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When the fuck are we mooning?
>link will pump will usage
My ass…

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Sergey says it's a 10 year hold

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Will you sell straight away the first time that it moons?

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Yes. Fuck this coin I should have sold it all at 30 with the rest of my stack 6 fucking years

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Sergey also said you’re a faggot. He’s doing a 50 minute presentation about your blatant homosexuality at SmartCon.

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But desu I’ll do the same with any other coin

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Probably during a, uh, bullmarket

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what is smartcon? sounds like a scam

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>will pump with usage
Yes, correct. It's primed. Turn DeFi back on and jeet fudvillages will starve. I hope you didn't actually tell anyone you owned LINK. You will be hunted.

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It had upward momentum before they made up some bullshit to squash it.

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Sounds like the easiest way to get linkies out of Chainlink is to pump it. Food for thought, market makers.

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More usage = more dilution. The Chainlink team is hoarding all the fees and also dumping link. And when holders point this out they're told they're not owed anything for holding the token and they're just parasites. I really wonder why no one is buying the token

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Chainlink has awful tokenomics with a centralized foundation frequently dumping. You do the math and figure out why it isn't pumping normally.

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I think this is what they're going for. Make all the hodlers rage-sell the second it retests ATH.

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Guys I think at this point we all need to just walk away from this frustrating gay shit. Don't sell, obviously, but go out and try to live your life like you never heard of chainlink. You'll be much happier for it. If it ever fucking does anything that'll just be the cherry on top of you making something of yourself.

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It will pump straight to the edge of the universe the very moment you sell.

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This tbqdesu. Why would anyone buy just to be used as exit liquidity

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>It had upward momentum before they made up some bullshit to squash it.
Sure if by they you mean Sergey and by made up some bullshit you mean sold a fucking shit load of his own personal holdings then yeah

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Sorry nobody wants to buy your bags because the token is not needed for anything
Your $200 of daily CCIP revenue iust aint cutting it

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kek, people are actually insanely wealthy if they bought ETH or BTC early. Link is $7 after 6 years, no one is hunting anyone

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>Don't sell, obviously
I hate advocates

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You should make finding peace and love in your heart a priority

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As long as you fkn normies hold some, it'll NEVER pump. Better get rid of it now cuz you'll never make any life changing profit. Meanwhile doge and shibe making thousands of new millionnaires

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Nigger I'm advocating for focusing on yourself and your mental health. Obviously we know link is the NWO coin so it would be retarded to sell. Hell sell 99% of your stack if you want to sell. But always hold at least 1 link as schizo insurance, especially since the schizos have been proven completely right via swift et al.

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stop advocating, advocator

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Link started the last bullmarket lol

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It’s obviously a smart scam, now do us a favor and get killed.

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Some of the biggest pumpers in crypto history are exactly like that, see Ripple etc.
Hell, Bitcoin dumped 90% of its total supply during the years when it pumped the hardest (from $0.000001 to hundreds of $).

You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

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Everybody ITT is an advocate. You all hold LINK and talk about it incessantly, even if you delude yourself into thinking fudding isn't some sort of reverse shilling, which is also advocating.

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>When the fuck are we mooning?

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It will continually be squashed repeatedly over and over again until it is under $2, never to rise above $3 support ever again.

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Fuck off nigger I need a few more years in the red to accumulate

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You really asking or you just dumb? cause I fucking regret that I got Link, rather than add to my NXRA and VPP bags.

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I hate advocates

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(You) are also an advocate.

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You hold link

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Well it looks like link is primed to miss another bullrun.

Why the fuck is bitcoin above $28k even when the etf news was fake? Fuck this clown ass retarded market.

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checked. I'm going to have to sell in 8 months, thats as long as I can wait

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>Well it looks like link is primed to miss another bullrun
Checked. It’s going to be so funny when it happens and advocates are universally hated kek

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You hold link

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>>link will pump will usage
>My ass…
it's literally in beta retards