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Someone please explain to me why I should buy Chainlink (ticker: LINK).

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The banks have uh.. lots of money

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to fund the pockets of baggies suffering from lamentable psychological attachment disorders

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because the banks will pump our chainlink bags and not just create their own system

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>caveat emptor
>libera te tutemet ex inferis

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Okay so basically LINK tokens have value because you can stake them to earn more LINK tokens which are valuable because you can use them to stake more tokens which can be used to stake more tokens. Thats what gives the token its value.

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baggies spamming a coin made in 2017

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Its what the plants crave

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Imagine in the future where big banks can trade AVAX for tokenized real world assets using both LINKS Oracle and satellite sensing network and then transact on that using the LINK token to pay the AVAX gas fee. If you're retarded enough to think this is a future you will live in then be my guest go ahead and buy some LINK.

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it puts food on sergey's table. lots of food.

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It’s the only project in crypto with an actual future.

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“Explain why I should buy Chainlink”
“Lots of replies saying why you shouldn’t buy Chainlink”
This place is weird.

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Because then you can giggle when you walk by chainlink fences

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of all the replies in the thread this is the most retarded. congrats

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Explain then retarded advocate. That’s what you get paid for don’t you?

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If you don't buy chainlink, but somehow survive, then chainchuds would have been wrong. And we can't have that.

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Buy physical silver instead.

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What on earth are you talking about?

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Don’t listen to him baby, he’s just mad. Please buy chainlink.

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You shill Chainlink and get paid. Why else would there be so many fudders? It;s prevent others from falling for the scam Chainlink is, moron.

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I think you have me mistaken for someone else. I thought this was all anonymous?

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Token not sneeded.

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You stand out like a sore thumb homosexual advocate

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Thank you, I appreciate the compliment!

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What do you mean?

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>Chainlink at 8 dollars - Gold man Sergey! Trust the plan, my uncle who works at Wells Fargo as a bank teller for 30 years says theirs tons of natural hype, $800 EOY! I've got this Jyrckoff graph showing we're going to moon baby!
>Banks release their own blockchains that they probably won't even end up using but just do it to show they're not retards because they have programmers while chainlink has 80 HR women and a single Indian man tied to a radiator that occasionally released staking v0.1.2alphaWIP
>Chainlink at 7 dollars - yeah it's over.
It's really quite amazing what a single 10 digit percentage drop will do to some fat 30 year old russian scammers army of ball washers.

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this thread makes me laff

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but for real, what do we think price is EOY?

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Sam Hyde is using it in his latest drop https://docs.scatter.art/blog/mondo-megabits#randomization

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> a lot of money is moving from one party to another
> on the contrary, only a few link tokens get moved around
you do the math

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misread youre post and did meth instead

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even if you were right you're still retarded

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How much ny@N c@t money would it cost to sniff her brapper? 2073 lil kitties?

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Is that a drawing of your mom?

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shut up bootlicker

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looks like her at least

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Whoever buyeth this globohomo token shall pay the ultimate price for the wages of sin are eternal death.


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Looks like I found Adem lmao
Kys brownoid subhuman

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Is your mom called Adem? If she’s the one on the pic you posted she kinda ugly brah ngl fr fr

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nope, my mother isn't some brownoid subhuman like ((you))
kos omak gahba

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Why do you keep posting pics of your mom lol

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Your mother is a woman that shitted a grown man whose hobby is keeping pics of fudders and posting them on a basket weaving forum, which is arguably sadder than whatever your mom is (part of my harem).

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I keep posting pictures of Adem Kayser, the faggot that has been polluting this board for a couple years.
Sorry if your mom is a brownoid though lmao.

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>the faggot that has been polluting this board for a couple years.
Isnt that what linkers have been doing tho? Kek


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it's the predecessor of canton. but if that goes through the roof, link might get a bump as well

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Look out for SUPRA, you'll still need oracle in the next bull run

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Go for QANX instead as it powers the world's first Ethereum Compatible quantum resistant private blockchain, as refuge from future quantum threats.

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Nice esl retard.
No, its a board for discussion of crypto but it seems to cause seethe in brownoids.

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You'll regret missing RAIL, the leading privacy solution on Ethereum

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I've gotten few BTC and some low cap tokens like RAIL right now. In the next 10 years, that price is gonna moon like crazy.

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Does that mean I'm going to buy more LINK that I have on my Tap account? Maybe I'll continue trading if that's the case, but for now, I'll just hold LINK on the app, including BAT, SAND, and XTP.

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how far will i get with 1000 linkers

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hehe ur mom is bronroid

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OOooOooooOoOooOOOO based!

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How does not roping sound?

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To be a part of community of /biz/ losers. To be a part of community is very important to our monkey half. You will have a common story with us. Any 'oracles' are scam, esp. Chainlink.

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Do you understand what drives value for a product? Demand and volume.
Do you understand that the system LINK is working on will require high traffic volume?
Do you understand that LINK will be used to communicate token transfers between everything in the upcoming tokenised economy. Property will be tokenised.
Currencies will be tokenised.
The best way for companies to exchange tokens on different blockchains is via CCIP as it gives security, oracle data and is blockchain agnostic.

Buy it or don't buy it, I ultimately don't care but this is where finance is going because the Dollar is dying on its arse and the world needs a safe and reliable method of exchanging goods and services.

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What drives you incel freaks to post paragraphs and paragraphs of AI generated FUD like seriously its been happening for years now. Who hurt you???

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Ignore him kiddo he's obviously a deranged fudder from a Bulgaria discord server