle

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>calls jew white
>says "white girls are so ugly" as he habitually browses blacked.com

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lmao kikes are so fucking ugly

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>This. OP's pic was just taken from a bad angle.

Bro, she has 330 degrees worth of bad angles on each axis. Even she knows this and accounts for it.

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dumb tranny
kill yourself faggot

>> No.56409563

> concubine

Thank you

>> No.56409578

Probably because she can suck the chrome off a muffler..

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>No one chooses to be born a jew
>Scams billions with her kike boyfriend
Nice one yhwh. You have no integrity or virtue, just another parasitical hebrew leeching off society, your looks are a perfection reflection of your soul.

>> No.56411450

The ugly face of crypto

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HSV positive 1 and 2 LMAOOOOOO!!!

So he is not only butt ugly buit she has also an oral and genital herpes,
fuck her, kiss her or even get a blowjob from her and you have it too.

Just when you think she can't be more disgusting, you find something new.

>> No.56411781

HSV positive 1 and 2 LMAOOOOOO!!!

So she is not only butt ugly but she has also an oral and genital herpes,
fuck her, kiss her or even get a blowjob from her and you have it too.

Just when you think she can't be more disgusting, something new comes up.
And this bitch wants men to "viciously" compete for her stinking pussy. WTF!

>> No.56413128

You know it means all of the former FTX employees have it too, I wonder if she was ground zero

>> No.56413654

>spiritual but not religious
We have always been in a religious war, society is always following a religion. Laicism (communism) is just the new religion that started to grab hold of institutions in the 60s and now is reaching its' peak by destroying society.

>> No.56414186

You dont have to single out Sweden. Every country on earth has broken the social contract with the men within it. It's over.

>> No.56414793

No I single out Sweden because it clearly shows how fast society degrades when contract is officially broken (10 years)
Plus Sweden is a special case because not only society back stab men and spit on the contract, but also demonized them for being white and then ridiculed them for wanting respect.
They essentially told them “we don’t need you anymore and this is not your country anymore”
I can also talk about Japan or korea too, hikkis are broken men who were forced to contribute for no benefit whatsoever and they gave up

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A cute

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Oh anon, I'm so sorry

>> No.56415974

KYS Yahweh. Your life's over.

>> No.56416368

she'll take 5 years imo

>> No.56416561

does anyone have the original post?

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"new boyfriend"
She fucks them all shes literally the little jewish office fuckslut chipmunk with a grippy pussy, I bet they literally put a paper bag over her head while they did it. She also has STDs you know too, its like bugchasing levels of degeneracy.

>> No.56416599

i mean she was getting paid like $500MM a year iirc. definitely an ego boost

>> No.56416601

Also thats her with makeup caked on. Thats her best she ever looks.

>> No.56416618

how do we know this is her?

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File: 3.37 MB, 2432x3445, caroline tranny janny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its her.

>> No.56416668

it's funny but that's easily within the bounds of 4chan shitposting. subtly pretending to be someone so a thread goes off is pretty basic tier 'on the internet too long' stuff.

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Its her anon. SBF used to post here too, he fudded things like LTC because they had payments through visa and thats why he was pursuing FTX through visa right before his house of cards collapsed. He got caught doing it and deleted posts.

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File: 39 KB, 1311x239, litecoin fudding shill2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 601 KB, 1125x2037, sam bankman fried rekt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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He was using pic related every time he fudded LTC, when called out he deleted posts about exactly that. So that means he was genuinely afraid, what did he have to hide
He had to hide that he was the owner of FTX and was actively suppressing LTC using the backend scam where his orders didnt get liquidated while others did, and he could push it down but keep his position.

>> No.56416867


so some random FUDster is confirmed SBF now? are you 15?

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File: 962 KB, 1230x480, sbf litecoin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And when he was put in prison, LTC went up while everything else went down. He could no longer manipulate it nor was FTX going to get its visa deal anymore since its dead.

>> No.56416877

lmao he's doing the thing where his anime profile pic is less fat and more attractive than he is in real life. look how round his real face is vs that profile pc. Plus hunched over vs not.

>> No.56416882

The polycule carries quite a viral load, are you man enough? ARE YOU?

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File: 196 KB, 1080x904, jews doing jewish things hiding sam bankman frieds jewish ethnicity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ive been on 4chan since 2006, thats SBF, he posted here all the time. ICP was him, Caroline was Moonman. In Hong Kong.

>> No.56416895

Solana was him. Imagine being this new. He hated LTC because it was what Bitcoin wants to be but cant, a peer to peer trustless borderless payment system. Nothing else needs to exist as a medium of exchange. He would come in shilling FTX and it would be "My coin can be spent anywhere Visa can, why would I buy your shitcoin?". This question burned him up, despite all his power he had no answer to that. So he pursued visa payments.

>> No.56416908

90% of the posts about SBF were *by* SBF, he posted as if he was critical of himself to draw attention to his shitty exchange. He was like how did this kike get so rich, thats the post. It was him trying to portray himself as rich and successful.

>> No.56416952

>SBF used to post here too, he fudded things like LTC

>> No.56416962

>a peer to peer trustless borderless payment system

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File: 457 KB, 828x1087, Litecoin IS fungible2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody is going to pay 20 dollars every time they want to spend a dollar. Bitcoin is not fungible either, like an NFT. Bitcoin has NFTs. Bitcoin is essentially the NFT token now, buy Bitcoin if you like pepe NFTs that in the words of the guy who made the update said 'do nothing and can never do anything'. Ordinals son, you played yourself.

>> No.56417019
File: 569 KB, 492x1508, litecoin IS fungible.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well nobody except victims of the ponzi scheme that does nothing, not even what the Whitepaper says it does.

>Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
Cash doesnt have a 20 dollar tax on every use, invalid.

>> No.56417034

>peer to peer
More like ass to mouth payment system

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File: 245 KB, 868x1118, el salvador litecoin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is whos giving you financial advice when they tell you to buy Bitcoin over superior alternatives in terms of currency coins.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

>> No.56418405

>They want long-term relationships and safety. Not to be used as toys and discarded.
Did you read what Caroline said in her poly manifesto above? "Might as well be a plate?" Sad.

>> No.56418838

Why is her arm so fat like a grandma if she’s 20

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I chose to be a Nazi at birth

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File: 2.86 MB, 608x1080, buribu.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanna be with her SO BAD bros. I would let her manage every drop of my assets. No protection needed.

>> No.56418935

Top zozzle
You saved me rrom hangover

>> No.56418961

>She looks much better without glasses.
Your or her's?

>> No.56418976
File: 648 KB, 1080x1646, 1690348882945420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56419153

Thats one year of American femenism

>> No.56419160

only lowlives use plastic surgery. /ourgirl/ has moved past that phase long ago

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>> No.56420839

Most people can afford self improvement if they want to, it's not money that's the issue, it's laziness and complacency.

>> No.56421579
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god bless America

>> No.56422423

If you listen to her in this interview and you still let your money in FTX you're unable to read people and NGMI stop trying

>> No.56422466

>probably going to jail for 20 years
>She's Jewish
Anon I...

>> No.56423179

I would strangle her as I power fuck her nasty cunt.

>> No.56423194

what i mean is LTC is a dog shit crypto that can't die fast enough

>> No.56423214

seriously which ftx nerd is pinning the weasel now? i bet it's gary or nishad?

>> No.56423674

Imagine the gangbangs

>> No.56423988

You're conflating catcalls and cheap invites for sex with game. A friend in my group is a 9/10 giga stacy, and she gets constant hollers and perv stares, but never authentic attempts to get to know her. She's never had a guy walk up and say "hey I think you're attractive and wanted to get to know you". Some approach because you can tell they read indirect game tactics, but they still pussy out when asking for the number.

Unironic, ACTUAL attempts at getting a hot woman are more rare than people realize. Men cat call or cheaply flirt because it's easy on the ego when you get rejected. It's the dating form of
>haha jokes on her I was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.56424232

LTC is in every ATM beside Bitcoin and its spendable anywhere Visa is accepted. Your coin is going to die and you are going to stay poor because you invest emotionally, like an idiot. Youre dumb.

>> No.56424288


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I'm pumping Caroline if ya know what I mean.

>> No.56426518

a man

>> No.56426567

I would if she was at least 15 years younger

>> No.56426603

never change /biz/