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I was looking to get back into ICP dev again after seeing Dragginz pop off. The more I dig into it the more it seems like people are just there to flip the token and make profit in the short term. Other games like Axie seem to have a similar story. People just want to flip the games micro-transactions. Doesn't seem like anyone would actually want to play the thing, so it'd all be either bots or just completely dead. There are currently other games on ICP, but they don't have the tagline of "The Neopets guy" behind them doing publicity stunts with DAOs so nobody plays them.

I genuinely find the tech interesting, but it seems like the only way to make money in this is either from the grants or from trying to generate hype around the tokens. Rather than actually making a good game people want to play and generating revenue from the game.

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ahh another Dragginz fud thread trying to disguise it. Dragginz pumped because Adam bought more than 50% of the supply. apart from that he's building a free to play game & its also massively shilled by Dominic and even mentioned by Dr Leemon from HBAR . we've yet to see real gameplay but i'm pretty sure it won't be a letdown. this could be another Neopets success in terms of playerbase.

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This is kinda what I'm getting at. You're putting all your chips into this one game hoping it will save the platform. Rather than interest in the game itself. So the question still stands: Why would anyone want to build a game on ICP when most of the userbase doesn't care about the game? Did you even look at the other games on ICP?

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there are gameplay videos. and yes it looks as bad as you would expect a game to look made by a drunk boomer without any coding experience except gpt prompting and his family

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dragginz is looking like the best shot at having a real web3 game that people want to play; a potential shining light in the sea of metaverse land presale scams.

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I kinda get why it would look like this if it's a super early version with placeholder assets. No one seems to give a shit about any of this though. It's all hype around this being the thing that saves the platform or the shining example that validates crypto games. What does that say about anyone else trying to make something on ICP? It would just get drowned out by Dragginz or no one would play it unless they also did publicity stunts.

If a minimum-viable-product for MMO got released on ICP tomorrow I don't think anyone would even play it. Just buy up whatever the micro-transactions are or whatever DAO is associated with it.

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I think both MMORPG and Pocket Monster type games benefit from web3 so we're all kinda waiting around to see if something actually sticks

i mean it is probably hard to grab more attention than Dragginz, having the neopets founder working on it leaves a strong impression (on everyone who grew up playing neopets in the early 2000s)

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I'm not even really sure it's possible to carve a niche in this ecosystem either. Everyone on it is just there to invest.

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i did look at the other games. toyo world looks kinda fun, cubetopia is a shitty version of minecraft, plethora a shitty version of fall guys, cosmicrafts looks fun. eimolad & dragginz are gonna be the biggers ones since they're in the runescape genre which is pretty based.

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lol, as if that's an endorsement you'd want

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placeholder assets means they will just reskin the game. it will never look much better than the cheap unity template assets browser game it is now.

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what's wrong with hbar? its tech is second to the internet computer. Leemon is unironically up there with Dominic and no i don't hold any hbar.

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I dont ever see splinterlands talked about here. I ended up putting a decent bit of cash into it during the bull and spent a long while just renting my cards out which netted something like 10% apy or so. Now I have a bot playing for me and rake in the rewards even while the company is doing shitty. New shit is about to be released and I am looking forward to start making some good money again as the rewards have been rather lackluster (you cant sell the cards you earn until they stop being printed, so the amount being earned is uncertain).

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if any of you anons are actually looking for a game with decent rewards and a bright future, definitely check it out. Were like 2 days away from the presale of their next expansion so youll be able to get fresh booster packs (or buy the current ones for under $1 each). The bots are on sale for like $10 right now too, so if you cant play, it can play for you. There also a flywheel supposed to start soon, they use a dual token system and one of their tokens is soft pegged (but offpeg currently) but about to get a boost from people buying the boosters. Once it starts the dao token will go up in price. Lots of good mechanisms to keep the prices steady and more are on the way. Splinterlands has been one of my most solid plays through this bear market.

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yes and full of bots. thats way SATOX is play2earn made right. but people only wants what theirs shitfluencers shill and dump.

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is this reverse psychology or something... the amount of fud this coin has received makes me want to hold, maybe that's the point?. The supply will be changed from 10000 to 1 billion soon. 1 DKP will soon be 100k DKP and I believe the price will pump even more due to people being able to come in and buy larger quantities, 10000 DKP instead of 0.10.

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No there was just no way to ask this question without mentioning Dragginz, which is very unfortunate. It basically confirms my suspicion.

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Yes all crypto games are Le BAD stay away forever

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Do NOT buy into crypto games that money belongs to sirgay

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So your counter argument is to basically prove everything in the OP correct?

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Idk and honestly Idc about what niggers have to say, I've been enjoying building my city on Blocklords lately

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I was actually surprised to see that it looks like a real game and not some mobile P2W scam.

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what a nigger, so you're not in for the money

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Axie Infinity, PVU, I can keep going all day

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As long as I know the mechanics are not P2W or P2E

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Based, so you enjoy strategic games

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Yes do not be like me. The jeets scammed me every time they buy me a coffee, which is twice a day now. Please rasheed no more coffee I need sleep

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This is a pajeet who comes here and spams his scam every day

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Kill yourself you gigantic faggot. You can't call it a scam since I posted updates ever since I was making a laughable 20-30 cents a day. Kill yourself and take the low iq parents that produced you with you

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You’re a scammer. You spam your shit here everyday and then wonder why the mods ban you for being such a useless stupid fat fuck. You wonder why people don’t buy your scam, just buy an ad you inbred street shitter

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Check the archives nigger. Posting since day 1 of finding the game up until now is called organic growth. You want a rope? It's gonna cost you 100 snakes

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You’re a disingenuous semite that you insist on lying when it’s demonstrably false

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>street shitter goes on schizo shtick to appear organic
Give it up pajeet just buy an ad, anyone can check the archives and see you spam and mods banning you

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Jannies ban me because like every moonshot coin they wanted to keep the filthy goyim (thats You, Fats) poor
The goyim doesn't know and that's a good thing

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piss off pajeet and buy an ad, you disingenuous shill. Mods.

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Do you need proof? Notice how jannies don't ban me since it mooned? Wow totally heckin surprising! Now pay attention you Fats goyslop retard for when snake crashes back to floor price and I get banned 5x times a day

You will always be Fats

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no it’s because you’re advertising, and advertising a scam. buy an ad semite

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>no it’s because you’re advertising, and advertising a scam

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>being this mad
lol lmao pajeet

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This is Oct 1st image. /biz/ ignored me

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This isn’t honest FUD,
But Dfinity has been running code boot camps all over the world. Three last week including a large one at the university of Washington. There are 100’s of dev teams building on the internet computer right now. Just go check Dfinity on Twitter to see the amount of real world involvement. The game is the game, it doesn’t matter in the long run.
Like it’s another one of these ‘concerned investor’ threads by some asshole that can’t even type Dfinity into Twitter.

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>Gm sers pls buy my NFT with rupees

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September 20th image. /biz/ ignored me

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September 8th, when I first discovered the game
What did /biz/ do?

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>gm sers pls buy my scam it very good !!

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And now that bitcoin is crashing at the bobo gates you ask me for help?

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>Are crypto games just pump and dumps?

All craptos are scams for low-iq victims. Bitcoin is the only thing that has any future value.

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This fucking nerd got me warned for "adverising" a crypto game in a crypto game thread. Jannies must be stopped

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This is a dragginz fud thread retard.

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No. Not this time.

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>street shitter insists on spamming

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>Thread is about how there are no legit users
>Goes on a huge tangent about how many devs are coming in
I'm not an investor. I'm a dev.

Nah. It's about viability of crypto games in general specifically on ICP. It's just impossible to talk about without mentioning Dragginz, especially since it's the reason ICP gamedev was on my radar again. It kinda proves my point though. The thread is specifically about the viability of alternative games on ICP and Dragginz completely overshadows it. That and the 80iq pajeet spamming his sick crypto gainz unsolicited.

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Guess who? I'll give you a hint. His name ends with grandpa and he's very very dusty
Wanna see my snake? Hurry before jannies stop me

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oh god yes i've been waiting for this

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You like it? It's getting pretty big (for u big guy). Better save the image. Jannies will remove it for raping anon

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fuck you post cock

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Fine don't yell at me
Welcome to the metaverse son, wet grandpa is hungry

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You poke the schizo you got the snake what the fuck did you expect

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> Why would anyone want to build a game on ICP when most of the userbase doesn't care about the game?

That is irrelevant. It is being built on ICP for the sole purpose that it’s the best platform to build a web.3.0 game that Adam wishes to make.

The game will be fully accessible to anybody nkt just ICP users. Most normies won’t even realize it’s a internet computer game or even a blockchain game, they’ll just play it because it’s fun and free to play

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i want to see your penis, not your shilling. i love your legs

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>Most normies won’t even realize it’s a internet computer game
But they'll be on an internet computer playing the game? Give normies a little credit anon

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>and then I said I want to see his penis
>glow...I don't think that's going to hel-
>just watch nigger, he won't resist posting it

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Game will be accessed a website address and will be a browser game. They will just load it up on their browser and that will be it

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come on show it

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My youtube channel has an ethereum address. You lust for schizo cock you need to pay just like everyone else

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>That is irrelevant.

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That would mean he's throwing out the internet identity and wallets. You can't do the "You own your assets" thing without having the users manager their wallet. Unless it's all being handled by Dragginz like CS:GO or any other non-crypto game. Which gets back to the point that cryptobros have to be involved, and none of them even want to play a game. They just want to make profits and dip.

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I guess /lgbt/ didn't lust for my cock afterall

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Not so fast jannie, I'm over here now

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>it’s the best platform to build a web.3.0 game

it sucks

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I mean it really sucks, what kind of retards makes games for people who want to play "ethical" and "inclusive" games while "lowering their carbon footprint"?

It is for the same kind of faggots that drink Onions and shove Skyrim dragon dildos up their asses. None of the games are actually fun. It's all freemium skinner box garbage, the kind of trash only played by people that hate themselves and their own lives and wish to be endlessly distracted from their own failure and misery. None of it is genuinely fun or cool.

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Wow snakecoin is literally me

>> No.56373466

Will be part of the account creation process, most normies won’t even know it’s a crypto wallet they are creating. If you already have a wallet you just connect that wallet to your account during the account creation

>> No.56373592

Yeah except for having a normal login username you have this long hash that is impossible to remember.

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Also they still can't buy anything without using crypto. Unless there is an off-chain server to process cash payments.

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the FUD is working. lots of sellers now. DKP is going DOWN

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>>Are people actually playing crypto games or are they just there to flip tokens?
>Most of the thread is screetching about FUD and speculative investing about the big game
>Other posts are anons spamming their gains
>Only one anon actually mentioned playing a game
Guess that answers my question.

>> No.56375928

game isn't out yet friend.
I will be playing.

>> No.56375967

we're on a /biz/ and finance forum buying crypto tokens. yes we care about the money. DKP has an interesting use case because it will be used to pay for cycles to host the game. the majority of players will not care for the token, they will just play the game and burn cycles. considering there is no game at this point, yeah most of the investors are here to INVEST.

your FUD is really bad. I am sorry you are bad at investing. not my problem no one is buying TENDY

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Im making my own game token. I might be crazy, but I thought that I would try to create demand for the token by making games that are actually fun and enjoyable.

You know, instead of trying to make people play a shitty game that isn't fun, by creating and integrating a bunch of pointless, needlessly complicated smart contracts and marketing the whole contrived shit show with meaningless DeFi word salad nonsense.

>> No.56376065

>Also they still can't buy anything without using crypto.

Crypto cards have actually added a new dimension to how enjoyable games can be caus eyou can easily buy points and add-ons.

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You are missing the point.

The point is to use video games to get people who have no crypto to buy and hold the token.

Going after people already into crypto is retarded. Why the fuck would you do that? If you had a good video game, why would you only market it to people already involved in crypto? This is the issue with all current game tokens, they all have shitty, uncreative, hack job games that people can just play a better version of on Steam or through a smartphone app store. No one outside of crypto even knows they exist, and no one at all actually plays them for fun. Some people play the games for silly micro-transaction purposes.

>> No.56376158

really depends on what you are doing. on most blockchains the point is to hold the token and then swap to a greater fool for greater value. in the case of ICP, the point is to burn cycles. ICP is burned to for cycles and makes token go up. for DKP at least the point is to have many users and a huge world that burns a ton of cycles. if they want to buy the token thats a bonus too

>> No.56376329


you don't get it

you are the reason why it is stupid to try and market games to crypto holders

all you can think about is the financial aspect of the token

you cannot see how that is really secondary to a successful game token

Clash of Clans generates something like 30 million dollars a month in income.

Imagine a token that had normies buying up 30 million a month, every month. That is what you might get if you made a game token with a game that was actually fun. If you had that, you would not really have to give a fuck about silly shit like "burn cycles" or whatever, because you would have people dumping giant gobs of micro-transaction cash into it, for effectively nothing in exchange.

>> No.56376407

i am really not sure what you are trying to argue. if people play the game that's good for players (its fun, they have fun) and its good for the token.

>> No.56376468

of course if adam doesnt deliver a game and its not fun the token is worthless and the game is worthless too. and if he publishes a fun game it will burn cycles and people will want to buy the token and participate in the economy.

what are you really trying to argue?

>> No.56376600


The token doesn't matter with game tokens at all.

It's all about the game.

None of the game tokens have good games to go with them, so they are all garbage.

>> No.56376814

Which cards do you use cause Cryptocom doesn't work on my PS5.

>> No.56376830

whats this bitches name i forget

>> No.56376891

>"web3" game
>middleman server controlled by the dev has all minting privileges and is responsible for validating gameplay, game would not work without it and would die if it gets hacked
I get that "blockchain" is an access point for capital, but the vast majority of these games are web2 with extra steps and are arguably less secure because of smart contract risk. not to mention the problem of bots attacking any game that tries to financialize gameplay

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>be me (rich)
>make $20 since thread creation
>be you (poor)
>argue about icpoor game that won't be out for 2 years
Lmao what the fuck are anons doing

>> No.56377163

Plutus card, CryptMi Miles card and Wirex.

>> No.56377242

>Are crypto games just pump and dumps?
Some narrative will fade out easily and gaming is one of them. No sustenance. Better to hold onto privacy and defi.
A lot of the recent happening is making privacy more relevant and people will fall back to protecting their privacy.

>> No.56377734

It’s a simple password to login and connect to your wallet. You don’t need to copy and paste the wallet address. Have you ever used a dapp before you retard
They won’t even know they are buying stuff with crypto. They will just see it as any other in game currency like wow gold for example.

>> No.56378743

Pirate Nation is a crypto game where the devs are saying it's not p2e, it's just a web3 game. The combat looks fun but they're only letting in through codes or buying the gen 0 nft.

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>I get that "blockchain" is an access point for capital, but the vast majority of these games are web2 with extra steps and are arguably less secure because of smart contract risk. not to mention the problem of bots attacking any game that tries to financialize gameplay
I actually had ideas of how to get around those issues. Maybe I'll pull the trigger on it.

>>56376031 >>56376105 >>56376329 >>56376600
You and I are in the same boat. The real appeal to me was just the fact crypto has way less faggots in it than indie games and actually wards them off. I actually got pretty excited when Dragginz was blowing up, because I thought it meant there was actual demand. But it's like you said. Everyone involved is only thinking about the financial aspects.

>> No.56378903

>I actually had ideas of how to get around those issues. Maybe I'll pull the trigger on it.
good, because these are the real problems blocking web3 gaming from being fun

>> No.56379040

there will not be "actual demand" until there is a game retard. until then it is speculation. and here the crypto use case is for hosting and scaling, as dragginz thinks its its cheaper to do on the internet computer than traditional it stack

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>*SIPS* AHHH. Yep. Now That's a REAL crypto game

>> No.56379108

>here the crypto use case is for hosting and scaling, as dragginz thinks its its cheaper to do on the internet computer than traditional it stack
That's not why he came to ICP. When he first moved to ICP the only thing ICP was for was to the games currency. The 100% on chain thing came later. https://forum.dfinity.org/t/dragginz-a-virtual-world-on-dfinity/836
>My question is, what parts of this can we use the Internet Computer for?
>I was initially thinking that we’d have a native token used for buying in-game items (all proceeds go to paying for the game upkeep costs). We’d also allow items and pets to be tradeable on the blockchain. Since our initial thoughts were constrained by the current state of the Ethereum blockchain, I don’t think we’re aiming high enough. Take the Google CDN for instance, could I possibly put hundreds of thousands of assets on the blockchain and bypass it entirely?

>> No.56379136

>I don’t think we’re aiming high enough
clearly because every single asset can be hosted on the IC. He started with Ethereum to host his token, moved to IC because the tech is better and actually allows him to host not only the token, not only all the assets, but the entire game on chain. that post was made before mainnet

>> No.56379175

>I genuinely find the tech interesting, but it seems like the only way to make money in this is either from the grants or from trying to generate hype around the tokens. Rather than actually making a good game people want to play and generating revenue from the game.

btw your initial comment was disingenious. every game needs funding. maybe crypto speculation is the way to do it. i'm waiting for your good game so i can play it

>> No.56379220

>there will not be "actual demand" until there is a game
Missed this part somehow. You can have demand with no supply. There are a lot of dead genres with audiences that are waiting for someone to revive it. I don't even know what you're trying to say here other than you need to disagree.

That's different than what you originally said.

No it's not. There is a ton of hype around Dragginz. It's not hype from users. It's hype from investors. The hype is not to play the game. The hype is that it will be the big game that will save web3 games/ICP. So anyone who wants to make a game on web3 that isn't a quick cashgrab has to consider if there will be people there to actually play it.

>> No.56379264

>Missed this part somehow. You can have demand with no supply. There are a lot of dead genres with audiences that are waiting for someone to revive it. I don't even know what you're trying to say here other than you need to disagree.
hes building the Neopets he always wanted to build. 160mm users. many long for the "neopets of old" idk what to tell you

>No it's not. There is a ton of hype around Dragginz. It's not hype from users. It's hype from investors. The hype is not to play the game. The hype is that it will be the big game that will save web3 games/ICP. So anyone who wants to make a game on web3 that isn't a quick cashgrab has to consider if there will be people there to actually play it.
dumbest, most disingenuous comment. everyone involved was holding a DAO token for investment. those holding the tokens are still hyped about their investment. the vast majority of gamers don't even know about Dragginz. yes the neopets crew was turned off because they are all anti-crypto. likely for reasons you have already stated. let's see when there is an alpha release

>> No.56379304

Why the fuck do my crypto game posts keep getting deleted in a crypto game thread

>> No.56380765 [DELETED] 


Pls join this server i'd be interested in talking with you.


I'm spending a lot of my own money on a crypto gaming project and it would be cool to have a chat with someone who sees things in a similar way.

>> No.56380786

It’s sad that you think your talking to me and you have such vitrole to me and I’m not even posting these threads.

T. Vp

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Ignore this phony I am the real schizo I have no idea what this schizo lite is talking about

>> No.56380923

Games are played for distractions and fun.
The moment you throw money at the equations it become a chore, a job and it loses its soul and identity.

>> No.56380989

The problem is that crypto games aren't good games. i haven't seen one that I would even bother playing. That's being generous, too. There is no reason for crypto to be in a game besides some p2w or cash shop bullshit. The only way I could see it working is something similar to what Diablo 2 does with forum gold on d2jsp, but once again it requires the game to actually be good and I don't see that happening any time soon.

>> No.56381010

sorry to say it but the vast majority of games now have a financial element. blockchain games are a natural evolution of this trend. yes these games suck balls, but they don't seem to be going anywhere

>> No.56381030

Yeah and that's why modern gaming is shitty. I'm sure some company will make an mmo, moba, or pubg clone that integrates crypto for cash shop purposes down the line, but as it is now it's easier to just use fiat for those purposes.

>> No.56381054
File: 323 KB, 1906x1074, B4A294C1-8461-4109-A967-995FAF5907D0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I didn’t read any of that shit but basically I’m just gonna keep playing DLFQ (Dobro Love Fantasy Quest) the premiere shitcoin dogbat dating simulator game where you get to enjoy a virtual life as a 30 year old man living in his mom’s basement, eating chicken tenders, flipping burgers at McDonald’s, and spending your hard earned money on flipping virtual in game shitcoins that utilize the uniswap trading algorithm. It started as a meme and actually became a cult classic in the making

>> No.56381081

I fully agree, despite shilling my snake game daily the game itself got old fast. The ai opponents seem to just automatically avoid you even if you circle them tighter and tighter
The coin staking/nft staking aspect is pretty nice though. They managed to create a functional economy by making it so the global hash rate pool of every NFT increases the amount of coins people get. Allowing you to break down extra NFTs to upgrade your ones currently used, having set bonus for using same skins. It's all pretty basic stuff but it makes it so there's at least some use of the marketplace
It's a shame the gameplay is only fun for 5-10 minute bursts and doesn't reward you with IRL cash out compared to staking

>> No.56381191

Yes and today games are shit
But at least they make a tolerable game and then pepper it with shit
Meanwhile nft “games” are actual shit that are peppered with “game UI”

>> No.56381385

Building's fun, but let's talk making gains, anon. Brillion's got it nailed. Users are part of the ecosystem and get rewarded with DUA just for being in the testnet

>> No.56381393

I don't know anon,Hbar has been doing well on the charts with decent potential. I also have Matic, Xtp, and Cap on my radar for future gains.

>> No.56381407

The threads moving so slow no one will notice me ignoring all of their gay Ponzi scam games while I talk about a game that’s actually just fun and will achieve mass normie adoption because it isn’t made for web3 fags who need 999 “use cases” for a game instead of just making one that’s genuinely fun.

>> No.56381414

Anon, you're in for a bad time. Once you start throwing money into games, they turn into chores and lose their soul. Invest in utility instead. Altcoins like XRP, NXRA, DUA, BRISE, and TWT got the sauce.

>> No.56382980

dear GOD, did everybody take retarded pills?

stfu and just buy pepeb0nk already

>> No.56383544
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Nintendo: not using crypto
EA: ...might be, but to no one's benefit
Capcom: not using crypto
Valve: not using crypto
Blizzard: not using crypto
Hasbro/From: not using crypto
Sega: not using crypto
Sony: not using crypto
Microsoft: not using crypto
Literal whos making wiiware dumpster-fire shit on Defi apps: using crypto

Just gonna go ahead and say it

>> No.56383569

Crypto games on ICP are quite fucked, and the blame lies with dfinity

The results of their recent hackathon had this game chosen as their GameFi winner: https://gb4ri-5yaaa-aaaal-ac3hq-cai.raw.icp0.io/

Your chain is in the hands of incompetent boomers. It's time to jump ship.

>> No.56383977
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gaming projects have little or no use, this is why everyone sells at the slightest opportunity. on the reverse, good projects like CryptMi and Ocean have been doing the most with payment and data solutions respectively.