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I am banned we are all banned

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gon b backup

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did he get banned fro his cru+ bullshit?

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>be social influencer
>post rant about favorite restaurant issue
>call manager an "ugly bitch"
>hear about this
lol the restaurant manager probably had him mass reported. women are very fucking vindictive especially those in management positions

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he's probably freaking out right now kek

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You all probably thought the crash was finally over. Bitcoin has a shot. It will be the save haven. You all thought, your student loans would be payed off if you just bitcoin. It already is 2 year bear market it cant crash again right? right? (=< But what if it did. What. If. It. Did.

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He Chinese, he play joke. He put peepee in ur coke

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Funny I just checked in on his channel for the first time in years today. I unsubbed when he kept saying BTC was gonna go past 100k last run. Don't need that level of fart huffing in my life

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Whens he gongo bah up on YouTube

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it would have if sam kikeman didn't short using customer funds ya fuckin idiot

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Considering I lost a job because I told some random skank on the street to "put some clothes on": didn't even call her names or anything; I have to concur

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Your first problem was directing your voice at some skank on the street. Lol, lmao even.

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she turned out to be my manager's sister-in-law and I'm seriously considering if I have a case for wrongful termination