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Apparently nobody on the 4 channel stakes, we're all financial experts leverage trading 50x jeetcoins. Except me. I'm just a simple snake farmer. I battle off FUD posters and angry bluechip shills. And I do it all for you 4 channel. Recognition not required. I do it for free. Like a jannie except I kept my penis

So this will be my last post forever. And by forever I mean 15 minutes or so. You'll miss me when I'm dead. And by dead I mean at work

-Xoxo gossip schizo


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this is what crypto does to retards

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>this is what crypto does to retards
Not even going to give you a (you).

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>street shitter shills his scam on 4chan using a calculator as “proof”
pajeet, what are you doing?

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Check the math. If your nigger hands can find the decimal button

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How much daily income from this single source will I need before /biz/ apologizes? Leaderboard shows the game has at least 70 people with higher hash rates so the fear of instant rugpull isn't there yet

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>This board sucks
So just fucking leave. Its that simple

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What is the name of this bullshit fag project

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Crazy slither, you can ban me for advertising tranny jannie but my snakes will rise from the grave and the 4 channel will know I was right
No. I still have a mission to finish

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Apparently I get banned for advertising if I name the game but thread remains. Sometimes I wonder if the jannie is a meme and this place isn't just ran by robot now a days