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Every smart contract requires an oracle network in some way, shape, or form and most need multiple oracle computations.

Most aren’t ready for what’s coming because they’re so focused on the degen casino.

Don’t forget why you’re here.

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2500 Linklet Marine here. Based Link Marine Pep Talk. WAGMI

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checked. all you have to do is wait unironically

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checked even though you frontran by dubs post by less than a second, are you jaredfromsubway?

$1000 EOD

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smart contracts not needed

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Life not needed

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The only thing that is going to pump LINK is adoption, same as when price feeds launched. Tokens being bought on the open market by end-users. Perhaps CCIP general access will do this, perhaps it will be data streams, who knows? Anyone still left knows what's coming is inevitable, the whole market is waiting around for LINK to create the catalyst for the next wave of innovation.

I'm so tired bros.

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Link WAS adopted and it didn't pump the price (that much). They have like 2800 integrations, lol. But now Sergey is going around asking everyone to pay up, so hopefully node income will increase due to this. Who knows how long the banks will take. years to onboard.

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Chainlink is the next narrative for the bull cycle

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We need miners dumping nonstop to pump the price like BTC and ETH. Nodes only dump pathetic lil cuck amounts compared to based monster cock chad miners

If and I stress (((if))) Sergey could onboard miners and have them dump I predict LINk in the six digits cubed. Yeah big number town but we need chad monster cock miners and not pathetic lil cuck nodes.

Big Dumps make Big Pumps


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The only bull cycle chainlink will be a part of is you watching it crab between $5 and $8 while your wife goes through more boyfriends.

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Thomas thinks the same thing.

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Chainlinkgod got his shit pushed in on this issue in today's stream. Watch it here fren


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wow chainlinkgod is such a celebrity i am definitely interested in gossip about him

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checked seething and chainlinkgod pilled

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He is here.

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What's in his left eye?

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>Tokens being bought on the open market by end-users

Haha Sergey made sure they didn't need to, they can pay in any other token, and then link from the uncirculating supply is given to nodes. Even in a bullish scenario where ccip is adopted the price will not appreciate. And that's a good thing, the team doesnt owe you shit.

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His ccip breakdown was excellent. Thought it struck the perfect layman/techprof balance. You catch that one? He's pretty good huh

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I would literally not even know he existed if it wasn't for biz seethelords. Same with that running guy that they hate so much. I never understood the whole
>i intentionally seek out things that make me absolutely furious
mindset, and I don't use twitter. kind of weird that the people who are so triggered by these chainlink influencers have to deliberately seek them out on an ongoing basis

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>Haha Sergey made sure they didn't need to, they can pay in any other token, and then link from the uncirculating supply is given to nodes

Wtf is this true?

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Kek baggies
>September 4, 2020:
LINK: $12.50
BTC: $10,434
ETH: $388
BNB: $20.62
XRP: $0.23
ADA: $0.08
DOGE: $0.002
SOL: $2.71
TRX: $0.03
MATIC: $0.01

>September 4, 2023:
LINK: $5.96
BTC: $25,743
ETH: $1,623
BNB: $214.45
XRP: $0.50
ADA: $0.25
DOGE: $0.063
SOL: $19.36
TRX: $0.07
MATIC: $0.55

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All the nodes ARE dumping the free premined link sergey is giving them lol lmao

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Fuck off zach

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It’s not a sure thing that smart contracts will be widely adopted. There’s some good signs that things are moving in our favor, but it’s not a sure thing at all.

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wow based digits
chart proves ya wrong
as usual

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>Haha Sergey made sure they didn't need to, they can pay in any other token, and then link from the uncirculating supply is given to nodes

Is this fucking true dont lie to me I almost bought that shit is this a scam?

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>smart contract
More like... SHART contract! haha!

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Yes its true. Why exactly did you think price never goes up?

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Checked. And yes it's true. Advocates will tell you that the team doesn't owe you anything anyway so they have every right to keep the fees to themselves.

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team never owed u shit bitch

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Chaincels are really riled up lately... I think sergeys about to dump a fat load on their heads again

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it has been 8 years and you guys still spam a 7 dollar shit, chill it's going 5 EOY bitches.

i rather be con a 0.6 safezone where kava is rn in comparison,

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yawn, two more decades

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Yup. You can pay in any crypto. Link is literally optional.

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It gets auto converted to Link and it's a premium price if you pay in not link. Node operatora can only accept link.

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This is why people hate advocates, you are clearly avoiding the obvious pain point here. You are being dishonest. The conversion is just the team unlocking from the uncirculating supply. And they keep the fees. Scammy behaviour

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the reality is the price of link is suppressed, it's an easy suppression because the team subsidizes the product out of their own pocket, so why wouldn't it be suppressed when it's the most predictable thing to make money off of by large actors. this will of course flip like a switch, it's only a matter of time. link is the catalyst to crypto as a whole succeeding and performing in the future, because tradfi is here to stay and link is the best
way to connect it to defi and blockchain tech

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node operatora [sic] can only dump link

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problem is that we still don't have any good smart contract dapps anyone actually needs

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>The conversion is just the team unlocking from the uncirculating supply
prove it

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wait a minute node operators need LPL to dump. they can't just dump link lol

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>Wtf is this true?
Nowhere has it been stated the converted LINK comes from the non-circulating supply.

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Oh my sweat summer child.

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You can't prove it like anyone else in here

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I do not seek out things that anger me, you niggers just occupy 30% of the catalog

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>sweat summer child.
Go back

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Prove it then

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Your link funds have been slurped up to be given to obliterating Hohols as cannon fodder / New Zion

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They won't use Chainlink. They'll use something like Securrency oracles, which was just acquired by DTCC.

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just ignore the LPL shill
he's retarded

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>Link WAS adopted and it didn't pump the price (that much).
Because Bitcoin dumped on all major integrations and price moves.

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and this is why no one has any respect for fudders. they think we didn't know the total supply was a billion tokens. do you think I was hoping CLL would just burn the uncirculated ones? literally no one is surprised that the remaining tokens are being released into circulation. the smoothest of brains came up with that fud

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All of these integration are centralized.
Chainlink ironically hasn't release a single DON, we're all waiting since 2017 for real staking and reputation system.

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Securrency isn't an oracle... they tokenize securities to be traded on blockchain. The acquisition by DTCC is insanely bullish for chainlink.

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You don't need to wait for that long because what you are waiting on is what you can get on Allianceblock Nexera protocol

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ummm avocados your goal post???

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oh shit, DTCC said fuck you Sergey, I'm not paying those prices

Chainlink, once again, btfo

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oracle of delphi cult symbol

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One of the undervalued projects at the moment

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>chainlink logo built into all their marketing materials
>goes on about setting up frameworks and smartcontract templates
>never explains the underlying mechanisms about how it will be done outside of cloud hosting
>nadine chakar working with dahlia makli on this kind of thing for the last 2 years (https://acs-journals.rtu.lv/comment/view/13/0/4244))

uh congrats fuddie you stumbled across yet another project that will be a node in chainlink's network

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>uh congrats fuddie you stumbled across yet another project that will be a node in chainlink's network
lol how?
will they buy LPL?

pools closed

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Based LPL chad how you doing kiddo?